The Seven Chakras

The Seven Chakras

Apart from the physical body a human being consists of a spiritual body, and this spiritual body is composed of vibrations of light which are structured in a way so that they create different centres. These centres called Chakras are each structured in a beautiful pattern, and these seven chakras are located as follows:

The Root Or Base Chakra

The root chakra, or the centre at the end of the spine by the loins, is the centre which radiates a white, divine light, when seen from the highest spiritual level. This centre is the centre for the material life, it is the centre that roots the subtle divine consciousness in the material life. Consequently it is the basis for human existence in this physical world, and if it is blocked, you will have a human being that feels rootless in both his spiritual and his physical existence.

Every human being has a joint physical and spiritual existence. The karmic development causes an oscillation between the spiritual and the physical dimensions, and when this process goes of positively, then you feel equally at home in both places, and feel that you are able to do what you have to do in both places. The root chakra makes you able to manifest your existence wherever you are, and its delicate white light emits vibrations that has to do with mother’s love. In mother’s love the physical and the spiritual existence is united in a sublime way. In this form of love, where you e.g. can imagine a woman nursing her baby, the demands of the physical world are united with the highest form of spiritual love.

That is why this event is so important for human beings, and therefore it is important that the period of nursing is not shortened, for in this period both the mother and the child will have stimulated, developed, and cleansed their root chakras, and this gives the newborn child the possibility for a basic development, which is far beyond any other educational means.

When the mother nurses her child, the lights from their root chakras are united, and their energies are mixed together; thereby the bond, which the child needs to have to the Earth, to the material life, is strengthened, making the seperation from the spiritual realms, from which it recently has left, easier.

If the period of nursing is shortened unnessarily, or if it is completely omitted, then what can happen is, that the child cannot accept that it had to part from the spiritual realms, and it may become restless. Many children today suffer from what is called hyperactivity, and this is due to a restlessness, which originates from this.

When the energies or vibrations from two people’s chakras are mixed, the following takes place: the lightwaves from the one chakra affects the lightwaves from the other chakra, and depending of the purity of the chakras, these lightwaves are mixed in a way, so they create different figures. If you look at two people, e.g. a mother and a child, who have the lights from their root chakras mixed, you may see delicate figures which looks like white flowers or white crystals. If the contact is positive – if e.g. the mother is nursing her child with love, or at least with a positive will to feed the child – then beautiful figures may appear, and the figures created by the lightwaves from the chakras become more beautiful, the more love there is between the parties.

This was some more general information about the mixing of vibrations from two chakras. But now to the other main chakras.

The Hara Chakra

The hara chakra radiates a purple light, when seen from the highest level. Purple is a vivid pink, or red-violet, bright red-violet, color. When this chakra is clean, then the person think only positive thoughts, then no impure thoughts or feelings can penetrate. With impure feelings and thoughts I mean egoistic and malicious. When we from the spiritual dimensions talk about the concepts pure or impure, this is what we mean, and nothing else. But because it is the sex chakra that stands for purity and the pure purple light, and because there has been a lot of taboos about sex, then things have been mixed up, and it has been said, that sex in itself is impure. It is by no means, sex is only impure, if it is practised for solely egoistic reasons, and/or by hurting others. Sadism and masochism are impure varieties of sexual behaviour, here one is hurting others to satisfy oneself, or one forces others to hurt oneself, thereby forcing a karmic burden upon someone else.

When two people make love, then the lights from their sex chakras are mixed, and the purple lightwaves are creating figures, whose beauty also in this case depends on the love between the parties. Two people, who really love each other, create a fantastic aura around them when making love – it can be compared to a purple forest of fairytale trees, whose flowers and leaves create an arc above the lovers, which has so powerful vibrations, that a lot of negative karma can be burned away. In other words, just by loving another person and showing it by sexual behaviour which pleases and satisfies, one can develop very much personally and in the end thereby also spiritually.

But all this implies, that there is love between the two, and it implies that there is a will to give instead of demanding – that they both at any time are prepared to give up egoistic demands in favour of giving to the other.

