The solution to every problem and challenge

The chapter I am about to write may be the single most important chapter I have ever written in my entire life. This is a very bold statement in that I have written now over 25 volumes in my Easy To Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path. Yet this chapter may be the single most important chapter of all my books.

What is it that could be the solution to every personal and collective problem and challenge in the World today? The answer to this question is the transcendence of negative ego thinking, and the reestablishment of Christ/Buddha/Spiritual thinking.

Every negative thought, negative feeling, negative behavior, health problem, or negative thing that happens in the World has is because of the negative ego in a past life or this life. There is no such thing as luck, and everything that happens in life has a reason and a cause. Every inner and outer problem in our society has its cause in the negative ego.

It is almost comical to watch the news, and these often “know it all” political commentators, and even politicians at times, speak of the cure to all the different societal and social problems. They speak about all these wonderful outer solutions, however not one of them ever speaks to the true cause. The solutions they give are often very good, however they are like band-aids, that treat the symptom, but not the cause.

The same is true of Western Medicine, which for the most part treats the symptom and not the cause. The same is true of Traditional Psychology. In truth, it is true of every aspect of our society. Crime is solved by having more police officers. Does this really solve the problem? I am not saying it isn’t a good idea, but is not the solution to the problem.

If a person has cancer in the leg, and you cut off the leg, this may be a good idea from an emergency medical point of view, however it does not solve the issue of what caused the cancer in the first place. The doctor may also give a person a drug to block the symptoms of any given illness, but this does not answer the question as to what caused the illness in the first place.

Our thoughts cause our reality and the World’s problems and challenges are caused by the collective thinking of mankind from past times and in our present time. For the rest of this chapter, I would like to focus on a great many outer problems in this World, and share with you and show you how transcending negative ego thinking and establishing Christ/Buddha/Spiritual thinking is the panacea and cure all to all the World’s problems. I would also like to share with you how “band aid” thinking maybe very useful at times, but will not ultimately solve these problems and challenges.

Let us begin with the issue of child abuse or spousal abuse. If people were not run by the negative ego they would never attack, hurt, or be violent to anyone including themselves. The first principle of Christ/Buddha Consciousness is to give up your attack thoughts and anger, and replace them with unconditional love. Until people are trained to be right with self and right with GOD, all the Earthly laws in the world are not going to solve this problem. People will not be abusive when they learn how to master their mind and emotions, and transcend negative ego thinking and replace it with Christ/Buddha thinking and feeling.

Now let’s look at the problems with gangs. Gangs are a manifestation of groups of people who are run by the negative ego. If these adolescents or people were not run by the negative ego, they would be forming Spiritual groups.

Now lets look at politics. Why do we have gridlock in Government, and why does politics have such a bad name? The politicians are run by the negative ego to a very large extent. They have brilliant minds, but the minds are subservient to the negative ego. They are more interested in power, greed, fame, holding their office, and being good Republicans or Democrats. Partisan politics is another name for negative ego. This is the reason for all the attack ads. If Buddha and Lord Maitreya wanted to be Planetary Logos, would they attack each other? Politics is corrupt because we have negative ego politics and not Spiritual politics. Politics is a noble profession if demonstrated from Christ/Buddha principles.

Now lets look at the media. The media panders to glamour, the lower self, greed, self-interest, ratings, and a “gotcha mentality.” They will do anything to get good ratings. The regular media is beginning to look like Tabloid Journalism. Would the Christ Consciousness be interested in glamour? Would the Christ Consciousness look for dirt on people’s lives just for ratings or self-glory? Would the Christ Consciousness attack and and try to “play gotcha” to just build up one’s ego or professional status? Would the Christ Consciousness print or put out scandalous stories that destroy peoples reputations and lives without making 100% sure they are true?

Even if they were true would they always do it anyway? Would the Christ Consciousness print or put our gossip? Would the Christ Consciousness allow personal agendas to contaminate their stories? Would the Christ Consciousness have so much violence and lower self sexuality on television? All of this of course stems from people in the media being run by the negative ego within themselves, and being more interested in making a buck, power, and fame, than being in Spiritual integrity.

There is also one other aspect that must be addressed however. If the public were not so run by the negative ego, and lower self, they would not pay for, or put up with this. If people would not support such products, then it would also not be worth these companies bottom line to do it. Consumers have a part to play as well. I will say however, the public is a little bit of a “captive audience” since this negative ego consciousness pervades all forms of newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and movies.

