Using The Universal Laws of Manifestation

Beloved Masters of Light, today I would like to discuss with you the laws of manifestation from a more mental and scientific point of view.

We will set aside, for the moment,manifestation and co-creation in harmony with Spirit as a part of your divine right and your spiritual heritage. Many light workers are wondering why they cannot tap into the divine stream of wealth and abundance so they can accomplish their mission and fulfill their dreams. Many are still struggling to survive and meet their everyday obligations while those who operate from a standpoint of greed and power, very obviously in the third dimension, grow richer.

There are universal laws in force, neutral laws, that all must abide by, saints and sinners alike. There were great streams of energy sent forth, aeons ago beyond remembering, by the Elohim, archangels, and co-creators of your universe at the direction of the Prime Creator. Any and all beings who carry within their soul a divine spark of the Creator have the ability to access and create with that electromagnetic or cosmic energy. But you must know the rules and how to tap into that source and make it work for you. First, you must have the right mind set: you do not have to be spiritual, or good, or have lofty ideals; you can operate from a totally selfish point of view, even a desire to gain power or control of others…the laws of manifestation will still work.

If you would study or take a closer look at those who have amassed great wealth and power you will see they have a vision, a belief in themselves and their ability to accomplish anything they desire. They begin by gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to make them experts in their field of endeavor. They spend as much energy and time as it takes to make their dreams a reality; they do not listen to any negative input from others and they do not doubt, even for a moment, their ability to accomplish what they desire and reach their goals.

They draw to them those who have like interests and similar aspirations. They have their vision firmly planted in their mind and, day-by-day, moment-by-moment, they do whatever is necessary to bring that vision to fruition. So what is the secret? Why do they succeed when many spiritual light workers have such difficulty creating enough abundance to live simply and gracefully so they can concentrate on fulfilling their spiritual mission and assisting others?

You are an electromagnetic force field, my beloved friends; you send out a frequency or vibrations, and those vibrations go forth and connect with like energy waves drawing to you more of the same. And so, if you have been saying affirmations and mantras day and night asking for wealth, if you talk continuously about what you want to accomplish when you have the funds, and yearn with all your heart and soul for abundance and it still is not forthcoming, why?

Because you still have those old tapes lurking around in your subconscious mind that say: To be spiritual, I must deny everything in the material world. I must sacrifice my happiness and well-being in order to serve others (the old martyr complex). If I concentrate on my spiritual growth, God will provide…on and on.

One moment you are excited and feel you can conquer the world and manifest anything you desire and the next, you begin to doubt yourself again. You say your affirmations for abundance and then allow your busy ego-mind to worry and fret day and night about paying your bills, or getting a new car or a higher paying job. You begrudge paying taxes, or insurance or the dentist, etc., instead of giving thanks and blessing the money that flows through your hands as you meet your obligations or exchange your earnings for the services of others.

Very few of you have the mind set to handle great wealth, even if it did miraculously come to you. What would you do if suddenly you were given several million dollars? Would you hoard it? Would you be anxious about losing it or someone cheating you out of it? Or would you spend it joyfully, creating your dreams and assisting others to create theirs, knowing that your abundance will keep flowing and there will always be enough to meet your needs and desires?

Now we are not talking about abundance making you happy or giving you a sense of fulfillment or about deserving it. Remember, we are talking about the impartial flow of universal substance, and I am sure you have noticed that many of those who are the wealthiest are some of the most miserable, bored and unhappy individuals. But you must give them credit, they do know how to tap into the universal source with their thoughts, desires and determination. They never waver from their goals. They never let anything or anyone stop them or deter them from completing their mission. They envision, they desire, they believe, they act…therefore they manifest.

You must begin to focus on the abundance you already have in your life…give thanks for it, be joyful about what you have and the good things in your life. Shift your consciousness away from what is wrong with yourself, those around you and the world and begin to see what is right, beautiful and wondrous. You must act as if you are entitled to all the beauty and abundance of the universe and that it is pouring forth in unlimited measure until it begins to happen. We are not saying you are to go out and spend funds that you do not have, but you can begin to see and enjoy the gifts that are available to you…many of which require no exchange of funds or energy.

Your thoughts are more powerful than you know, we keep emphasizing this, but you still allow your minds to ramble and to play, over and over, the thoughts of doubt, negativity, fear, guilt etc., which make your affirmations ineffectual or cancel them out. One moment you believe you can accomplish anything you desire and the next you are wallowing in self-doubt and pity. No matter how conscious you become spiritually, if you do not tap into that stream of consciousness with your mental body and mind that allows you to draw to you the energies of manifestation, you will never become a co-creator of abundance on the earth plane.

First, you must be very clear about what it is you want to manifest…feel the intensity within your soul-self, not your ego-self. Second, you must be sure that your desires are in harmony with your higher-self; you must surrender to the highest good for yourself and others, realizing that you cannot always see the larger picture, and also you do not want to limit your Divine Presence as to how your dreams will be manifested. Then you are to listen to that inner voice of intuition, listen for guidance and expect miracles and then take action as the path is revealed to you.

When doubt arises, or your ego begins to play the old feelings of unworthiness or guilt, acknowledge and transmute the feelings and turn your thoughts to your goal. Give thanks for the little miracles that take place, making way for greater and greater gifts to come your way. As you focus more on the positive aspects of your life, you are reinforcing these energies and drawing more of the same to you. You are creating a force field of love, abundance and harmony which no one can disrupt or destroy, only you can do that. And as you seek more awareness and spiritual harmony, you will find great joy and pleasure from your abundance for you will be in the flow of creation and in balance with all aspects of Universal Law. That is the secret, dear ones.

Now, let me explain another area of confusion and misinterpretation. It has been said by some that the Earth has moved into the fourth dimension and others say it is just now moving into the fourth dimension. Let me explain this way, everything that manifests in the physical begins to manifest first in the etheric. Just as you are building your etheric light body which will eventually create your physical light body, the same thing is happening with your planet Earth. The Earth’s etheric body has moved into the fourth dimension, but the physical planet is still steeped and mired in the third dimensional experience. However, as the three lower planes of the fourth dimension are cleared this allows us greater access to and interaction with the Earth and humanity and it allows those of you who have lifted your frequencies into the higher fourth dimensions to tap into that more rarified energy.

It is as if you are living in a column of Light, higher frequencies that follow you wherever you go, creating a safe haven, or an island of protection and harmony, while those why still resonate with the lower densities continue in the illusion of chaos, pain and suffering. As the Earth accesses more and more of the higher frequencies (through the efforts of all of you wonderful, dedicated light workers) and this energy becomes anchored on the physical plane in greater and greater amounts, it will become increasingly more difficult to remain in the third dimensional illusion, mentally, emotionally and physically. And so we are asking you, as Light Warriors, to strengthen your spiritual armor and resolve; to firmly envision your path and the goal you are seeking and to allow no one or no thing to divert you from your mission. We know that it is difficult to overcome thoughts, habits and traits that you have accumulated over thousands of years, but it is a time of new beginnings, a time to release your old limited viewpoints, doubts and weaknesses.

You are MASTERS, you are ascending into a new state of awareness, a new consciousness; you are evolving and returning to your perfected state of joy, balance and harmony; where you will once again glow with the beauty of Spirit as it shines forth for all to see. Dare to dream, dare to reach for the stars, dare to claim all that the Creator has promised you…it is yours for the taking, my beloved ones. But remember, you must experience what you create, so together let us, once again, create an Earth paradise where love, abundance, beauty and harmony abound.

I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.

Authors Details: Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. The Authors Web Site

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