The Power of the Magician.

Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Douglas MacArthur

Just watch a two year old bursting with curiosity and enthusiasm. Everyday brings wonder. He’s thinking; “Just look at what the world has to offer.”

Your life is full of opportunity and abundance when you allow it. You were that two year old before life took it’s toll. Life is a battle if you don’t understand the following;

1. How you function.

2. What the controls are.

3. Why you do certain things.

You may have already given up. Just look around you, many people have. Just remember that all is not lost and there is a solution..

power of the magician

The power of the magician –

You create your outside world to match what is inside of you, just like magic. That’s the way you work. That’s the way we all work as human beings.

Unfortunately you do not learn this at school and grow into adulthood creating your world by accident. Little do you know that you have the magician’s power at your fingertips. Let me explain.

Every thing you have and all that you are, is created by your thinking. The problem is, you are not aware of what you think. Your ego has many techniques to prevent you from seeing clearly. It does this under the misguided idea that it will protect you from harm. One of the ways you are blinded is with the fog of emotion. Another way is how you process your thoughts.

Your control centre is your subconscious mind. It records everything that happens to you and stores this for later reference. What your subconscious mind stores as a picture of ‘how things are’ for you, it creates in the outside world. It makes you, the physical person create this in the material world by way of your perception. It blocks your path when it leads away from your stored picture and it allows you to proceed when you are acting to confirm your stored picture. Simple isn’t it?

So if you believe you are overweight, your subconscious mind allows you to perceive ONLY the experiences that will slowly push you in the direction of becoming and staying overweight. In other words, you ‘accidentally’ miss that morning walk and succumb to that evening cheese cake.

I watch sales people struggle to achieve more for their employer. You are sent away on a course to improve your sales technique. How to close a sale, better product knowledge, technique A and technique B. Then wham! supposedly you are a super sales person.

However reality shows that after these courses there is little improvement and the improvement is often facilitated in only a few people. Why? because on the inside you have a limiting belief that restricts your performance. Just like the person who believes they are overweight, you believe that you are a ‘100’ sales per year person. You can’t become the ‘six million dollar man’ without some internal change first.

It’s the mental picture that creates an electric boundary – one touch and ZAP!!! back to where you were last week.

Why? There is no easy answer as there are many variables. However it is all usually related to fear and self esteem.

The ‘fat’ person may be using weight as protection.

“Maybe I am not loveable. If I am fat, I have an excuse for others to not love me. If I lose weight and ‘they’ still don’t love me – what will I do?” Here is where the ZAP! sends you back to where you were.

The sales person maybe stuck in a comfort zone and higher performance will isolate him from his family and peers.

When you perform better, others feel bad because this shows up what they are not doing. They feel inadequate and these thoughts challenge their self esteem. ZAP! In order to go back to where they were before they isolate you, the star performer, in order to NOT see. This protects them.

You need very strong self esteem to cope with this because you equate this behavior in your peers to not being liked. ZAP! back to where you were before.

So where is the magic? When you know that you have a set of controls which can be used to change your internal picture – all of a sudden you have the ability to perform ‘magick’. It is within your grasp, everyone has the ability. You just need to know how.

The how is in your mind,

1. Understanding how your consciousness, thoughts and emotions control your world. That means;

a) Being conscious and aware
b) understanding and watching your thoughts
c) pushing positive thoughts and letting negative thoughts go
d) Deep analysis of your emotions.

This is easy once you are shown how! The problem is most people are unaware of how much they don’t know and how much they neglect in this area. You can’t fix anything until you know it’s broken.

2. The ability to apply this esoteric knowledge to the real world. That means turning off the power to the electric fence. You need to take the concepts you learn and make them practical so that you and others benefit in the physical world. There are many armchair experts who cannot benefit beyond intellectual discussion.

Your mind is the key and knowledge followed by action unlocks the door to a new world. This is true magick and once through the gate in the fence the whole world unfolds before the magician.

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