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The Sabbat Rituals: Spring equinox

The symbol of the wheel should be placed on the altar upright, decked with flowers, flanked with burning candles. The Cauldron, containing spirits, is in the east. Magus in west, High Priestess in east with Phallic wand or pinecone-tipped wand, or broomstick, or riding pole, broom upwards. High Priestess lights Cauldron, saying,

“We kindle fire this day! In the presence of the Holy Ones:Without malice, without jealousy, without envy. Without fear of aught beneath the sun.But the High Gods.

Thee we invoke: O light of life:Be thou a bright flame before us: Be thou a guiding star above us:Be thou a smooth path beneath us;

Kindle thou in our hearts within, a flame of love for our neighbor, To our foes, to our friends, to our kindred all:To all men on this broad Earth.

O merciful son of Cerridwen, From the lowest thing that liveth To the name that is highest of all.”

High Priestess draw pentacle upon Magus with wand, kiss, gives it to him. He does likewise. They lead the dance round the circle, all couples leaping burning fire. The last couple as the fire goes out should be well-purified three times, and each should give Fivefold Kiss to all of opposite sex.

Cakes and wine.

If the people will, the Cauldron dance can be done again, many times, or other games can be played.

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