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Beloved Masters lets speak of spiritual power, I have given you what might be considered “more advanced” information of late in order to stretch your imagination and expand your consciousness so that you could gradually incorporate into your reality some of the vastness and complexity of your world, solar system and the Universe. At this time, I am aware that many of you are not comfortable with some of the concepts that have been presented and feel they do not yet fit within the framework of what you wish to accept as your reality. This is all proper and we honor you for your discernment.

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Many of the supposedly “new truths” that are being brought forth in various ways are really advanced concepts of Creator Truth that go beyond what humanity has been prepared to accept and integrate. You are coming of age as a race, (and here we speak of the human race). Part of the path of evolution in becoming an integrated Spiritual-human being is to allow the old distorted, limiting beliefs to be replaced with ideas and theories which are thought to be revolutionary in nature and often are in opposition to what you had accepted as a part of your belief structure.

We watch as you ponder over some of the ideas we have presented; we sense your discomfort as some of these concepts stir up old memories: fear, guilt, frustration, anger and a sense of futility. Have we not told you that the time has come to release all outmoded ideas and perceptions so that you can once again accept your mastery? But first, you must believe there is a possibility that you are, indeed, a Master. Not just a pawn of fate on a never-ending treadmill that leads nowhere. It is time for you to become a responsible, self-aware, spiritual adult (another way of saying it is time to claim your mastery), for some of you still do not know what that means or entails.

Take Responsibility

No longer is it permissible to abdicate your future or spiritual growth and transfer the responsibility to someone you think is wiser, or more powerful, or has a “connection” in some way to the higher realms of illumined truth. Beloved ones, we are offering you a gift of great value, the wisdom that was lost, distorted and hidden from you so very long ago. The knowledge and wisdom that was only available to the select few who were deemed advanced or responsible enough to comprehend and make proper use of it.

I have said this many times before, but it bears repeating, for these are critical times in your en-LIGHTEN-ing process, do not accept anything I, or anyone presents to you without filtering it through your heart/soul center for validation. If it is loving, empowering, expansive information, not limiting, controlling or fear based, then please keep an open, objective mind. If it does not resonate as your truth, set it aside, but do not discard it.

Ask that it be validated if it is your truth, and your guardians, teachers and Higher Self will take over from there. You will be presented, in many various ways, information that will substantiate or invalidate the information so that you will have no doubt as to whether or not it is your truth. In this way, you will gradually expand your awareness into realms, realities and possibilities beyond your wildest imagining.

Move From Safety

My faithful friends, please know that the new awareness and knowledge that has been brought forth in this last twenty or thirty years is only the beginning, only a primer you might say for what is to come. So please give yourself the gift of reaching out into the unknown, beyond the boundaries of safety and certainty, for the walls of your reality are crumbling, that which you once depended on or took to be your security is slowly dissolving into smoke. Even your finest, highest, wisest truths are being replaced or modified by more refined, advanced knowledge of galactic import.

The old beliefs, those so firmly entrenched in the mass consciousness, the old ways of functioning are no longer acceptable. It no longer takes lifetimes or years for the harmonious or inharmonious energies that you send spiraling out into the ethers to collect like energy and return to you as validation of your belief structure. Your creations are being magnified and materialize much more quickly so that you can, once and for all, come to the realization that you, and only you, are the creator of your external and internal world.

Your Manifestation

YOU are responsible for your hell on Earth or Heaven on Earth. You were given all the tools, all the gifts to use in anyway you wished, as mandated and set down under the Universal Laws from the Creator. You were given the precious gift of free will and told “Go forth and with your own mental and emotional abilities build a paradise in the plane of materiality so that we may experience and enjoy this new creation together, I through you.”

This is a difficult and frightening concept for many dear souls to accept. It is easier to blame someone, fate, or God, for what happens to you so that you do not have to take responsibility. Even when someone has good fortune or is gifted with a seemingly unearned “prize” or windfall, it is habit to say or believe “they had a stroke of good luck,” or, “they are just lucky.” They would not enjoy the gift, no matter what it might be, unless there was like energy resonating in their auric field. At some time, or in some life, the person enjoying the “good luck” sent forth the seeds which grew and magnified until the energy returned and they eventually reaped the reward.

Your Spiritual Power

The reason you are being gifted or chastised so quickly now is because, first, your time/space is compressing and secondly, so that you will begin to realize the full measure of “Cause and Effect” in operation. Let us speak now of fear. Even though we have talked much of this in the past, it is still a dominate force in most of your lives in some measure. I would like to speak of fear along with what we will call “Principles of Power.”

When we speak of taking your power, many of you immediately go into fear or denial. It stirs up memories of being defeated or even killed by someone more powerful than you, memories when you misused and abused your power, or lost all you held dear when someone “overpowered you.” The power I offer you via the First Ray is the POWER of love, the POWER to create and manifest your brave, new world; POWER and dominion over the lower frequencies which have controlled and shackled you in an illusionary prison of your own weaving.