The purity that is reflected in ones consciousness when the sex chakra is clean means, that one lives a positive life, a life without complaining and reproaching to others, a life where one lives in accordance with the truth of life: that one is creating ones own consciousness – either as a positive or a negative impression of the world that one lives in.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra is radiating a blue-violet light, and also a golden light. When the solar plexus is pure, then one is at peace with others, then one lives a life without conflicts, where all relations are positive, and all conflicts are stopped and transformed into exiting confrontations, where one is learning instead of fighting.

When e.g. two people are quarreling, then the blue-violet light from the solar plexus chakra is turning dark, and the way that the lights from the two chakras are mixed is characterized by negativity. Different figures can be seen here, e.g. it is common to see small blue-violet ogres over people who are quarreling. The darker the blue-violet ligth is, the more hate is there between the two, and when it turns dark enough, it turns into black, and a blockage may arise in the solar plexus centre in one or both of them. I will point out the difference between a quarrel and a confrontation, for also within this area some rather confusing conceptions has slipped in, which have had some quite important consequences for the people here on Earth. To quarrel means to make war, which means that one attacks, feels ill-treat, complains, attack again etc.. But a conflict may also result in a confrontation, where you do not quarrel, but where each of the parties from their own point of view explains what they feel about the actual conflict or disagreement, what they mean about the situation, but without attacking the other part. In different kinds of therapy confrontations in a cultivated form are being used, and I can mention, that here the talk is about “I” and “you” messages. I-messages are those that are used in a pure confrontation, while you-messages are used in quarrelings, in verbal wars. If one restricts oneself to point out where one stands oneself, humbly and prepared to solve the conflict, then one has expressed ones love, and the whole thing can be lead into a direction where the parties come to an agreement, because they both are willing to solve the conflict without attacking one another.

Over the years things has got mixed up, actually in a completely similar way as they have within the sexual area, and any kind of confrontation has been taboo, which has been very detrimental to one and all. If you have a conflict with another person, then you do not solve it by simply denying it. I must be worked through in a confrontation, where first of all the energies from the solar plexus centre are activated, and first then the problem is repealed and solved. Unsolved problems in our relations to other people manifests as muscle tensions, or as blockages in many different areas, this is quite an individual matter. Within many kinds of group-therapy, e.g. within the different branches of [gestalt?] therapy, there is emphasis on finishing events between people in a correct way.

The Heart Chakra

This chakra is the most important of them all, because it contains the seed for the ability to feel divine, pure love for everyone and everything.

Pure love is love that is devoid of egoism, of calculation, of any kind of demand. When two people who love each other purely are together, then figures quite beyond description are created above them, e.g. like a rose-pink rainbow, shining in al the most beautiful rose-pink colors, and rose-pink flowers of all shades can be seen, as rose-pink is the color of this chakra.

Pure love is the most important quality in a human being, anything else is subordinate. Any intellectual knowledge about this or that is completely subordinate the ability to feel love. Love is what God demands his children to learn, and it is the only real demand for spiritual development. Any technique, any kind of control, any intellectual knowledge is subordinated the law of love. God is pure love, and the most principal duty for his children on their journey back to him/her is to learn to feel this pure love for others.

Because love is also the creative aspect in life, many negative things has happened in those societies, where there have been an emphasis on the intellectual and academical knowledge. Here much has been lost, and countless people have had their development amputated, because their creativity has been stifled in the years of growth, and thereby their ability to love.

To work creatively does not only mean to paint or to write, there are lots of ways in which to work creatively. Common to them all is that one uses ones ability to create – the power that manifests through ones hands or mouth – and that one has opportunities for development of this discharge of energy.

The educational system in the socalled civilized countries on Earth has been amputated though the demands for intellectual effectivity, and thereby many a heart chakra has been blocked over the years.

