Violet Flame

Violet Flame

The Violet Flame – This is a critical time in the evolution of the planet, and it is imperative for each of us to begin reaching our highest potential. We need to do this in order to fulfill our purpose and reason for being. We must learn how to transmute the distorted thoughts, words, actions and feelings we created in the past. These human miscreations are now returning to us through our everyday life experiences. As these misqualified energies surface, they often wreak havoc in our lives and cause us much pain and suffering. This negative energy returns, not to plague us or punish us, but rather, it returns to give us the opportunity to transmute it back into its original perfection. In other words, it returns to be Loved free.

Scientifically, we know there is no destroying energy. We cannot simply say cancel, cancel and erase the past. We are blessed, however, by the fact that the Earth is in the midst of a unique experiment, and we are receiving assistance from On High beyond anything ever rendered to the Children of God in any system of worlds.

In the Earth’s natural orbital process known as the Precession of the Equinox, we have moved into the forcefield of Aquarius. This constellation resonates with the Seventh Solar Aspect of Deity—the Violet Flame of Limitless Transmutation—which will be the predominate activity of Light on the Earth for the next 2,000 years.

The Violet Flame is comprised of the Sapphire Blue Ray of our Father God’s Divine Will, Power and Authority, and the Crystalline Pink Ray of our Mother God’s Transfiguring Divine Love, Adoration and Reverence for Life. The Violet Flame reflects the perfect balance of our Father-Mother God.

This aspect of the Sacred Fire bathes the Earth with the Divine Qualities of Limitless Transmutation, Spiritual Freedom, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Physical Perfection, Liberty, Justice, Victory, Opportunity, Invocation, Divine Ceremony and Divine Technology. The Violet Flame is a tool more powerful than our finite minds can conceive. When used consistently, it will transmute into Light every electron of precious life energy we have ever misqualified at any time, in any existence, both known and unknown.

The Violet Flame works as an atomic accelerator. It raises the frequency of all discordant energy into vibrations of healing and harmony. When we invoke the Violet Flame and empower it with feelings of Divine Forgiveness for our own mistakes and those of others, it works miracles. The floodgates of Heaven open in response to our heart’s call, which allows the Universal Law of Forgiveness to pour into the Heart Flames of the Children of God.

Because of the monumental facet of the Divine Plan that is unfolding this year, the Company of Heaven is asking Lightworkers everywhere if we would be willing to redouble our efforts in invoking the Violet Flame of Limitless Transmutation. The patterns of imperfection that have been miscreated by our fragmented, fear-based human egos since the fall aeons ago are being pushed to the surface to be healed. This is occurring at an accelerated pace in preparation for the activity of Light that will take place in August this year.

During this unprecedented event, a critical mass of Divine Love will be reached, and the paralyzing grip of Humanity’s human egos will be burst asunder. This will be accomplished by each soul’s I AM Presence. Archangel Michael and his Legions of Protection will then encapsulate our human egos in the RING PASS NOT OF GOD’S FIRST CAUSE OF PERFECTION. These wayward aspects of our human personality will then be cradled in the Heart Flame of our Mighty I AM Presence until they surrender to the Light of God and are Loved eternally free.

We do not have to fully comprehend every facet of the Violet Flame in order for us to be powerful Instruments of God and to effectively respond to this heartfelt request of the Company of Heaven. All we have to do is ask our I AM Presence to take command and invoke the wondrous Gift of the Violet Flame from the Heart of All That Is.

The following invocations have been given to us by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. If they resonate in your Heart-of-Hearts, please empower them daily with your thoughts, words, actions and feelings, as we prepare the way step by step for the miraculous transformation of our human egos.


Through the Beloved Presence of God, I AM, now blazing in my heart, I invoke ALL of the Legions of Light throughout infinity who are associated with God’s Violet Flame of Limitless Transmutation.

Blessed Ones, blaze the full momentum of the Sacred Violet Fire in, through and around every electron of precious Life energy I have ever misqualified in any time frame or dimension both known and unknown.
Transmute these patterns of imperfection cause, core, effect, record and memory into God’s Harmony and Balance.

Beloved I AM, I invoke your Divine Intervention to blaze the Violet Flame through every thought, word, action or feeling I have ever expressed that reflects anything less than the Immaculate Concept of my full Divine Potential.

Look into my life and see what yet remains to be balanced by me to any person, place, condition or thing I may have wronged at any time, in any way, for any reason whatsoever.

Reach your great loving hands of Light into all of the good energy I have released throughout my Earthly sojourn, and draw forth a thousand times as much perfection as I have ever done wrong.

Fashion from this substance of perfection a Gift of Love, whatever is necessary to balance every debt I have created which still remains unpaid to any part of Life.

Beloved I AM, I ask you to forgive every person, place, condition or thing which may have wronged me in any way, and balance all debts owed to me by Life everywhere.

I accept this done through the Power of God I AM. And so it is.


