The Sixth Sense: Exploring Clairvoyance

The Sixth Sense: Exploring Clairvoyance

Imagine being able to predict the future, sense illness or mishap before it occurs, or communicate with spirits of the deceased. While many of us experience occasional flashes of insight, to a clairvoyant, they are part of everyday working life. All psychics tap into the same universal energy, but each has his or her own techniques for ‘linking up’ with the other side. Three unique clairvoyants give their views on the psychic phenomenon…

The Sixth Sense – Part 1: The Psychic Healer

Lynette Bayley, psychic healer and clairvoyant, had her first psychic experience as a little girl by predicting that her school bus was doomed to crash.

“One day when I was about four years old, my dad took me to the bus stop. I was on the way to school and as we approached the bus I started to cry. He said ‘what’s the matter?’, and I said ‘Dad, the bus is going to crash’. The bus driver was trying to coax me on, and finally my dad had to forcibly carry me onto the bus. I was distraught and then next thing I knew the bus crashed into a pole and the glass shattered everywhere,” recalls Lynette. Despite her uncanny ability for making predictions, Lynette’s traditional family upbringing meant that she encountered frequent skepticism and was often teased for drifting off into her own world – an experience she now realises was her early stages of connecting with a different level of consciousness. Today Lynette uses her clairvoyance mainly for healing purposes, rather than future-telling. She credits her study of Reiki and Kriya Yoga for strengthening her psychic healing powers and giving her the ability to heal by astral travel. “After I did the Reiki Masters course, the healing power really came to the fore,” Lynette said, “I work by healing when I’m asleep – I travel in the astral plane and heal people, and often they see me in their sleep. At that level, when people are down into the theta and delta consciousness, they’re relaxed and I can use energy to talk to them, to free up their inhibitions,” she says. The process of psychic healing for Lynette involves guiding her mind into a deeper consciousness through meditation, at which level she can pick up the vibrations of a person’s subconscious.

On this level, she has insight into the emotional aspects of a person that are blocked or out of balance, as well as parts of their body that are unwell. Using her psychic self to communicate with a person’s subconscious, Lynette can then activate the different charkas or energy points of their body to spin in harmony at the correct frequency. Resonating on such a deep level can be an unusual sensation:
“Sometimes it’s a feeling of not being there, it’s a feeling that you’re there physically but part of your body is not there. You’re picking up information, so it’s kind of like you’re dizzy but you’re not dizzy.

After awhile clairvoyance is just automatic. Similar to when you get into a car and you drive automatically, as a psychic the information that is fed to you is just automatic.” For a beginner wanting to tap the powerful reservoirs of psychic healing, Lynette recommends mediation as a key to calming the mind. She also advises seeking spiritual guidance from the great masters of the world’s spiritual traditions.

“I think that people who are psychics fool themselves if they think they can do it by themselves. All the great gurus have had gurus themselves, they’ve all learnt from a higher source. It’s the great ascended masters who lift the consciousness of the world and if you can relate to the ascended masters, they will send you psychic guidance, and if you ask them, they will send the healing through to you on the astral plane.
They will send any amount of energy needed,” she says.

The Sixth Sense Part 2: The Clairvoyant

Similarly gifted from an early age is Simon Turnbull, president of The Australian Psychics Association and veteran in the landscape of Australian psychics. Simon realised he was clairvoyant as a teenager through a compelling interest in the supernatural, fed by his upbringing in a family where ESP parties were common.

“My parents would hold ESP parties where they’d play a game where someone else would go out of the room and the rest of the guests would be asked telepathically to focus on getting them to do something. I saw person after person successfully picking up what they had to do and so I thought, ‘I’ll give it a try too.’ It worked, and I realised ‘there’s something here,’” says Simon. To Simon, clairvoyance is simply the ability to see clearly through the distractions of life, fine-tuning spiritual truths from the superfluous distractions of the senses. “When you’re a psychic you have to train yourself not to be distracted by the ‘white noise’ of life. What you see here – taste, touch and smell, are all relative to this dimension, and they have limited effects,” he comments. Simon’s speciality is tarot, which he thinks is by far the most popular conduit for psychics to channel or depict messages from the spiritual world. Although anyone can pick up a pack of cards and read with intuition, he believes an authentic tarot reading is a detailed mathematical art that delves into the very structure of the universe. “In a sense the universe is a mathematical universe, we were created in a mathematical way, we can communicate using mathematics and tarot is a mathematical tool. The tarot is like an alphabet or a language, a language can be created with it and the universe can communicate through it. It’s complex if you want to understand the mechanics behind it, but you don’t have to be a genius to read them,” he says. When asked what it feels like to experience intuition, Simon says that it starts with a feeling, which he then psychically ‘tunes into.’ First thing in the morning, he will set himself into a ‘Godhead space’ whereby he keeps God within his conscious reality and uses it to steer himself through the day.

