The Spirit of Mediumship: Monitoring the Flow

REFLECTION Channeled by Donna Kinniburgh March 1998
Questions – Steve Kinniburgh (SK)

Opening Comments

For the world at large be undergoing many changes, many changes of the Earth surface itself as well as to the populace. Individuals be experiencing that of emotional changes, that of physical changes, that of changes of consciousness. For as the world do change and humanity, itself, as a whole do evolve; do experience a new territory. For humanity be exploring outer spaces. However, oft times do not explore the inner space. And that which be occurring of the present date for individuals be searching within themselves to come in contact with the inner knowledges of all that do exist into the universe and beyond. And as humanity do evolve and these changes do take place, there be a discovery, a discovery of that which do exist beyond the physical senses. (here) And individuals, many individuals be opening up channels for where a “source” of information can utilize the physical senses of the individual to provide information that would be useful to many.

We do refer to this process here of medium ship. Now the first question one may ask would be how do this occur? What do take place before interaction?(here) And the very first thought would be that of agreement, agreement with a spiritual source and the medium on an unconscious level to work as a team, to work, to provide information for individuals so that the world, itself, can benefit. And as the world do change, it would be noted, here, that more and more individuals are appearing that have the ability to tap into the unconsciousness, into the universal knowledges that do exist and allow the flow of information to come forth. This be a natural process for it is the beginning stages of the group consciousness known to humankind as the Christ consciousness. And what be the purpose of medium ship or channeling of this information other than aiding individuals? Would find (here) would aid greatly onto those entities that would utilize the medium as a channel. For do understand the agreement be that for aid for both, not just one, not just humankind as you know humankind to be. Indeed, as well, for those entities, those discarnate individuals would benefit and would grow from same interaction. For they do exist, understand, as so do the physical.

For we, REFLECTION, ourselves are a mirror image and do exist in a mirror image of that which the physical be. Our existence itself would be your spirituality. Yet your physicality do exist as our spirituality. For we do learn from the physical interactions as you do learn from the spiritual interactions and all do benefit here each from the other first and in so doing, would benefit many other individuals that do encounter the experience thereupon. Indeed here, we would state that the actuality of the group consciousness be likened to a tree, a tree that be embedded, its roots, into the earth. And indeed so here, from this tree do extend many branches. And these branches themselves be likened here onto the many different aspects of the groupings of entities, the groupings of individuals that do speak through many different mediums here. Be still the same tree and yet the branches be different. And be as individual as each snowflake be onto each other and yet still exist on the same tree. And from the branches do extend (here) many leaves and these leaves be the individual entities that do speak through the different groupings here. For they are the collectiveness of each group. And they be different one onto each other and yet, as well, still be part of the same tree. And so on and on it do go, understand, there exist one tree and many different perspectives that do make up the entirety of that tree. And it is the whole that give the broadest picture, that do place one more piece into the puzzle of life.

The difficulty with many physical individuals be that they would find one answer and then cease to look for others. Forgetting here that each answer do hold some truth and if to seek for another answer would, in fact, hold another part of the truth. And in so doing, with this action, ofttimes would limit their own growth potential and their own experience and in turn, do limit the tree, the group consciousness. And as some of these individuals do enter into the realm of medium ship, would find that they themselves would benefit greatly from the experience. Ofttimes not seen immediately. But as changes do occur, would be recognized by other individuals for their own development would exist on an inner sense of the individual. Ofttimes individuals as they do develop and grow do come to a certain plateau and would, in fact, desire not to take another step. Indeed. We would suggest that for these individuals who have found their own medium ship, their own sense of channeling and would not continue to seek further for that truth within themselves; that, in fact, would again limit their own development and the source of experience be unlimited.

We shall begin with the questions here.

SK: Very appropriately so, thank you. Do the Spiritual entities seeking through mediums vary in wisdom or quality? And are there guidelines for assuring this quality?

R: Firstly here, the source itself is not measured by quality. Tis the medium, understand, that must be viewed upon. For look here onto a medium such as one would look at a water pipe. And the spiritual energy of water, for water itself be the physical representation of spirituality, to flow through the water pipe. If the water pipe be clogged, water on the other end would have impurities embedded into same. The medium itself, if they would keep clear their own channel and allow their own growth potential, this would aid the source. The quality of the source is not in question here. Tis the integrity of the medium itself.