Now lets look at sports. If people were into the Christ/Buddha consciousness and not into the negative ego consciousness, would boxing or wrestling be a part of Earth life? In hockey, fighting is actually encouraged. How about bullfighting and sticking those swords into the bulls. Even the violence in football is a little questionable, when players play from their negative ego and not from the Christ/Buddha Consciousness and sportsmanship. Would there be homeless people if the consciousness of our society and people were not run by the negative ego? If people were of the Christ Consciousness, we would be our brothers keepers. If the world were run by the Christ Consciousness and not the negative ego consciousness, would there be racism?

Do you have any idea what an absurd concept this is to the Christ/Buddha Consciousness?

From the Christ/Buddha Consciousness all people regardless of skin color are incarnations of GOD. Would scientists allow animal abuse, and allow themselves to abuse animals for there own selfish interest, if they were not run by the negative ego? Would a Christed scientist do this in the way worldly scientists do this? Would businessmen and women be so competitive and cutthroat in business? Would such things as hostile takeovers exist if people were not run by the negative ego?

How would Christed businessmen and women act? Wouldn’t they be more loving, cooperative and oneness oriented? Would people be leaving traditional religion in droves if it were not so filled with negative ego doctrine, and if the Ministers and Spiritual Leaders were not filled with self-righteous, negative ego theory and faulty concepts? Would our educational system be completely devoid of Spirituality, morals and ethical training, and hold such a separation of Church and State if the Ascended Masters ran our Society?

This is because negative ego people run our educational system, and negative ego people run our religions, so they must be kept separate from each other. If they both weren’t so egotistical in there thinking, it would be possible to integrate education and Spirituality, without shoving it down peoples throats in a self-righteous, opinionated and dogmatic manner as fundamentalist religious groups often do. There would also not be the competition between religions, and the self-righteous opinion among most religions that their religion is the best, and all others are wrong and are run by the devil.

Would lawyers have such a bad name, if so many of them were not run by the negative ego? Being a lawyer is a noble profession, as are all professions. It is always the issue of whether that profession is guided by negative ego thinking or Christ/Buddha thinking.

Would we abuse the Earth Mother and pollute her in the ways mankind has, if people were not run by the negative ego and more concerned with greed and worshipping science, then sanctifying the Four Faces of GOD? Would we use so many pesticides and chemicals in our farming if people in this industry were not so run by the negative ego? The Christ Consciousness would naturally gravitate towards natural and organic forms of farming, and calling in the etheric nature spirits, devas, fairies, and elementals. Would there be so much junk food, sugar, preservatives, dead food, manufactured food, irradiated food, and chemically sprayed food, if the industry was not so run by the negative ego, and if people weren’t so interested in buying it?

Would our prisons be based on punishment instead of redemption and Spiritual education, if the prison systems were not run by the negative ego rather than the Christ consciousness? Would the prisons be so over- crowded, and would prisoners not have to serve their jail time? This all comes from negative ego thinking and total mismanagement. Why are so may people in jail in the first place? They have not been taught how to control their negative ego. Does prison teach them this? It should. So should our school system. Would we care for the elderly so poorly if our society was not run by the negative ego? Would a Christed society not honor and revere the elderly?

Would there be so many mentally ill people in institutions if they had been trained properly how to master the mind, emotions and negative ego by parents, school teachers, counselors, ministers, and rabbis? The problem is most of them have never even heard of the difference between negative ego thinking and Spiritual thinking. This is even a foreign concept to Psychologists, Marriage Counselors, Social Workers, and Psychiatrists. Do you realize that in Colleges and Universities, this understanding is not even taught anywhere. I know this for a fact, for I have a Masters and Ph.D. in Psychology.

My Beloved Readers, in many ways this world is still living in the Dark Ages. This issue also applies to the Health Care System. In a Christed Society, would we ever allow people not to get proper health care just because they did not have money? The reason that HMO’s don’t often work is because of the greedy bureaucrats, who are more interested in making money then giving people the proper health care they deserve and need.

My Beloved Readers, would there be wars between countries if the leaders of these countries were not run by their negative egos? Could you see El Morya, Saint Germain, Sananda, Serapis Bey, Kuthumi, and Paul the Venetian having a war between their inner plane Ashrams for power and control? Do you see how absurd this is from a Christed perspective? This issue also pervades the production of worldly energy. Do you really think that alternative nonpolluting sources of energy would not have been invented and put into use if it were not for the “Power Elite”, and the greedy electric, power, and oil companies? Our new inventions are either destroyed, or bought up by these industries and buried, so they can make their greedy profit.

