Transmission Meditation

An in-depth discussion of this potent means of world service and personal spiritual growth for experienced and new meditators.

Meditation is, depending on the meditation, a more or less scientific means of contacting the soul, and of eventually becoming at- one with the soul. That is the basic purpose of meditation of any kind.

Transmission Meditation is a way of serving the world. Unlike many other forms of meditation, it attracts to it only those people who have a desire to serve. This desire to serve manifests itself in an individual only when that person has made some degree of contact with his or her own soul. This is because it is the soul which desires to serve. The nature of the soul is to serve. The first response to soul contact (whether it is followed up or not) is a desire to serve the world in some way.

Transmission Meditation provides a simple, easy form of very potent service to the world which at the same time is an extremely potent, fast method of personal growth. This personal, evolutionary result is a side effect of the Transmission Meditation process. The Masters have at their disposal tremendous spiritual energies. A major part of the Masters’ work is to distribute these energies in the world to produce the effects, the fulfilment of the Plan of Evolution which They know to be envisaged for this planet.

The Masters are the custodians of the Plan and the custodians of the energies which bring about the fulfilment of the Plan. Many of these energies are cosmic in source and if they were released directly into the world they would be too high, and would simply bounce off the mass of humanity. Transmission Meditation groups act as sub-stations. The Masters send these spiritual energies through the chakras of the individuals in the groups. This automatically transforms the energies, making them more accessible, more usable by humanity. The Masters then direct the energies into the world wherever they are needed. There are several hundreds of transmission groups, all over the world, and they meet regularly at a particular time and day, whatever is suitable for the individual group. This can be once, twice or three times a week.

The groups can be anything from three people upwards. Three people form a triangle; that is the basic group. The group meets and sounds together, aloud, the Great Invocation, which has been given to humanity for this purpose. This Invocation was released to the world in 1945 by Maitreya to give us a technique for invoking the energies which would transform the world and prepare for His coming. By the sounding of this great mantram with the attention focused on the ajna centre (between the eyebrows), a conduit is formed between the group and the Hierarchy of Masters. Through that conduit the Masters send their energies.

These spiritual forces are precisely the energies which are transforming the world right now. Maitreya fills the world with the energy of equilibrium, for example, and national leaders find that they can work together, can compromise, can reach some kind of consensus, almost overnight. Suddenly, nations who have been enemies for centuries, perhaps, find that they can talk together round a table, and peacefully work out a solution. They are simply responding correctly to the energies which the Hierarchy of Masters are sending out into the world. That is the service which the transmission groups perform for the world. It allows you to move away from simple contact with your own soul to a working relationship with the Kingdom of Souls, the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters.

It is not possible to work in this way, to have the energies sent through the chakras, without the chakras themselves being stimulated, galvanized and transformed. The Masters measure the point in evolution of any individual disciple by the quality of light emanating from the chakras. People talk about auras: brilliant auras and rather dull auras, wide auras and narrow auras. The auras are really the synthesis of all the energies emanating through into – and out of – the chakras up the spine. The more active, the more stimulated these chakras are, the greater the radiation, the wider and more brilliant the aura. This designates the degree of the disciple.

In Transmission Meditation, your chakras are stimulated in a way that would be altogether impossible otherwise. In one year of consistent, intensive Transmission Meditation, you can make the same kind of advance as in 10 or 15 years of personal meditation. It is a hothouse, a forcing process. For this reason, it is not for everyone. Only those who wish to serve the world in some way would be bothered to do Transmission Meditation, because nothing seems to be happening during the meditation. You may or may not be aware of the energies; some feel the energies very clearly and powerfully, some do not feel them at all. This has little to do with your point of advancement, but, in the main, with your particular type of physical body.

This work, however, leads to very profound changes in the ]individual. Most people, within six months or a year of starting Transmission Meditation, realize the changes in themselves, recognize that they are becoming a different, a better person. People find that they can experience, and demonstrate, love more easily. They find that their minds are more stimulated and creative. They may find that they have more discipline, more determination, more consistency in their approach to work. People see their group members become more radiant, softer, more loving – in a word, more spiritual.

A large number of people receive healing, spontaneously, during the transmissions. The technique involved is very simple and is applicable to anyone above the age of 12. Transmission Meditation does not interfere with any other form of meditation which you might do. On the contrary, it can only potentize, make more valuable, any other meditation. It is absolutely safe because it is in the hands of the Masters, the Master scientists of the planet. It is potent, safe and scientific because the real work, the major work, is done for you by the Masters themselves. All that you are asked to do in a Transmission Meditation is to hold your attention at the ajna centre between the eyebrows. That is all. You will find, however, that your attention will wander from this centre. When you realize that this has happened, you sound, inwardly, the mantram OM, or think OM, and your attention will come back automatically to the ajna centre. Holding the attention at the ajna centre produces an alignment between the physical brain and the soul. The energies are sent from the level at which the Masters habitually work: the soul level (the buddhic level, to be precise). While that alignment is held, the transmission will take place.

I can assure you that there is no more potent service that you can give so easily, with such little expenditure of effort, to the world. Nor will you find a technique of personal growth so potent, so far- reaching, for such little effort. All the Masters, perfect as they are, spend 24 hours a day in transmitting their energies. There is no being in cosmos not involved in transmitting energy from levels above to levels below Them. We live in an energetic universe. That energy, from however high a level, is being transmitted, stepped down, received; transmitted, stepped down, and received, throughout cosmos. If you find that Transmission Meditation is for you, then you have a mode of service which will last until the end of your life and through all future lives.

Reprinted with the kind permission of Share International Magazine.

Authors Details: Benjamin Creme.

Benjamin Creme is the British chief editor of Share International, an artist, author, lecturer and esotericist. His telepathic contact with a Master of Wisdom allows him to receive up-to- date information on the Christ’s emergence and to expand on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.


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