Understanding Emotions Part 3

This article is part 3 of a 3 part series on understanding emotions
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Emotions 3

How To Release Emotions

Don’t be afraid of your emotions and don’t fight against them. Understanding emotions means that you will now realise that they are generated by unprocessed thought but that doesn’t mean you should resist them. Once they happen – it’s too late. You need to feel them now or later release them.

Don’t offer resistance because this will stop you feeling. If you try and block them you are just numbing the faculty you use to feel with. The emotion has already occurred so if you do this, you are just storing it in your body. Emotions dissipate and slowly disappear if you feel them and you are present with them. Feel them deeply and they will disappear.

understanding emotions
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Understanding Emotions & Your Response

Deciding how you will physically respond to your emotions will have a huge impact on your life. Consider that if you react instead of respond their could be serious ramifications. Act in anger to certain situations and you could lose your job or relationship. Slow down and respond before you do something that you can’t take back.

Ask yourself the following to figure out your response to a situation;

  • Is a direct approach the best way to proceed?
  • Am I reacting to this situation or is the current reaction also to a past situation?
  • Can I discuss the issue with the person involved without projecting my anger?
  • What do I expect from this discussion?
  • Will I be able to talk about how I feel to the person involved?
  • What are the consequences of dealing directly with the person involved (or the situation)?
  • Do I have realistic expectations about any future outcome/discussion?
  • Should I seek advice first – before doing anything?

Here’s an important tip – if you are dealing with extreme anger you might have to create some relief by letting a little out first – otherwise you may not be able to think clearly.

Physical Release Of Emotions

For a safe way of temporary relief – in particular for emotions around anger or where you feel hurt you can do the following

Leave the room and be alone then scream or shout, punch the air or something that won’t break in itself or your hand,  like a pillow. Use the pillow to hit something like your bed. When you are doing this use your imagination to vividly recreate the situation you experienced so that you can feel it. You need to feel it now.

If you want a more passive method write about how you were hurt or how you are angry and feel the emotion as you explain the situation in writing.

Either way you must feel the feeling. Don’t be afraid of it! Under all the anger, hate and hurt is one emotion and that’s FEAR! Many people are too afraid to lose control or just afraid of the intensity of their emotions. Understanding emotions is about owning what you feel and experience. Don’t run away and don’t ignore it if you do it gets stored in your body and accumulates.

Vocal Expression

One way to release emotion is to tell one person but only once about the situation that created the emotion you think you have buried. Explain in detail what happened, your feelings around this experience and how this experience is affecting your life today. Don’t be ashamed – you have nothing to be ashamed about. Do not repeat the story over and over moving from one person to the next this is how you build resentments. If you build resentment, you will now have two problems to deal with. If you can’t tell one other person then use my “white room” technique it can have an even greater effect.

Deeper Release Of Emotion

In order to fully release deeply buried emotion – in fact any stored emotion – I teach a particular advanced technique in the Speed2Enlightenment workshop. In order to successful navigate this technique you need to do some lead up work around your thoughts, perspective and consciousness. This extra effort is well worth it for the reward of freedom from emotional pain and suffering. Liberation from the emotion you have stored. Emotion that leads to illness, disease, irrational action, clouded judgement and acts as a trigger for new emotion as you travel your journey. If you wish to find out more and would like to be guided through a personal development process then let me know.

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