Do you think the truth about extraterrestrials would be hidden from the people of the world for so long, if negative ego run politicians and corrupt leaders were not run by the negative ego? Do you think the Spiritual Leaders of this World in the form of the inner plane Ascended Masters want this information hidden and denied by the corrupted government officials that are in charge of this area of control? If we had Christed Leaders who were of the Christ/Buddha consciousness this would not happen.

Do you think we would allow Nuclear Testing on the Earth Mother or in space if our leaders were of the Christ Consciousness? Would adolescents and our young people be taking so many drugs if their lives were not so run by the negative ego and lower self?

In a Christed school system kids would be taught Spirituality, meditation, the purpose of life, Spiritual psychology, how to be happy, and how to achieve inner peace. Do you think they would need to take recreational drugs if they truly understood life from the eyes of the Christ and Buddha?

Would there be so much pornography and preoccupation with sex and physical beauty if people were not run by the negative ego, which by definition is overidentified with matter? People are preoccupied with sex because they are devoid of the Christ/Buddha Conscisouness, which is the one thing that is infinitely more appealing when truly understood. The negative ego by definition is the lower self and leads to a low life. The Christ/Buddha Consciousness is guided by the Higher Self and leads to a Higher Life.

This would also stop sexual harassment for it is the negative ego that does not know the proper boundaries in this regard. Would people get involved in so many cults, if their own vision were not so obscured by the negative ego? Would there be so many cult leaders, false prophets, negative ego run gurus and Spiritual teachers if these people were not run by the negative ego? Would gay people or any other people for that matter be discriminated against? Would any type of prejudice exist?

Would there be so many divorces if people were not so run by the negative ego, and not so wrong with self and hence not right with GOD? People often blame their partners, but in truth if both parties were not often run by the negative ego and allowing it to program their mind and emotions, divorce would often not have to occur. This is not always the case, but is sometimes the case.

Would there be so much crime if people were not run by the negative ego. If all these people were trained in the Christ Consciousness and Buddha Consciousness do you think they would commit crimes? It is not punishment that will stop crime or prison, it is Spiritual education.

Do you think people would choose a profession of prostitution or people would go to a prostitute if they were not run by the lower self and negative ego? Would a person of the Christ/Buddha Consciousness be interested in such a thing? Once one moves out of the negative ego consciousness and into the Christ/Buddha Consciousness one naturally gravitates towards only eating good food, thinking good thoughts, being interested only in positive Spiritual feelings and emotions, and being only interested in things of the Higher Self and not the lower self. Once this happens, one is not even tempted, or interested in these other things.

Would one really want to go to a scary movie, or eat foods that are filled with chemicals and preservatives? Would one really like to go to a really violent movie or focus one’s energies in low life endeavors? Once this shift is made all this stuff drops away and one cannot even imagine how one was ever involved in such thinking, or behaviors. Once you make the shift, it has no appeal! I do not bring up these things to criticize or judge. I bring up these things because one cannot solve a problem until one knows what the problem is.

What I am showing you here is every worldly problem has its cause in negative ego thinking. Every solution has its cause in Christ/Buddha thinking. All the band-aid solutions can be helpful, but if your really want to get to the root cause and remove all problems once and for all then there must be a “polar axis shift on the Earth.” The polar axis shift I am speaking of here is not of the axis shift of the Earth. It is a polar axis shift of people’s minds, from negative ego to Christ/Buddha/Spiritual thinking. When this occurs all the Worlds problems will disappear.

To do this lightworkers are going to first have to learn these lessons within self. The second step is to then share this with friends, family and students and bring this understanding into your profession and given field of study. If every person will do this within their puzzle piece and service mission within the Divine Plan, the world will begin to change and transform at a much quicker rate, which will transform the Earthly institutions of our World and Civilization.

Bringing light into this World is not enough. It is also essential to change the psychological consciousness and thinking of the World

s people.

It is now time to get to the root cause of all these problems and challenges of people and our civilization, and to stop trying to solve them with band aid or symptomatic solutions. It is for this reason and purpose this chapter has been written!

Authors Details: Dr Joshua David Stone Dr Stone has a PhD. in transpersonal psychology and is a licensed marriage, family and child counselor in Los Angeles.
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