The Third Eye

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Your Third Eye Is Open

It is often that we hear of people wishing that their third eye was open, well it is. There is nothing unusual about making the third eye stay open. It is through an act of will that the third eye will do what you want it to.

The third eye is basic to all spiritual work. It is the heart of the matter. The third eye can communicate what you need to know about the aspects of your life which are hidden to you. It is the center through which you see the world and others in it. Without the third eye there would be all pervading spiritual darkness about you.

Keep Your Third Eye Open

The best way to keep the third eye open is to make sure that you have enough energy going through it from the chakra directly beneath it. Actually, most of the energy which is moving through the third eye center has to come from your heart. This is where what is seen, heard, felt, touched, is absorbed by the inner self and given a final okay. It is there where you find the Golden gate, or doorway to all other chakric doors. If this median point is not clear, nor can your third eye be clear and insightful. The heart is a river through which all time flows. The river comes up from within through the other energy centers beneath it. The physical world is tied to the spiritual world here.

So if you are working on unblocking your third eye chakra, it is well to learn to clean up those actions which block the aura in the heart also. The third eye can bring meaning to life. It is divided into quarters, each one blending with a specific shade or color within the aura. So a healthy third eye chakra has the appearance of a glittering jewel, composed not only of brilliant violet blue, but also of red, green, yellow and orange.

To hold an object in one’s mind means that it is being held in the quadrant of this chakra which pertains to visualization. It is here that we compose individual images for our creation purposes.

We call these images day-dreams, but they are really open doorways through which you can manipulate or change the flow of energy, and therefore events which are happening to you.

To change what you perceive in the visualization quadrant of this chakra means that it will have a lasting effect on the subtle body’s energy field. To cause a change in the energy field means that working relationships of patterns of energy have also changed. Color plays a role in this. To color an image with what you wish to get, or to give the image a corresponding coloration.

To color an image with blue means you want to relax the tension of that physical expression to which the image is attached. To color it with a particular shade of red brings concreteness of various kinds. Red brings the healing ray to outworn or stale relationships, by giving those kindred spirits a bolstering of kundalini energy from the first chakra.

You may have to work hard at developing this chakra, which is the occultist’s favorite. It may be impossible to reach the quality of expression that this chakra deems possible. But this third eye chakra steers us forever upward, for its tendency is to seek for knowledge in the higher, or crown chakra through which it is located.

The lower quadrant, to the left and right of the third eye chakra are for hearing, and the relationship of appearances. An eighth of this energy is blue on the left side and another eighth is blue on the right. These are connected to hearing, and the spiritual hearing of the inner ears. A clairvoyant both hears and sees on the spiritual planes. So the work of this chakra concerns the planes of existence where spirit is working as the primary method of manifestation. The blue of this hearing energy, emanates from the chakra just below it, known as the throat chakra, and through which the manifestation of sound has its basis of perception.

Tune Your Third Eye

The third eye chakra can be attuned to in the following way. You must first sit comfortably and concentrate your mind on the place within where your daydreams occur. This may be impossible for certain individuals who are visually impaired. In which case, do the following, sense the area around the third eye, and breathe in to the count of four, hold to the count of two, out – four – hold two, until a sensation is reached within the vicinity of the third eye. Charge up this chakra, until you feel it comfortably energized. Notice the sensations now occurring, and that they are not the same ones as before you started this exercise.

Now for those whose sight is not impaired, but who are earnest seekers of divine knowing. Take several deep breaths and relax. Sit in loosely comfortable clothes, never tight, especially around the neck or collar. Leaning into your third eye chakra with your consciousness, hold onto whatever images are seen. Giving them no credence whatsoever. Change over the surrounding energy field to a pure black. This is an erasure technique.

From this point on recount to yourself any images that you may see, beginning with the black space. The more clear your images are, means the more energized your chakra is. This procedure can be done alone in a protected environment, or in a group setting, for shared visionary experience. This means you share your images with the other members of your group, or circle.

This practice will aid you in the development of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. It will afford you an opportunity to perceive on a new plane of existence. One to which you will eventually return. It will also help you to better understand and guide yourself through the daily foibles of life.

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5 Responses to “The Third Eye”:

  1. baah yeboah

    pls most of the steps are too technical can u further explain with examples and illustrations?

  2. Faye Santini

    Interesting read,my physic energy started very early in life Around 4yrs old , where I saw spirits regularly and eventually accepted what I see,now I read tea leaves and can predict ,future and what’s coming Into the life of whom I choose to read for,I do not read for money because sometimes I see not a good things ,so I read mainly for my daughter whom lives in London and I’ll drink the tea tune into her and give her a reading .I live in Melbourne Australia. I.was told one day that I have the third eye,I really don’t know ,call it what you like but I have a spiritual gift.I’m 60 yrs old now and can tune or not .when I choose to and call on spirits at any time when I choose to.I think I was born this way and find I can read people a sense I naturally have this ability .thourght you mite find this interesting as I’ m sure you have meet other people the same .so what’ your opinion Thanks Faye Santini

  3. Aymen Fares

    Hi Faye, its fantastic that you have this gift use it wisely and enjoy it! I think everyone can develop these abilities but isn’t it fortunate that you were born this way?

  4. Bill Coleman

    I saw an Indian lady today at the hospital whose forehead had a small spot in the centre above the nose.As she walked back from the doctors room the spot glowed like an led light.When she sat down near me I looked away and after a minute looked back at her and the spot had become a deep blue/purple colour.What does this mean?She gave an incredible feeling of warmth and love as she first walked past my chair to see the doctor as if a magnetic field had emanated from her.

    • Aymen Fares

      That’s very difficult to answer from afar. Perhaps you can “see” more than others? Perhaps there was something special about the lady? perhaps it was trick of the lighting in the room? Its something for you to meditate on and explore.


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