The Soul Star & the Invocation of the Soul

The Soul Star and the Invocation of the Soul

( – Editors Note: This works really well I have been using it everyday for 7 years now ‘April 2006’)

What is the Soul Star?

The Soul Star is the etheric symbol of that portion of the Soul “put down” into matter. It is linked with the Soul, first by a thread of light, and later by a band of expanding rainbow fire as the fusion of personality and Soul proceeds. The Soul Star is an instrument of the Soul and can be used to clear the obstructions to union. It is an intelligent force that is used by the Soul to transform the matter of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies into a suitable vehicle through which It can function.

The Soul Star is located about six inches above the head. To clairvoyant vision, it appears as a radiant spark. It has been found that the Soul Star will respond and become more active when the mind is centered on it. In spiritual aspirants who have just begun to turn their attention toward spiritual unfoldment, the Soul Star appears as an enlarged spark of pale light. In more advanced disciples, the spark of the Soul Star becomes much larger and more radiant; when activated by use of the Invocation to the Soul or meditation, the brilliant radiance of the Soul Star may extend several feet.

How is the Soul Star Activated?

The Evocative Effect of the Soul Invocation: The down pour of energy experienced as a result of sounding the Soul Invocation.

You may invoke and cooperate with the Soul Star. However, it is an extension of the Soul and will only respond to personality demands that further the Soul’s own purpose. Accordingly, the first step in approaching the personal self, or doing any type of spiritual work, meditating, channeling, chanting, yoga postures, or breathing exercises is to invoke the Soul. A sure way to achieve this goal is to use a very ancient mantram known as the Soul Invocation. The Words are as follows:

I am the Soul.
I am the Light Divine.
I am Love.
I am Will.
I am Fixed Design.

The Soul Mantram is a tool to name and identify you as you truly are, bringing this reality downward and outward into the mental, emotional, and physical vehicles that comprise the lower self or personality. This is not simply a “linking in” process but conscious IDENTIFICATION with what you really are with the intent of producing this reality on the lower planes.

When using the Soul Mantram, focus your attention or concentrate your mind in the Soul Star, located at a point about six inches above the head, holding firmly in mind the idea of the Soul’s cooperation with the aspiring personality. Then speak aloud, with a pause at the end of each line, the ancient mantram.

As each line is spoken the Soul Star responds.

When “I am the Soul” is invoked by speaking with the intent of identification or oneness with the Soul, the following response is evoked: the Soul Star increases in size, brilliance and radiation and the Central Channel becomes filled with Rainbow fire.

When “I am the Light Divine” is spoken, the following response is evoked: the Soul Star sends forth a stream of rainbow fire into the Central Channel.

When ” I am Love” is spoken, the following response is evoked: a rose pink down pour of energy from the heart of the Soul Star floods the Central Channel.

When “I am Will” is spoken, the following response is evoked: a royal purple, brilliant clear red, a white and indigo blue downpour enters and fills the Central Channel.

When “I am Fixed Design” is spoken the 7 energy centers along the spine intensify. This last line means that you came into this life with a specific Soul purpose.

No work should be undertaken until this mantram or one with a similar intent is said. Once the Soul Invocation has been said, the Soul Star will obey thought and move within the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, and the aura. It will expand or contract or send out a beam of energy and radiate various colors of light without conscious direction by you. It is very responsive to that which will aid in the purification of the vehicles.

In the Soul Invocation, the first line brings about identification with the Soul. The second, third and fourth lines are spoken as if you were the Soul invoking its subjective being – higher mind, spiritual love, and spiritual will. The fifth line states the plan the Soul has for you for this life.

The Soul Mantram was the first instruction given by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul to his group of students (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, p. 123). It is the first step in the practice of any inner growth or spiritual process. Without the use of this mantra or some form of it, the authors state that yoga practices, meditation, chanting, breathing exercises, etc. are ineffective in making changes in the inner vehicles. The authors of the Rainbow Bridge books noted that they had clairvoyantly observed years of such practices which made no changes in the inner vehicles of the student. They further stated that they have “also witnessed that use of the mantram and its presence in the ‘brooding consciousness’ of the student made simple techniques rapidly effective in clearing and energizing the inner vehicles and in building radiant magnetic fields around purified forms” (Rainbow Bridge II, p. 92). See Rainbow Bridge I or II by Two Disciples or Bridge to Superconsciousness by Richard Prater for more information on the Soul Star. Richard Prater was a member of the Rainbow Bridge Prototype Group and has included both phase I and phase II of the Rainbow Bridge techniques in his book in an easy to understand format.

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