The Sabbat Rituals:August Eve Gardnerian Book Of Shadows

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The Sabbat Rituals:August Eve

If possible, ride poles, broomsticks, etc.

Meeting Dance if possible [the double-spiral dance described in Witchcraft Today, p. 167].

Form circle.


High Priestess stands in pentacle position.

Magus invokes her: “O mighty Mother of us all, Mother of all fruitfulness, give us fruit and grain, flocks and herds and children to the tribe that we be mighty, by thy rosy love, do thou descend upon thy servant and Priestess (name) here.”

Magus gives Fivefold Kiss to High Priestess.

Candle game: Seated, the men form a circle, passing a lighted candle from hand to hand “deosil”. The women form circle outside, trying to blow it out over their shoulders. Whoever’s hand it is in when it is blown out is 3 times purified by whoever blew it out, giving fivefold Kiss in return. This game may go on as long as the people like.

Cakes and wine, and any other games you like.

Dismiss [the guardians, and close down the magic circle; the people then stay to] feast and dance.

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