The Secret – Part 1

Why ‘the Secret’ may not be working for you. The Law of Attraction has become known as ‘the secret’ since the release of Rhonda Byrne’s best selling book The Secret. The Law of Attraction is not new to the Personal Development industry or to the spiritual seeker. For thousands of years the mystics, sages and spiritual teachers have known only too well the Universal Law of Attraction.

The Secret – Part 1
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The Secret – Part 3
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The early Jewish mysticism known as the Kabbalah is based on the teachings of Abraham. Written over two and half thousand years ago it talks extensively about reincarnation and the Law of Attraction.

Some of histories great philosophers and teachers including Gallileo, Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Leibniz, Pico della Mirandola, Sir Francis Bacon, Carl Jung and Plato studied the Kabbalah and understood the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction basically means that what we think, feel and believe we create. What we broadcast out to the universe in the form of our thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs we ‘attract back’ to ourselves. All thoughts, emotions and feelings are vibrations of energy. All vibrations of energy will be attracted to similar/like vibrations of energy.

If you think good, positive, loving thoughts you will attract those experiences into your reality. When you feel you are unworthy of making money or a loving relationship, this is what you will create. If you feel you are worthy of winning in sport that is what you create. If you feel that you never have enough money that is what you will create.

Is It Really So Simple?

It is not so much what we think, as thoughts float into and out of our awareness. What is crucial is how we feel. Our feelings mold our reality whether we like it or not.

So to create what you would like to create in your life, you must feel the feeling of what it feels like to already have what you desire. Do not assume it is in the future, but feel as though you already have it. The subconscious mind does not determine between past, present or future. That is why all self affirmations and visualization techniques for manifestation use the present tense. We must feel what it feels like to have what we want – not focus on not having what we want.

Why Does The Law of Attraction Not Always Work?

When we broadcast our thoughts, beliefs and feelings out to the universe we not only broadcast out what we are aware of (or conscious of) but we also broadcast out everything that lies in our subconscious and unconscious minds. The subconscious mind is where all our memories and experiences are stored since conception in the womb. The unconscious mind is also referred to as the Soul. This is where all our memories from all the lives we have ever lived reside.

Our Conscious Mind

Our conscious mind (awareness) is not aware of what is being broadcast out to the universe from all the programs running in our subconscious and unconscious mind’s. So when we want something in our life, or we try working harder and harder to achieve something and yet fail over and over again, we need to go deeper and look at what is happening beneath the surface of our awareness. For example, in my windsurfing career unconscious themes sabotaged my conscious efforts to win more events. For five years I seemed to have ‘bad luck’, chaos or illness that prevented me from winning. It made no difference how ‘positive I was’, or ‘how many self affirmations I told myself’, or how hard I trained, the programs running in my unconscious mind simply sabotaged everything.

Our Unconscious Mind

It was not until I retired from sport and was able to connect with my own unconscious mind – my own Soul Story, that I was able to determine the ultimate cause of the ‘bad luck’, chaos and illness. At the deepest level I had ‘created’ all of it. But in order for me to have realized that I had to take responsibility for Self and acknowledge that I create my own reality.

The entire Self Help industry is based on taking responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings and actions. However, for most people it is ok to take responsibility for all the ‘good’ things in their life, but if they are then told that they also create the ‘bad’ things, then this is a bit hard for their ego/rational mind’s to accept. Only when you connect to your own Soul (and God Self) does the ego finally feel the truth of this – that our consciousness creates our reality.

Spiritual Intuition

When we are stuck in the five physical senses we feel separated from everything. We believe that all events happen by random chance. That is the illusion of the five senses. When we tune into our own ‘6th’ sense or Spiritual Intuition we start to connect with All there Is (the God Force/or God/Goddess/All there Is) – Oneness. Only then can we feel the truth.

If we keep on attracting in the same terrible relationships, or losing our job, or over spending our money, or going into debt, or have recurring illness, failing to lose weight or keep it permanently off, or we are unable to increase our income we need to look at the ultimate cause.

The ultimate cause always lies in our own consciousness.

The Secret – Part 1
The Secret – Part 2
The Secret – Part 3
The Secret – Part 4

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