There is no death

There is no death.

When Shawn, my 16 year old son died about 25 years ago, I was in a spiritual crisis. I needed to know if he survived what we call death and if he was well. Since he died suddenly in an automobile accident, you might say this desire to speak to him had become an obsession with me. I searched for my son in every possible way I could think of. Eventually, I was able to contact him and now we speak to one another ‘mind’ to ‘mind’.

You could say I received a gift as I know beyond any doubts that we survive physical death and lead productive lives. In the beginning of his new life, it seemed as if he was a student learning about his new surroundings, and he told me about the classes he attended. These classes were in the form of lectures and there seemed to be many choices available. Also, there was the choice not to attend, but Shawn seemed to want to advance and according to him he attended these lectures.

Shawn told me about the many lifetimes that we had had together, and this time we had agreed that one of us would be in the world of spirit to bring information to the other who would be here on earth to receive it. He said he had made the decision to go to the other side because I could type faster. I was happy to find that he hadn’t lost his sense of humor in the process. In the beginning he still seemed interested in some of the things he did while on earth and he told me about some of the concerts that he attended where his favorite bands performed. But later he started giving me information from the Akashic records and the earth history he found there.

He told me there were three data banks of records and eventually he went to the one that held the records of the cosmos. The story of creation was particularly beautiful. Shawn said it was full of changing colors, emotion and light. I had visions of what he was referring to when he spoke to me and creation looked like a giant fireworks celebration. The emotions of love that burst forth from the creator was so intense that I didn’t want to leave the sight.

Presently we go to what some people would call sacred places on earth. We also visit areas where ancient civilizations flourished and my son holds back the curtain of the time and I am able to speak to the people and find out what their lives were like. The purpose for this information is because earth sits on the brink of a great advancement for her people, and systems will be changing.

When I was in Rome recently, Julia Caesar came to me and told me about a compelling love story between her and a Roman centurion named, Flavius. She wanted me to write about it because she wanted people to know that two lovers who love one unconditionally can raise kundalini between them and advance very quickly spiritually. Eventually, I interviewed several people from her family. What follows comes from Aurelia. She was Julia’s grandmother and Julius Caesar’s mother.

“When the end came, I wasn’t frightened, as my husband came for me. I had never believed that I would see him again. I was inclined to believe that there was an empty state after one died. We usually burned the corpse and all there was left was ashes. That is what I expected to happen to me. When I saw my husband, my heart leaped for joy. I not only saw someone that I had loved, but I realized that the state after death was real and people lived. It was one of the happiest times in my life. He opened his arms for me and I quickly ran into them. It was a joyous meeting and not a death. It was so easy. One moment I was there in Rome and the next I was in his arms.”

Aurelia also speaks of the love connection between people. When you think about the one you love from where I am, you immediately are there. Your thoughts and emotions allow you to travel to where your thoughts reside. I know that sounds like fiction, but one can be transported immediately to where the mind takes you and desire seems to propel you to that place. Thinking doesn’t take you to the place immediately, there seems to be a desire needed to act as a catalyst. When someone on earth is in some distress, the love bond opens what seems like a door or window and we can see them. It is like a monitor in our minds that provide a vision of what they are doing. The vision is not all that clear; sometimes it is rather murky, but the person shows up in the screen of our heart and if we desire to go there we can be next to them in a very short time, no matter where we are.

Aurelia concerning activities in the next world On this level where I am, I have access to all the earth and I can move to destinations, which encompass other planets.

I have been on most of the planets, however, some of them do not appeal to me, so I stay where I enjoy it the most. Desire has a great benefit in that desire and intent seems to be a needed motivator for all deeds here. I haven’t desired to leave this planetary sphere, but if I did, I could leave this universe and go on to the next. I have spoken to people who have done just that and I am told that there is an opening, or exit way through Arcturus and there is a safe zone whereby one can examine the next universe.

My husband and I have enough to keep us interested in this universe presently, and we have no desire to venture forth. We have found that we love earth. We can experience earth if we wish and we choose to experience earth in its most pristine beautiful places. We don’t tire of walking through forests, watching the animals and exploring every conceivable part of civilization and learning about her people’s past. I have been curious as to how love and hate has influenced people. We see it in people presently living on earth and we follow the records of the past and people’s future.

Actually that is a difficult concept to understand, it would be for me to understand how someone from the past could explore the lives of people in the future, but it is possible. Not only is it possible to explore the future, but also we can go to the future or past and change events.

I realize that it is something that sounds like fiction, but we can do it. It is interesting how we can find a problem caused by emotions of either hatred or love and change a past event or the circumstances surrounding the people presently. We would do this out of love and do not change anything in a superficial level because of curiosity.

Because my husband and I have been involved in this activity, we can see what appears to be defining moments in civilizations. We have been able to trace some of these moments and change either past or future events and watch how those changes made a difference in the moment that we were observing. Aurelia observing God From what I can tell, God, or the power that created all living things, including our own souls has very few rules. To break them causes very serious consequences in our lives, but they are certainly not ceremonial rules.

What I mean is that the Creator that I have explored and understand from my limited position, is not interested in what we wear, how we walk, whether we are involved in ritual such as going to a mosque or church several times a day, or what we eat. The rules that were put down by this Creator seem to be centered on love. From what I have been instructed, love is the driving force in all of creation. This means that we must love one another and that responsibility of love must be carried out in all facets of living. We must act responsibly in our connections with all forms of creation and that includes the animal and mineral world.

On the level where I live, I have not seen what we would call the Creator of all. We know that a representative of that Creator resides in this planetary sphere and the residence is in the sun. I shouldn’t say the sun per se, but rather the environs of the sun. To the people on earth, it would seem that the sun is very hot and nothing could survive near it. There is great activity in the sun, but the heat is not like a bonfire, but rather energy which radiates to this planet and the friction to get here causes the heat. Temperature is not what it seems on other planets if we allow our reasoning mind to think the physical world is the same everywhere.

Environments are different on neighboring planets. If one could take the most complex organisms of God’s work and kept tracing it towards the most simple of particles, one would find that everything came from one expression of energy. God is energy, and God’s most simple expression is in only one particle. Everything came from one expression, but arranged in many forms because of an interaction with Sophia, the feminine divine counterpart.

On humanity; Humans have great ability because their souls are companion pieces to the Godhead, or creator of all. Humanity is on the brink of understanding how to use those possibilities and bring their desires into their lives. There is being planted into human hearts presently, a desire to follow what you intrinsically are and to shake off the shackles of the past. The goal of the spiritual hierarchy is for humanity to wake up to the brilliance of what is housed in your souls. Such a simple fact to describe an eternal truth, your soul is a part of God. Take a moment and consider that fact. You carry a piece of the creator of all within your personal sphere. That spark resides very close to your body, a little higher in a subtle body surrounding your soul but connected to your body through your heart center. You are nudged from spirit to remember.

The spiritual hierarchy has always been here trying to remind you from whence you came. Now the time approaches where you will no longer be nudged. The earth will be placed in such a remarkable trigger point whereby that knowledge will be undeniable to all who will take the time to observe. Those reminders right now are subtle, but they will become more focused and intensified until the fact cannot be ignored. God’s day is coming and all who are willing to look up and observe will notice.

I speak to you now so you can be aware that something different is on the horizon and it is closing in on you.

The Author:Carolyn Evers
Excerpts from: Under Grace and Conversations With Caesar
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