Now when talking so much about blockages in the chakras here in the first chapter, I will hurry to add, that there is no reason to despair because of this, for life is arranged so suitable, that one begins to clear and cleanse all the blockages one has developed, as soon as one makes the decision that one wants to be cleansed. One can then do different things in order to ease the process, like meditating, or practising yoga or other bodily techniques. One can even get rid of many blockages by swimming regularly, because water has healing powers.

Therefore: if you want to get rid of the blockage in your heart chakra, then do not despair; of course it will take some time before your prayer will be granted, but it will happen sooner or later as you wish, especially because it is a positive wish, and because you will receive help from the spiritual dimensions to have your wish fulfilled. In a later chapter I will delve deeper into different methods for cleansing yourself.

The Throat Chakra

This chakra radiates a blue light, when seen from the highest level – a clear blue color, not light blue, but a clear blue color, like the sky on a clear summerday.

When the throath chakra is clean, then one feels an inner, completely unshakable peace; one feels strong, no matter the circumstances. Not a strength that has to do with power, but a strength that springs from resting in oneself, a resting in ones higher, or divine self.

When two people mix the energies from their throath chakras, they talk together actively and intensely. If one or both is trying to dominate, then the joint blue color turns dark, and figures appears which looks like small ogres or witches, and also power-symbols, like weapon of all kinds, may appear.

When two people mix the energies from their throath chakras, without the desire for dominating each other, then the most beautiful blue color appears, and within this color symbols for strength and solidarity, like e.g. a beautiful sword which protects the two against the dark forces, may appear. Also humorous figures, like laughing fairies, can be seen, for when there are no dark manifestations of power in the contact with another persons throath chakra, then there is humour. Humour is one of the most important of Gods qualities, and he/she likes to see, that his/hers children really understand this and live in accordance with it. Within most religions the higher spiritual doctrines and textbooks are devoid of humour, this is simply an error, and this is also going to be corrected now. Of course it may be a bit difficult to bring humour into the highest wisdom, but it is actually dangerous not to, for humour can to some degree protect against the kind of darkness, which tries to gain power through the contact with human beings’ throath chakras. Therefore: a good joke, when the conversation becomes a bit unpleasant, that is a good idea. This is what is meant when we say that humour is disarming.

The Third-Eye Or Brow Chakra

This chakra, which is also called the third eye, is located right between the eyebrows on the forehead. It is the centre for clairvoyance, visions, and transcendence of time and space in thinking. It radiates a clear, green light, and people who have begun to develop the ability so see more than most people, have a shining ball located in the area of this chakra. This ball protects, and draws energy into the brain.

When two people mix the energies from their third-eye chakras, then it may happen, that their clairvoyance increases. If they both are relatively pure in this centre, their understanding of different things will be increased considerably, and figures appear around them, which are shining green and beautiful. With very clear people there may e.g. be seen a ring showing the whole story of creation, with a deep understanding of what has happened to him and the other within the whole dimension of time, all at once. It can be seen directly here from the spiritual dimensions, what the one or the other understands of all this. If one or both have an unclean third-eye chakra, then the green color turns dark and muddy, and misconceptions and limitations in time and space appear, and also these can be seen from the spiritual dimensions. It is quite a lot we here from the spiritual dimensions can see, when two people meet. All this means, that especially third-eye problems are very easily mutually intensified, and that means, that if two people are married, and the one has a very unclean third-eye chakra, then the other must be careful not to be affected by all the things that comes from there. Therefore problems with the third-eye chakra are very often the reason for divorces, because this is intuitively felt by the one with the cleanest third-eye chakra. I am not saying this to invite people to get divorced, but I will add, that if ones chakras are relatively clean, and one is somewhat aware that one is on the way to spiritual enlightening, then one also knows how to protect oneself against unwanted influence. This is very simple, as one simply asks God for protection – if necessary one can ask for a more permanent ring of protection, and if one is expecially concerned about ones third-eye chakra, then one can ask for a special protection of this area.

The Crown Chakra

This chakra is the chakra that is the most penetrable for light, and its color is yellow and golden. It represents wisdom, a deep and all-embracing wisdom. When this chakra is clean, then one knows everything, understands everything – nothing is obscure concerning life, Gods will, and creation.

