Waves of Expansion

A time is coming soon when you will wish to share the joy you will be feeling with others. You, who perceive this message, will soon be sensing this calling. Waves of energy will be hitting this planet soon. There are many galactic configurations that are presently approaching and impacting your solar system. The energy from these configurations will be directed toward physical and emotional healing. It may also be directed toward expanding the ability of the intuitive center, that which you refer to as the third eye. This celestial frequency will bring out the desire to communicate the profound bliss that many will be realizing. These waves of energy, which will be rolling over your planet, will come at three different time periods.

The important time frames are March and April of this coming year, as well as August through September and finally in December. These waves of accelerated vibration will bring about great bursts of personal and planetary expansion. Many will be traveling about the planet during these times They will be having these experiences around people that may be strangers. Not only will they be partaking of these waves of divinity, but they will also be encouraging those around them to express what they feel. It will become evident, to the travelers, that the interactions with these new acquaintances are part of the work they came here to do.

Feeling free to share your truths will bring confirmation to your being that great changes are happening now. The sharing will bring about beautiful energetic connections that might be termed as bonding between people all over the planet. An atmosphere will start to blossom that will foster the exchange of experiences. An arena of light, trust and harmony will arise that will be a safe and comfortable forum to bring forth one’s inner perceptions. We would wish to ask you not to hinder the expression of the wonders you will feel. We would encourage you to make a promise to yourselves at the time of the New Year. Come to an agreement with yourself to write down your experiences. By putting these memories into a tangible format that you can access at any time, you will find it easier to remember and share the beauty of these divine moments. You may wish to keep this journal on your computer, if writing by hand is not enjoyable for you. What is important about this process, is that you are able to look back and relive these experiences. Each time you do this, you are strengthening the impact of the experience within you. As you relive the truth and harmony of an infusion of the divine, it will give you the fortitude to share it with others.

There will be presentations of these experiences in a wide variety of media avenues. From neighborhood newspapers to international television, will the impact of light energy be documented? The pioneers, those, who are willing to share their personal world and expose themselves to scrutiny, criticism and disbelief, will be doing great work. They are paving the way for others to share the dimensions that exist within them. Many will find that an aspect of their mission in coming to this planet is to bring forth the first descriptions of expansion. As each day goes by, it becomes more and more important to share what blossoms within you. It cannot be stated too strongly, that now is the time for all to be open about sharing the growth of their spiritual perception. At this time, there are small groups of people that interact through different communication mediums. There will be opportunities for these groups to expand as the different dimensions or levels of love and beauty they discuss begin to resonate with many. Personal expansion plays a vital part in global expansion. It is important for you to feel comfortable in saying that the Divine Light Energy is here, it is coming through you and it is changing and healing your life. To say ” I have seen “this”, and I have felt “that”, and I know that “this and that” exists, will inspire so many. Coming forward will help others to acknowledge that what they feel or see or sense, especially at these critical times in the coming year, is true. These changes will not be felt in meditation, but will be evidenced in daily life of the waking state. These perceptions will come, while many are at work, driving their vehicles, or shopping. There will be several types of experiences. One will be the experience of Unity. It will be an awareness that validates the intellectual concept that there is an underlying energy force that connects all, without boundaries or barriers. Many will have the acceptance and understanding that all that exists is in the Eternal Now, and they will be able to release the past and forgo the worries of the future.

Another type of experience will be great outpourings of love and appreciation, for no apparent reason. Yet another type of experience will come in the form of great waves of forgiveness. At these moments, healing energy will overtake people and cleanse them of the pain, anger and sadness that they still carry. These experiences will be magnificent and powerful. You may or may not wish to participate in the communication of this energy assimilation. Whether you do or not, you will be feeling it. There are certain suggestions that we would wish to make that will assist you in integrating these energies into your daily life. When you have finished having one of these experiences, it is helpful to go to a calm, quiet place. You may wish to leave your office, or pull over to the side of the road. It is important to allow for a period of integration. This may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. The amount of time necessary will depend upon the intensity of the experience. Taking this time will help you a great deal in the long run. It will enable you to fully integrate it within your system. If the experience is very strong and overwhelming, then you will probably have no choice but to stop and allow the energies to subside If the experience were subtle, even though you may wish to continue with your activities, we would encourage you to take some time to rest and be quiet. This will allow the energy work on you and complete what it is meant to do. It will also enable your system to come back to normal functioning.

