The Pentacle

What Is A Pentacle

A Pentacle is a symbol of a person who is a Pagan. A Pagan would wear a Pentacle just like a Christian would wear a cross, or a Jewish person would wear a Star of David: If you wear a Pentacle, or plan to wear one, you should know what it means. A Pentacle is a five pointed star. All of the sides are the same size which makes the Pentacle balanced. Each of these points is very important our lives. Let’s look at them one at a time.

SPIRIT: Spirit is the top point. It represents the creators of all life, the God and the Goddess together. The God and Goddess are very important to us because they give us life and help us work the magick that we do. They love us and care for us every day of our lives. The God and Goddess have given us the four elements and these elements are the other four points.

AIR: Air is important to all of us. We breathe it all the time. If we did not have air we would die. Take a deep breath, feel the air.

WATER: We also need water to survive. If we didn’t have water we would shrivel up and die. We have water in our mouth and eyes; the blood in our bodies is wet. Move your tongue around your mouth, feel the water.

FIRE: Fire is warm, even hot sometimes. Feel your body it is warm. Every person has fire in their body. Sometimes when you have too much fire in your body you have a fever.

EARTH: From the earth we get our food which keeps us alive. Our body is also made up of earth, it is solid; touch your arm and feel it.

So the next time someone asks, "What does that star mean?" you can say: "It is a Pentacle. It represents the four elements Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, that’s the four points of the star. The fifth point is the Spirit the God and Goddess who we love.

Spirit is Purple Air is Yellow Water is Blue Earth is Green Fire is Red

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