When two people mix the energies from their crowm chakras, the throath chakra is often involved because they talk together, and this means, that the light from the crown chakra and the throath chakra are often mixed. But if the crown chakras are clean, then it is relatively unimportant if they have a verbal dialogue, for then the yellow light will reach the other telepathically, i.e. a silent transference of wisdom from the one to the other will take place, and no words will be necessary. Many will probably know this all too well from personal experiences, where they understand another person completely, without words. But wisdom can also be transferred from the one to the other e.g. through the eyes.

When a person has a very clean crown chakra, the yellow light turns into a soft, golden light, which wraps the person in an aura, that has a most beautiful and excellent influence on others. Because the crown chakra is the chakra that is the most penetrable for light, it is very important to cleanse it, and that can be done in different ways, which I will go into details with later.

When two people talk together, and their crown chakras are blocked, a very unpleasant color, a muddy, dark curry color appears, which is very easy to percept for sensitive people. A tingling and prickling sensation is felt in the crown, ones head feels uncomfortable, and therefore it is important to protect oneself, when being together with people, whose crown chakras radiates these energies.

When two people whose crown chakras are unclean unite, then all kinds of misconceptions appear that has to do with limitations, limitations in time and space, the conception that one only live once, then one is wiped out, and whatever is connected with these concepts. It is certainly not amusing here from the spiritual dimensions to watch all the things that appear, when e.g. a group of people are gathered in a circle, and their crown chakras run amock and create all these misconceptions and the most grotesque symbols of limitation. But now that I have just talked about humour, then I will add, that it sometimes can be quite comical to see some divine, eternal beings, sit and use a lot of time to convince each other that the only live once, that 70 years on Earth is their measured time, and then no more. It is an incredible amount of energy that sometimes is wasted this way.

The Relations Between The Seven Chakras

In the information given above the 7 main chakras are described seperately, but when two people meet, then obviously certain energy connections will appear, which has to do with their special relationship, their karmic connections, their mutual blockages, and the mutual harmony and love between them.

The energy from the seven chakras do however run through certain patterns, which I will try to explain in the following. Each chakra consists as I said of a bunch of light, a concentration of vibrations, and when two people meet, then these vibrations often follow this pattern: it starts with that the energies from the throath chakras are mixed, but often a contact is first established between the crown chakras via eye-contact. The energy then flows between them, and if there is a basis for further contact, then the light from these two chakras activate both the heart and the solar plexus chakras. From the spiritual dimensions two people look like shining rainbows, where the colors are changing and circling around in many different ways, and when they meet then the colors from their chakras are mixed, and when the first two colors are mixed then they move further on, often to the heart chakra, where the rose-pink light then either is increased or decreased, according to the course of the events, and then the energy is activated in solar plexes, then in the sex chakra, and finally in the root chakra. Consequently, when two people meet, the energy often travels from the crown chakra and then down through the chakras, and when a full contact is established, the united energy will begin to behave in a very beautiful manner. It will begin to form a unit between the two, which it does by circulating through both people’s chakras in a way, so that it travels in and out of the chakras with their different colors, then the colors are mixed to form a white light, which, if it can circulate somewhat unhindered, will begin to circulate round through all the chakras in a larger movement in a figure of eight: from one persons root chakra and up through the chakras, and then down to the others persons root chakra and up through the chakras, and so on. Both within the single individual, and within both people in their mutual contact, there are vibrations, or light from their chakras, with the color of the individual chakras, and then, when the light is mixed, turning into white or bright and appearing as a superior energy flow either around the individual or both of them.

All of this may be a bit difficult to imagine, and actually it is quite a lot that happens in the individual and between the two parties in close contact with each other, when seen from the spiritual dimensions but this description should give you an idea of what happens when people meet.

Authors Details: The Seven Chakras is a channeling from John from The White Brotherhood. Channeled by Birgit Klein.


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