The Teacher Within

The teacher within.

We would wish to thank you all. There are many ‘linkings’ going on. There are many connections being made between now and the time of August. This is a very important time in which many energies and connections are forming. Many new paths or grids are being laid down here at this time. The energy patterns and alignments that are taking place now and for the next two to three months will be setting forth intentions and openings. It is laying a foundation for new experience to be brought forth. It is important at this time and particularly during the first week of May as well as the whole month, to bring forth new ideas and framework for the consciousness that you wish to see expanded. Think about how you would wish to change and heal yourself, how you would wish to bring forth different energies from within yourself. It is a time when you will be able to create your new grid for your new self.

During this time period we would encourage you to focus on these ideas. It is now a time of repatterning, a time of redirecting and reconfiguring the energies upon this planet. Now it is time to restructure how you would like to think about yourself. We would wish to encourage everyone who is involved in expanding their awareness and expanding the many aspects of themselves to take an aspect that they feel is most important for them to change. Then take a planetary aspect such as world peace, or feeding the population of the planet or relieving disease. Think about this and focus your mind, heart and being on this as these days in May come forth. Bring about an idea of what you would wish to see transformed upon the planet and what you would wish to see transformed about yourself. See yourself within the new configuration of the planet and see yourself functioning differently within the new grid of the planet. We would wish to encourage you first to think about yourself. Think about what it is that you would wish to restructure within your life.

You are magnificent beings with many grids and energy fields around you. Some of these grids and energy fields have been distorted. They have holes and are damaged. This is due to the wear and tear that you have been submitted to from living on this planet. When one is born into this existence, the grid works around each being are intact and ideal. After the first breath of life, these gridworks begin to change. They begin to conform to the energies that you are born into. Since the early 1980s the planet has been changing rapidly. Those that have been born since then have not has a much grid distortion. It will be easier for them to bring forth the potentials of who they are without the distractions, detours and obstacles that have plagued human life here. Children that will be born starting in the year 2005 will not bring forth the distortions into their energy grids. The healing that must be brought forth for the majority of the people here is very important. The most magnificent and powerful work that may be done by anyone here is to help your brethren. Help them heal the energy formations around their body. There are many ways to do this. There are several methods that are useful. More will come forth. Within the next few years there will be systems that will work on the physical, mental and emotional and spiritual bodies. There will be great healing of the grids around the physical body.

There are many that have abilities. They are wondering what they should use these abilities for. After this energy formation in the first week of May there will be openings for those whose work deals with the physical body. This also applies to the mental and emotional bodies. There will be a process of many old beliefs falling away. Many aspects that have not been helpful and powerful for people will be released from them. Many distortions in your personal grid will begin to be released. If they do not go on their own, you will be led to what will help you. There will be spontaneous healing People who are gathered in energy center on the planet will experience spontaneous healing. There will be many who will bring forth information that will assist with the healing of the personal grids around each human. There have been many wonderful systems of healing but they seem to be ineffective at times. This is because these systems were not designed to function in the present distorted consciousness of this time period. Now that this shift is taking place, many of these ancient healing systems will begin to be more effective. The success rate will be greater because these healing systems will be able to do what they were designed to do. As these grids of the humans are healed, distortions released, and the holes are sewn, there will begin to be greater ease of functioning with humans upon this planet. This will help the planet and the universe bring forth their changes with beauty. So the gridworks around the human body that are changing will begin to be visible. It will not be uncommon for others to see them. They take many shapes and forms. There are grids for each one of the bodies, as well as belief systems and life potentials that are available to each person. All of these grids are intertwined around the body. Shortly after this event of the coming month will there be many people who will begin to see these gridworks around others. They may not understand what this means. They may only see a fragment. Or they might see a geometric form such as a sphere or octahedron.