SK: So what you’re saying then is that if the medium stops growing, then the source will only be able to channel through the opening in the pipe?

R: Indeed. And use only that which be available to themselves. Many mediums, understand, many individuals we shall state, would reach a certain level and then they would cease to be students for they are then the “teachers”. Take, for example, an individual that be teaching and do not participate in that which they do teach. Have placed themselves above the individuals that they be teaching. And when an individual place themselves above a situation, they miss the point.

SK: Ok. How do emotions affect the medium in a general sense? We could spend a whole session on that, I would think, but briefly could you…

R: Absolutely. Firstly ,(here) would depend upon that emotion, of course. If the individuals be experiencing that of anger, depression, sadness, grief, etc., they themselves would not in a state of relaxation, would they?

SK: I don’t think so, no.

R: Indeed. And medium ship itself do exist whereby the medium be in a state of relaxation. And, of course, it would affect for it could taint or change that which be channeled through, through the medium’s belief system, itself.

SK: So their hour to hour, day to day emotions can affect what’s coming through?

R: Indeed so. Would comment here into that area of the chakric at this point.

SK: The chakras, yes.

R: Indeed. The chakric points are utilized by many different sources of information here as doorways, so to speak. Many individuals fear or think that only the crown chakra be that which be utilized and this be true for some, not for all. Would depend upon here the medium again. For if the medium do focus their own attention onto that of the intellectual aspect of lifestyle, then therefore here would utilize that of the brow chakra. If the medium have much studying into that of the biblical senses or the spirituality experiences, so therefore, the crown chakra itself would be utilized. If an individual do have a high level of emotionality, then therefore the heart chakra be utilized. Those that would utilize the power sensors here would be due to the fact that they themselves would utilize power in their own life. And those individuals that do utilize animated trance, of course, would use the root chakra for it is that which be attached to the Earth.

SK: So this would denote the way that particular medium would express themselves or could that also affect the type of information?

R: Would not affect the information. Would affect the presentation of the information.

SK: I see. Alright. Along those lines, what is the karmic link then between and we’ll use yourself and Donna, the form, but as an example. What is the karmic link between the medium and the source?

R: Indeed here. For many individuals of ourselves here have lived with that of the form on other existence and shared experiences and shall again, again, understand. Indeed, there be a balancing of karma that do exist here. Would depend upon that of the individual. We would state one individual in our group, the form did, in fact, save their life at one point here. And so therefore, this individual, this personality we shall refer to here, entity, did choose to interact in a life-saving capacity with the form and in so doing, balance karma.

SK: Is this out of debt or out of agreement?

R: Agreement. There do not exist debt, understand.

SK: Ok. I didn’t like to use the word but for clarification. Alright, a specific question about a specific channeler, if you will. Are the theories of reality expounded by Seth through Jane Roberts, are they correct and how do we activate reality in our dream state?

R: Indeed firstly here, one must look past the words that be stated here. To a certain point, there exist truth, understand, but do recognize here that the individual be existing here, that you refer to here as Seth itself, be one individual, one entity and so therefore, there do exist a certain amount of personal judge mentalism that do flow through. One must read beyond same here and would find that there do exist much truth. However, not in the totality. For the purpose here of that entity of Seth would be to trigger individuals to seek more truth.

SK: The second part of the question, how do we activate reality in our dream state?

R: There are many different techniques that can be utilized here. Firstly, one simply need to communicate with their own personal guides. There are many different techniques that can be utilized for same. However, before lying down, before going to sleep, one simply request this action to occur. Do take practice for some, perhaps not as much for others. Yet it is necessary to open the channels of communication with your own personal guides, rather than depending on other sources of information. For do recognize, you do hold the truth within yourself. All individuals do. Simply need to open the door. One can utilize meditation. Meditating on same. Reality is activated through the dream state in any case here. Tis simply the awareness that be necessary and as well here the learning to direct that which you would desire to create through your own realities.

Authors Details:Donna Kinniburgh

Donna Kinniburgh is a Deep Trance Medium who works in the style of Edgar Cayce with her husband Steve who acts as her director/conductor for these sessions. Donna Channels a group of spiritual entities who call themselves ‘Reflection’

‘Reflection’ is a large grouping of spiritual entities who choose to interact in our dimension through Donna to help human kind understand itself. Their purpose is to give information and advise, empowering others to be their own leaders, they state that”we create our own reality”
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