Understanding Emotions Part 1

This article is part 1 of a 3 part series on understanding emotions
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How To Understand, Identify & Release Your Emotions

Why would you bother understanding emotions? Emotions control your thinking, behaviour and actions. Emotions create physical illness and impact your body just like your body has an impact on your thought process and emotions. It’s a cycle. If you ignore, dismiss, repress or “just” vent your emotions then you are setting yourself up for future physical illness. Any emotion that you don’t release but instead bury, can cause serious illness, including cancer, arthritis, and many types of chronic illnesses. Science is catching up with this, just now and finding some interesting links that the spiritual world has know for thousands of years. Of course I am not saying that emotion is the only cause of illness just a catalyst in many cases.

If you are looking for success in the area of your choosing, then keep in mind the following. If you resist what you don’t want then you’ll attract more of it. Resistance is emotion and emotion is powerful energy. There is a subtle difference between wanting to be wealthy and not wanting to be poor. Think about it. According to the law of attraction – what you resist persists because it has an emotional charge that draws similar energy toward it. Watch out!

understanding emotions
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Understanding emotions is imperative. Negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, frustration, depression cause chemical reactions in your body that are very different from the chemicals released when you feel positive emotions such as happy, content, loved and accepted. All of these emotions are stored in your body and trigger new emotion upon encountering new events.

These repressed and stored emotions lower your vibration which in turn attract to you negative people and situations. It takes an enormous amount of your vital energy to repress emotion and keep them stored in your body. This has a massive impact on you and leads to being tired and sapped of vitality.

Understanding Emotions

When it comes to understanding emotions you need to know that emotions come from thoughts that you cannot process fully or properly. When this occurs you will feel a strong energetic force that will push you to act or think in a certain way. Depending on their strength they can be mild or physically encompass your whole being. They are distinctly different to feelings. When you feel you are processing correctly and your feelings are vital for your guidance through life. Emotions are subjective and because they are generated from your thoughts they are also subject to your perception. Your perception is also clouded by the way you think and the emotions that are generated so once again it’s a loop that needs to be broken.

Perception & Belief

Behind your day to day actions and the way you “behave” is a belief system. It filters what you see and hear and in turn impacts your daily behaviour. There are other elements that effect your behaviour including your past lives and core issues you have entered this life with that require resolution.

Your belief system creates your perception of what you see, hear and feel and therefore your interpretation is individual to you. If your boss calls you into his office you could interpret that as “oh no I’m in trouble” or “great I’m about to get a promotion.  If you see enough of a particular example then this can influence what your believe. A man raised in an eastern conservative society may believe that a woman’s place is in the home because of the impact of what he has been exposed to.

The Illusion Of External Circumstances

When it comes to feelings the only person who can change what you feel is you. A feeling is subjective and is based on your perception and the thoughts that you generate. If something occurs to you then it’s your view of that circumstance that generates thoughts and in turn you will feel. Thoughts that you cannot process successfully become emotions. You have the power to change the way you think and feel about anything that’s happening to you and about any external circumstances. These external circumstances have impact on you – positive or negative measured only by the weight your attribute to them.

Understanding Emotions – Love and Fear

All emotions are derivatives of love and fear. Every other emotion you experience – call it what you will, are variations of these two emotions. All of your thoughts and actions are generated from love or fear. That’s the basis of the human condition. Learning to be conscious and fully awake allows you to free yourself from autopilot and act through love instead of fear. Most people are stuck in fear.

Control Your Emotions?

Short term, you cannot change or control your emotions once they have been generated. An outside event can easily trigger emotion in you if you have stored emotion residing within you.

Think of a time you or someone you know has all of a sudden exploded in anger at something that seems relatively trivial and harmless. That’s an exaggerated case of stored emotion triggered by an outside event. This happens continually to you on a less severe scale slowly manipulating you and sapping you of energy. In our politically correct western world you are taught that emotion and feeling is weakness and this results in you suppressing emotion and feeling, exasperating the problem of stored suppressed emotion. It’s almost like a conspiracy – society leans toward turning off your guidance system. Think about who would gain from this?

The Difference Between Core Issues and Emotions

We each come into this lifetime with at least one core issue to resolve. Different situations will continue to present themselves to you as repeating patterns but they will appear different to you. This happens over and over again until you have dealt with the core issues in your life.

Core issues could be;

  • Responsibility
  • Abandonment / Victimisation
  • The demand for justice
  • Spirituality rather than materialism

Your core issues will generate emotion in you – this is often mistaken as passion. You may be a warrior for peace yet the emotion generated over this issue is so strong that it can lead to violence in thought and sometimes action. Do not mistake passion and emotion – the key to understanding emotion vs passion is having a clear filter once you have successfully passed through each of the three steps I teach in the Speed2Enlightenment method.

Feeling Your Feelings

Many people spend a lot of time talking about how they feel. They attend workshops, visit therapists, and they tell other people who did what to them and when. Then they describe in painstaking detail how they feel about an incident displaying all of the emotion that is generate from their unique perspective. When you do this you are analysing and intellectualising under the guise of making progress. Talk, talk, talk. It only temporarily relieves some of the emotion but the vast body of energy generated is stored in your body ready to haunt you later. You need to feel your feelings that’s what they are for – to feel.

The general population is afraid of feeling. Afraid of losing control and certainly afraid of the pain that emotion generates. If you are like this you may think about your emotions and you might block anything that appears to lead to pain or disturbance of any type. This is the wrong way for you to go – you need to feel. Being strongly connected to your feelings is essential to living a life with high energy, a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

When I first discovered this some 20 years ago I had just left the Police Force. I had lived for more than 15 years suppressing feelings in order to cope with a multitude of situations including extreme violence. When I learnt to feel again, the flood gates opened, releasing a lot of suppressed emotional pain. It hurt and I felt bad. Using the Speed2Enlightenment techniques for releasing this emotion and pain, created an inner state that has allowed me to move forward unhampered by the initial burden I carried.

This article is part 1 of a 3 part series on emotions
Emotions 1
Emotions 2
Emotions 3

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