These gridworks do take on geometric patterns. The ones that are linear are masculine and the ones that are spherical are feminine. This masculine and feminine energy is within all. All of these energies will become rebalanced. This will also become more evident in children. It will be most interesting to see the progression of their grid work patterns from the beginning. These new energy formations that you will be seeing are that which has always been. Many different levels are now becoming visible as the barriers and veils are falling away. These are the blockades that keep you from knowing exactly who you are and what you are made of. We would wish you to know that this new way of being, this new potential of life experience will be beautiful for you We would encourage you to think upon what we have shared. These grids have always been there and now is the time when your perception of this experience will be possible. Naturally, those who have been in attunement with this process will be the first to exhibit the sensory manifestations. They will be the first to transform the grids around themselves. Many who begin to see these grids will then be attracted to healing systems that will complete the healing. Know that you will be guided to the help you need to complete these openings. You may happen to see some angles or corners sticking out of a persons head or arm. Do not feel apprehensive. Do not feel that this is something strange or unusual. It is not something to fear. You are having an opportunity to experience an awakening for these individuals. Hopefully, this experience will help you to understand the nature of the events that will be coming. As the gridworks around the human body become healed and activated, many different phenomena begin to transpire. The ability to see the colors in the human fields will also evolve. These are not geometric in form but are expressed with color frequency.

Many talents, skill and abilities that individuals have, which have been surpressed, will begin to emerge. Many will find that they will be able to play the piano or paint pictures. Many will find that they will have a talent that they have always desired but never had. Individuals will find their list of abilities and skills will expand. They will just Know. They may be able to learn new information easily and effortlessly and retain more.The knowledge that is contained in the grid will suddenly become available to them. It is not that they are connecting to a teacher or the knowledge that they represent. The knowledge is simply a reflection of the teacher within. Now is a time when those of you who are in harmony with this change and are accepting it, will be able to guide others. You can urge them to be open to this change. There will be distraction, wonderment and disbelief. We would wish to bring forth that you are a being who can walk and even fly. For so many centuries upon this planet the humans have thought enlightenment was difficult. You have many amazing abilities and you begin to learn of them all. The full functioning of the human being is coming. It is coming for many reasons. It is important to realize that you have advanced knowledge. You understand the opening within your heart that has brought you to the place of connecting with this information. You are helping to smooth out the adjustment that will be made as others are being energized and become conscious of who they are. You will be bringing forth your role in this drama of planet earth unfolding to its full glory. As your energy fields begin to be healed, so will those of the planet.

There will be healing of the damage that has been done. One of the areas to be healed will be those places where there has been war and killing. It will also heal the places on the planet that have been affected by nuclear waste and other pollution. These places will see great regeneration. As your energy distortions are being healed, so are those of the energy fields of the earth. There will be some individuals that will feel destined to dedicate themselves. to the rebirth of the planet. It is the disharmony within the human being that has created these traumas to Mother Earth. It is like a child that is angry and does not understand. They may hit and scream and hit their mother when they are restricted even if the restriction is for their benefit. This is the relationship that humans have with their planet. They take out their anger and pain upon the planet, as they do with others they love. This is beginning to be healed. The new ways of being are giving healing to the planet. Its grids have been distorted as have the grids of the humans here. Those who were in harmony with the planet in ancient times knew that by building certain energy center they were strengthening the energy grids of the planet. These centers were made of natural materials that were available from the earth. Manufacturing synthetic substances has done some of the greatest damage to the planet.

We would wish to give to you this vision. It is the vision of the Golden Orb. See yourself standing in a beautiful golden sphere. Once you have seen yourself standing within it, you will then see it changing. You will begin to see the different geometric forms within the sphere. It is then that you will see the golden sphere begin to move. It may start to spin or pulsate. It may do a variety of activities that will enhance your ability to bring forth change. This vision will help you to work upon yourself. It will help you to see your potential. When you have connected with this vision, and have seen these energy fields activated, then it will be time to create this second vision. Then we would wish you to see a green and blue sphere that is your earth. See yourself and your golden sphere. Then see you and the sphere surrounded with a gridwork of green and blue, which is the earth. You will see this green/blue gredwork around you either pulsate or move. Then you will see the golden energy that you have within your sphere begin to radiate out into the larger sphere of the earth. You will then see the green, blue and gold coming and forming together. This is a representation of your relationship with the earth. This will show you that you are connected to the earth and it is connected to you. It is a marvelous intertwining. That will become stronger and more incredible as time goes on.

Many have come here simply to feel the connecting between them and the planet. They will now have great cause to celebrate this. So we would wish you to think about the fact that you and your planet are joined in many ways and as you heal, it heals. As the months progress within this year, you will see that your connection to the planet and all life will become stronger. And you will understand.

Authors Details: Abby Haydon. Channeling The Assembly of Light The Authors Web Site


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