Understanding Emotions Part 2

This article is part 2 of a 3 part series on understanding emotions
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How You Repress Emotions

In part 2 of this 3 part series on understanding emotions I am going to explain how you repress emotions. When you have an experience that you find painful or difficult and you are either unable to cope with the pain, or afraid of it – you have a tendency to dismiss this emotion. You might get busy, or perhaps eat more, exercise, drink alcohol or just pretend it hasn’t happened. When you do this you don’t feel the emotion that you generated. This is how an emotion is buried or suppressed. Your body stores this emotion and the energy of it stays in your muscles, ligaments, stomach or midriff and in your aura. They stay there until you feel that emotion. The proper feeling of it and removal releases you from its negative effects. Any emotions that you have buried long-term are the emotions that normally cause you physical illness.

understanding emotions
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How You Avoid Feelings

Here’s a way of understanding emotions by looking at the actions that you may take to avoid feeling your emotions.

  • Ignoring what you feel – often done by bring up an intellectual argument to invalidate the feeling.
  • Emotional / Overeating – in particular junk foods
  • Pretending something hasn’t happened
  • Zoning out on Television
  • Drinking alcohol – often to excess
  • Excessive use of recreational drugs
  • Using prescription drugs ie: sedatives  / depression and anxiety medications
  • Excessive cleaning – your body or house
  • Exercising compulsively
  • Any type of compulsive behaviour
  • Excessive sex with or without a partner
  • Always keeping yourself  busy so you can’t feel
  • Constant analysis or intellectualising
  • Working too hard or too long
  • Keeping conversation superficial
  • Burying emotion under a “cause” – have you ever noticed violent (anger) peace protesters?

The Symptoms Of Suppressed Emotions

Understanding emotions leads to the realisation that it takes a lot of energy to keep emotions suppressed and buried. When you are constantly generating emotion your energy will be that of a low vibration. Low vibration leads to illness, fatigue, depression and accelerated ageing. You attract similar low vibration people, discarnate beings and situations to yourself.

The following are some of the symptoms that occur when you suppress emotions.

  • Constant Fatigue
  • Blowing up over minor incidents – this is triggered by stored emotion
  • Living with a knot in your stomach or tightness in your throat
  • Depression without an apparent cause.
  • Always speaking of issues and interests rather than personal matters and your feelings
  • Pretending on the outside that something doesn’t matter when inside it does matter
  • Feeling your anger at a later date – not at the time of the generating incident
  • Difficulty talking about yourself
  • Lack of ambition or motivation which can include being lethargic or having a “who cares” attitude
  • Difficulty accepting yourself – this often also means you are not accepting of others (remember the world is a reflection of you)

The Effect Of Suppressed Emotion

Understanding emotions will open your eyes and you will discover that suppressed emotions will cause major difficulties in your physical body and in your energy system. This will have a negative impact on all of your relationships including the relationship you with yourself. This relationship is arguably your most important and hence everything in your life will be effected. In attempt to progress spiritually will be hampered, you will have a large debt of Karma and you will be unable to raise your level of consciousness.

Emotions that are suppressed for the long-term can caused serious illness including cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and many other major health problems. Stored emotion resides in your physical body and Aura creating energetic leaks leading to a sense of vulnerability and low self-confidence/ self esteem.

When you have stored emotions and it’s almost certain you do. Your behaviour and reactions to events in the present moment are actually reactions to past events projected through the present situation. These triggered events have a massive negative impact on all area’s of your life for eg relationships that have domestic violence.

For you to keep your emotions buried and suppressed it takes a lot of energy. This robs you of energy you could have for other activities. Your suppressed emotions have a natural tendency to want to appear in your life so you need to work hard to keep them buried and precious energy resources are chewed up. You can see this on people in the street who look like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Your life purpose is to grow and increase your level of consciousness. The higher your consciousness the greater the degree of spirituality on your life. This brings you closer to who you are meant to be You cannot shift to higher level of consciousness as long as you have buried and suppressed emotions within you.

Identify Your Emotions

Awareness or being present is the first step that you need to take. That means listening to your thoughts and daydreams. You will find you have patterns of behaviour and most of your day will be spent unconscious and on autopilot. You need to be able to see what your think and how your patterns develop.

Take note or record what you feel – regardless of what it is write down your feelings in a journal. Identify what makes you angry or sad under this you will find fear – look for it. If you can identify you real fear, what you are afraid of losing or not having you are well on your way to emotional freedom.

If you keep remembering particular situations, hurts that happened some time ago it’s likely you have suppressed emotions that want to rise and release. Once again write them down and look for patterns or link situations with particular emotions.

Try to find the link and identify the times when your excessive behaviour from the list above was started or triggered. Ie: what happened and what did you feel just before you started to eat?

First thing on waking in the morning but you must do this before you are fully awake. This is the time when you can often hear your sub-conscious mind speaking to you. Listen and tune into your thoughts. This is the time you can pick up important messages that can help you to identify your core issues. This will lead to emotion.

Use your spirit guides / Angels/ the Divine or whoever you feel comfortable to call on from the Divine Universal Energy. Ask for help because they don’t intervene unless invited.

This article is part 2 of a 3 part series on understanding emotions
Emotions 1
Emotions 2
Emotions 3

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