POWER used in its true form is the ability to act with vigor or strength; it is about living your own truth with authority and authenticity, and speaking your truth with valor and integrity. It means being responsible for your own actions and using your influence for the highest good of all, always. It means using the POWER of gentleness, and not being afraid to allow yourself to experience the POWER of others. To accept with gratitude that which others have to offer, where their power or abilities are stronger or more advanced than yours, or augment and compliment yours. It is not a contest to see who is the most powerful, or to see who can OVERPOWER another.

Utilize Your Gift

It is an opportunity for you to integrate and utilize the gift of the First Cause of Creation, the Universal POWER of Divine Will, in harmony with the Will of our Father/Mother God. Honor each other, beloved, honor the beliefs and truths that others present to you, even if they are not totally in resonance with what you perceive as your truth. Allow them to walk beside you and offer a different viewpoint or another facet of truth.

Do not criticize or judge, that is the action of someone in fear. Be brave enough to allow others to be different, unique, and be willing to garner wisdom from their strengths and wisdom, for they are sure to have something to offer if you remain receptive and open to change. Please learn the art of negotiation and gentle persuasion instead of using coercion and force when it comes time to embark on a new endeavor, or with those whom you have chosen to live or work with on a day to day basis. It is time for all races, religions, cultures, ages and genders to live in harmony and peace, reveling in and honoring each other’s uniqueness and different ways of expressing.

Requiring those around you to follow your rules or beliefs stems from fear, fear of being proven wrong or powerless, or unworthy. That to which you clutch too tightly or try to dominate will eventually be lost to you.

Love & Freedom Through Your Power

Love-infused power is fearless and means freedom to BE – to express – to create in your own way, and to allow others the same divine right. In order for you to truly use the gift of power that is being offered you, you must first move out of fear and the need to control or dominate anyone else. I ask you, if you are willing, for the next month until we come together again, if you will ponder on the meaning of POWER in connection with the following words:

POWER OF EXPRESSION – Are you ready to freely, without fear, express your beliefs and desires to those around you?

POWER OF EMBODIMENT – Are you ready to envision, work with and manifest your beautiful body of Light, resulting in total health, vitality, youthfulness and well being?

POWER OF COMMUNICATION – The words you use send forth energies which build and create your desires, or sabotage your efforts and weaken you.

POWER OF INSPIRATION – Inspiration is the first step in the formula of using the

POWER OF MANIFESTATION – The energy of inspired thought opens the way to attunement with your Higher Mind so that you may tap into the wellspring of Cosmic Knowledge where all things are known.

POWER OF DISCERNMENT – Are you ready to accept the responsibility for your new-found knowledge and powers, to know when to speak and when to be silent, to allow others to find their own truth, in their own time? Those who are true Masters know they are only responsible for their own spiritual growth and well being, and the best way to teach others is by example.

The POWER OF BALANCE – living the middle Path, which has been called the Narrow Path by some, moderation in all things, but claiming and enjoying all the beauty, bounty and opulence of Creation. Balancing and integrating all the facets of your Being, so that you resonate and radiate harmony and peace. And finally, the POWER OF TRANSCENDENCE – This is the end result in claiming and harmonizing all the other facets of power, dear ones.

Beyond Limitations

It is time to move beyond the limitations of the third dimension, to release and transcend your old limiting, controlling belief structures, to advance or graduate to the level of mastery, claiming all the gifts which are yours by Divine Dispensation, you have just forgotten.

What does it mean to be an EMPOWERED Master, Pioneer, or Way shower? It means trodding a path where the meek or weak of heart fear to go. It means climbing the heights and claiming your reward as an enlightened Spiritual Human, and leaping out into uncharted territory, knowing you have the ability and wherewithal to succeed in whatever endeavor you chose to pursue.

It means mastering your ego, and bringing your desires into harmony with your Divine Mission, which leads to the peace, happiness and beauty you all seek. All of this assists you to tap into the POWER OF TRANSFORMATION – which leads you gracefully and with ease through the process now in progress which opens the doorway to the Higher Dimension of Illumination and Unity Consciousness.

Final Clarity

And so, my brave warriors, will you spend the next month pondering, meditating on and endeavoring to integrate these PRINCIPLES OF POWER I have outlined for you? It is imperative that you are clear as to what the responsibilities are of claiming the gift of the First Ray of Divine Power. It is critical that you use this energy properly, for your highest, purest good and to the benefit of all.

The next step will be to assist your Mother Earth and all humanity to reclaim this gift. Through the dedicated focus and POWER of you, the few who are bold, brave and dedicated enough to the lead the way, this wonderful gift will penetrate, permeate and transform the Earth and all living things.

I leave you with one last request, I ask you to also focus on the words JOYFUL EXPRESSION and what they mean to you. One of the secrets of mastery and claiming ease and grace as you move through this most important process, is to approach it and see it as a joyful experience, not a drudgery, a serious task to be endured and conquered. GOD IS JOY, GOD IS ECSTASY, GOD IS RAPTURE – when you claim and express joy, you are using one of the most POWERFUL tools of creation. You have traversed the valleys of despair, you have trod the path of sorrow, you have experienced the dark night of the soul, it is time to claim and reap the benefits of your trials and tests.

Claim your POWER, brave warriors, and with joy, determination and a vision of the paradise soon to manifest, we will march forward together into the bright future of tomorrow. I will love and support your endeavors with all the POWER of my Being. I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

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