[The following Violet Flame mantra can be repeated either aloud or in the silence of our hearts as we go about the business of our daily lives.]

Transmute, transmute by Violet Fire
all causes and cores not of God’s desire.

I AM a Being of cause alone; that cause is Love, the Sacred Tone.


I AM a force of the Violet Fire more powerful than any human miscreation.

I breathe the Violet Flame of Limitless Transmutation into my Heart Center, and I breathe it out through my Heart Chakra into the core of every person, place, condition or thing in my life, conscious or unconscious, past or present, through obvious choice or through karmic liability.

As this Sacred Fire floods the Earth, the Violet Flame transmutes all energy less than God’s Perfection back into Light. The Violet Fire is Loving free every point of my Universe.

I AM Free! I AM Free! I AM Eternally Free! And so it is.


Beloved I AM Presence, flood my Being and every single etheric record since the beginning of time with the Joyful experience of Divine Forgiveness. In Forgiving, I let go of all the effects of misused energy impinging on my life and the lives of all Humanity. I let go of the ignorance, confusion and pain of this world. I now know I have come to Love Life FREE, and so I shall.

This is the Heart Center of my existence, the Joy of Forgiving Life as it enters my awareness. From this moment forth, I AM setting all Life free into a higher vibration with the Gift of Forgiveness that my Father-Mother God have given so freely into my keeping.

I AM a Force of the Violet Flame of Forgiveness flooding this sweet Earth!

I AM the Joy of Forgiveness.
I AM the Joy of Forgiveness.
I AM the Joy of Forgiveness.


In the name and by the power and authority of the Presence of God, I AM, I invoke the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth to blaze the Violet Fire with the power and might of a thousand Suns in, through and around every electron that makes up the atoms of Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. Hold the Violet Flame sustained, and double it each hour until these Earthly vehicles are fully assimilated into the perfection of our Solar Light Bodies.

Expand, expand and intensify daily the mightiest action of the Violet Fire in, through and around all nations, races, cultures, creeds and religions in every country of the world. Blaze the Violet Flame through every person’s home, place of occupation and overall environment until the perfection of the Divine Plan manifests for all Life.

Expand, expand and intensify daily the mightiest action of the Violet Fire in, through and around the cause and core of the creative centers of all doubt and fear in the Earth, on the Earth and in the atmosphere surrounding the Earth. Transform these creative centers into expressions of God Confidence, Trust, Hope and Inner Knowing.

Expand and expand the Violet Fire of Purification and Transmutation in, through and around the landed surface, the waters and the peoples of every country, province, state, city, town and hamlet in the world. Establish a mighty focus of the Violet Fire in the Etheric Realms over each of these locations and intensify this purifying activity of Light daily and hourly with every breath I take.

Now in the Name, Love, Wisdom, Power and Authority of the Beloved, Victorious Presence of God, I AM, I speak directly to the Heart of the Violet Flame. Sacred Fire, enfold me in the purifying, forgiving, healing substance of your Light which causes the consciousness and feeling of Divine Love and Freedom to flow through me constantly to bless all Life.
Let this purifying essence saturate the atmosphere wherever I live, move, breathe and have my Being, so that its miracle-working presence will give tangible proof of your reality to all Humanity.

Beloved Violet Flame, direct Legions of your Angels of the Violet Fire to blaze the Flame of Forgiveness and Freedom into the heart of every evolving soul, so that we will all learn to use our Light to the fullest in our service to Life and the cause of Freedom on Earth.

Beloved, Victorious Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love, I Love you. I do now most earnestly and sincerely call you into dynamic action. Perpetually blaze your Transmuting Flame into the Beings and worlds of every man, woman and child on Earth. Enable each one to know that your healing presence will always bring happiness and release from anything that is not of the Light. Enfold every person in the power of your Light and transmute all imperfection in their lives in Divine Order through Divine Love.

The Victorious Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love NOW…

Heals our bodies,
Harmonizes and stabilizes our feelings, Illumines our consciousness, and sets us free, raising us into full mastery over all human appearances, desires and feelings, now and forever sustained. And so it is.


In order for us to succeed in reaching the critical mass of Divine Love necessary to burst the paralyzing grip of our human egos, the Company of Heaven is asking Lightworkers to gather together and unite our Heart Flames to form a mighty generator of Light. This event will take place within the Portal of Transfiguring Divine Love in Tucson, Arizona over the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence, August 13-18, 2005. The vehicle used for this gathering will be the 19th ANNUAL WORLD CONGRESS ON ILLUMINATION.

If you are feeling the heart call to be an Instrument of God and to serve as a surrogate on behalf of Humanity for this unprecedented facet of the Divine Plan, please trust your inner guidance and respond. You have been preparing for aeons of time for this Cosmic Moment.

Once you set the Diving Intention to serve as a surrogate on behalf of Humanity and all Life during this unique opportunity, the floodgates of Heaven will open in support of your endeavors. Your God Self will pave the way, and doors will open for you in ways that you have not been able to imagine in the past.

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