The Secret – Part 2

Find out more about ‘the secret’ Time ‘is an illusion’ according to Einstein, Stephen Hawking and the great scientists throughout history. Time does not exist beyond the perception of our fives senses. As physical beings we experience time as a linear concept with past, present and future. However all time is simultaneous. It is our conscious mind that perceives it in a linear fashion. The Kabbalah uses the analogy that time equals the distance between cause and effect.

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Does A Past Life Affect This Life?

All of ourselves that we have ever been (all of our ‘past lives’) are still in existence somewhere in our own mind – or hologram. For example when hypnotherapists work with their patients, they realise that all of the memories in a person’s past are still there in their mind. All memories are recorded and present in our mind-field. For example, the child part of me who was operated on in hospital at four weeks old is still somewhere in my consciousness.

So another ‘life time’ is happening in another Time-Space continuum (another dimension) and is happening right now. The emotions and memory of any lifetime can be accessed in ‘now time’ (in this life time). They are what is called ‘lifehoods’.

The Soul

The soul operates in an open system; it is connected to the universe (or universal mind) and all information that has ever existed and exists can be accessed at this level. The universal mind has also been called the Morphogenic Field by Rupert Sheldrake, a leading biologist and thinker on the human mind.

The Rational Mind

The rational mind (intellect and ego) operates in a closed system bound by time and space and the five physical senses. This is important to recognize as a ‘past life’ cannot affect this life unless there is an unresolved theme that needs healing and resolution in this life. It means that if you ‘killed someone’ in a ‘past life’ it does not mean that you will ‘pay for it’ in this life. There is no direct link between ‘cause and effect’ from past life to this life because all of our ‘lives’ are happening now. The eternal now.

We Create Our Reality

There have been misleading teachings among all religions in relation to ‘cause and effect’ when it comes to ‘paying for our sins’ in past lives. This is incorrect. Once we take responsibility and realize that we are ‘at cause’ and create our reality we can find any part of us that is creating chaos or pain for us and change it. This is called ‘clearing our karma’. We all have the ability to do this.

We can transform those parts of us that sabotage our desire to make money, have a loving relationship or win a sporting event.

All lives we have ever lived are all happening in the eternal now. The soul is multi-dimensional. It can live in many different existences simultaneously. Quantum science is starting to understand the nature of multi-dimensionality by discovering parallel universes.

So if we dig deep into our own subconscious mind we may find ‘programs’ (belief systems) that are no longer serving us. We all can develop belief systems that are not conducive to success at the subconscious level. If however we have healed everything we can find (via therapy, hypnotherapy, time line therapy, counseling etc) in our subconscious mind and yet still there is no change in our life then it is very common to have a ‘past life’ theme, or several, that are unresolved.

Emotional Wounds

All emotional wounds and unresolved ‘programs’ from other lives exist at the level of the soul – deep in our own unconsciousness.

These emotional wounds leave imprints at soul level and often have a ‘bleed through’ affect where they affect our current life. And of course we have absolutely no idea that this is in fact happening, unless we have well developed spiritual intuition.

The only way to heal these is to find the ultimate cause – original wound at Soul level.

The unconscious mind affects the subconscious and conscious minds. Our core and unconscious belief systems, perceptions and filters are all shaped by our past life experiences. These deep lifehood wounds and experiences affect our ‘lens’ of the world, how we see, feel and experience other people and events in our life.

Heal The Emotional Charge

So in order to change, heal and transform the unconscious mind we need to find ultimate cause – you cannot simply change these wounds by using the power of your own thoughts to change your thinking. You have to heal the emotional charge that still resides at Soul level. That is why self affirmations and some meta-programming techniques do not work at this level.

Meditation is a great technique to reduce stress levels in the body. However, unless we do the emotional processing and transform emotional charges nothing fundamentally changes in our lives.

The Secret – Part 1
The Secret – Part 2
The Secret – Part 3
The Secret – Part 4

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