Some of you my feel a speeding up of the heart rate. There may also be sensations that will affect vision and hearing. Know that these experiences are momentary and are not indications of any damage to the body. On the contrary, the experiences will heal your physical system. You my feel that sounds are taking on different overtones and bringing different sensations. You may have heightened sensory awareness in the area of touch as well. The experiences that will be transpiring may bring with them disorientation. You may be at the corner market and not be able to find your way through the three or four blocks to home. So do not feel you are ill or that something is wrong with you. It is simply a disorientation that has come about from a more then usual amount of energy coming into your system. Your system is actually taking on experiences that it has been designed to have. The physical body has not functioned in this capacity for many centuries. You may liken this concept to learning to type again or ride a bicycle after not doing it for quite some time. The genetic memory is still there. Once the energy pathways have been reactivated, it will be easier to assimilate these experiences.

There will be a sense that you have awakened. You will also be interested in documenting the differences in colors you will be seeing. Colors will be much more stimulating to you. When these experiences begin to happen, it will be a natural impulse to share them, as you would wish to retell the experience of a wonderful meal or readilng a meaningful book. This is all part of this expansion. Certain vocations will arise that will be devoted to documenting all the dimensions of this phenomena. Please realize that you are not alone in feeling this. This is why it is important to communicate with others. The expansion of this coming year will be in three powerful segments that will be elevating the consciousness of the mass population of the planet. Many people, within the next three to seven years, will be having these heightened sensations and have a greater desire to let love, forgiveness and unity permeate each day. It will be similar to learning how to integrate a microwave oven or a cell phone into your life. It will be possibly be peculiar at first, but it will come to be common place and enhance the quality of your life. These energy infusions will then become integrated into the mental and emotional structures that comprise your society. Even though these changes are not tangible or material, they will have a great impact upon humanity. In the next ten years, these types of experiences will be as natural as fear, separation and mistrust seem to be now. These waves of peace, joy and harmony will eventually bring completion to the transformation of human consciousness that so many have spoken up. What has been the thoughts of the few, will become the thoughts of the many.

This vision we would wish to share with you is called the WAVES OF LIGHT. See yourself standing upon the shore of a vibrant ocean. It is an ocean full of life and energy. As the sun begins to set, you will see unusually large waves in the distance, coming towards the shore. These waves are shimmering green and lavender. Even though the waves are incredibly big, you are feeling no fear. As they get very close, you can see that they are not solid. They are made of transparent, shining light energy. As they wash over you, they are beginning to bring forth these feelings of love, joy and beauty. You will look around the beach, as you are basking in the waves. You will see others standing near you, enjoying the experience, as you are. As these waves wash over you, they are energizing you and filling your body with their colors. The energy from the waves is creating a glow around your body. As you look around, you see more and more people coming to the shore to experience the energy of these fantastic waves. You know that they are feeling the same magnificent sensations as you when you see the smiles upon their faces. We would wish to encourage you to be open to seeing energy forms around individuals. As the waves of energy begin to come towards the planet, and are passing through people, you will be seeing the human energy field getting stronger. You will be able to perceive energy as it flows through others. You may be 6 to 12 inches away from people or animals and still be able to feel energy being transferred from one to the other. You may feel heat and tingling. You may also feel pulses of heat. We are bringing forth this information a little bit at a time. What is written here will help you to remember your true nature as this wonderful change begins to take place.

There are many that are waiting to have these experiences. This will be what many have discussed as the Awakening. Many who don’t even have an interest in spiritual matters will suddenly begin to exhibit these symptoms. Those who have been seekers of divine love for many years may not exhibit the signs as quickly as those who are not looking for them. The way in which your body has been maintained and is structured will have a lot to do with how soon this will come. Those who have brought forth a purification of the body may come upon this sooner. Those who have strong nerves, muscles and bones, will also have these experiences sooner. The energies flowing through you will be incredibly wonderful. You are here on this planet, precisely at this time, to experience these waves of bliss. You may have been waiting a while, but you will not be disappointed.

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