“In the morning I set myself on a course, and when I see someone for a reading I amplify or increase the impendence, so that I’m tuning in more, and then when I’m finished I tune out so that I’m back into my own space,” he says. As soon as he’s closed the door on one client he tunes out so that there’s no “vestige or residue” of their energy left, freeing up his psychic mind for the next person. Asked to describe the source of his psychic gift, Simon is humble, saying that it is impossible to frame the intangible in words. He perceives his abilities as flowing from God or Divinity, although it is too profound to be described.

“None of us will ever have a clear idea – it would blow our circuits, we wouldn’t be able to live in this reality. I’m pretty damn sure that it’s more than we can process with the tools that we’ve got as human beings,” he says.

The Sixth Sense Part 3: The Medium

Whilst clairvoyance involves an extra-sensory perception of distant objects, persons or events, mediumship adds an extra dimension through the ability to see or sense intangible spirits on the ‘other side.’ One such clairvoyant gifted with this ability is medium Sorina Ryan. Sorina first realized she was a psychic at the age of five. Living with her parents in an RAAF house base in Raymond Terrace, eerie happenings were not uncommon. For starters, there was a resident poltergeist which caused possessions to go missing and the furniture to shake violently at night.
At this same time, Sorina was experiencing her first flashes of medium powers through an uncanny ability to see ghosts. “I have vague memories of a girl who used to come into my room at night. She was a young girl in a white, bloodstained nightie and I used to talk to her. My mum thought it was an imaginary friend, she used to hear me talking and I used to ask her ‘Mum, who’s the lady in white and why’s she got red over her?’ My mum got quite alarmed and went and studied the history of the house. Many years before it had been a farmhouse and young girl had been murdered on this particular site…that’s my first memory as a psychic,” she says. Sorina’s medium abilities are often put to use when consoling a bereaved parent, as she is able to communicate directly with the spirit of the deceased child. “It’s quite comforting to the mother if I pick up the child that’s passed away and can say ‘I have Janice here, she’s telling me this and that.’ Even thought it’s not necessarily changing their life it’s a real comfort for parents to know the soul and the essence of the child is still with them.”

So how does the psychic mind work? Sorina likens psychics and mediums to modern day hackers, accessing and decoding information at a deep level. “We’re like hackers in a way, that’s what we do, it sounds strange but it’s not really. Imagine there’s a ball of light around you that surrounds you all the time – you can’t see it but I can see it. What I would do is actually poke my hand into it, step into it, and say ‘I can see this and that’ and pass on information to the person.”
Sorina is gifted with clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance, and is able to pick up all three, depending on what’s appropriate for the individuals she meets. Sometimes she can hear voices or see spirits of the deceased, whilst other times she receives psychic information visually, so it’s similar to watching a video playing in her mind, giving her flashes of the person and events in their life. On other occasions, especially if holding a person’s hand, she will experience clairsentience, where her emotions sympathetically reflect the emotions of the person she is tuning into. “I pick up their emotions and I might actually start crying because that’s the way they’re feeling or I might feel angry because that’s the way they’re feeling.” For those keen to connect with their inner clairvoyant, Sorina cautions not to rush it, but to pursue it when you sense the time is right for you. “A lot of people say ‘I’d love to develop my sixth sense, I’d love to learn to meditate better, but I just don’t have time’. The first thing I recommend is to do it when you really want to. Because if you try when you aren’t ready, it will become a chore and won’t work,” she says. “There are so many ways to get in touch with the spiritual self. The first thing is that it has to come from the heart, from your real soul’s desire to want to find out more about yourself. It’s not like something you can just switch on and off, you have to be ready to embrace it.”

Authors Details: The Sixth Sense: Exploring Clairvoyance – by Bonnie Cleaver


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