The Pathways of Change.

We are happy to bring forth to you some of the new awareness’ that are coming to earth and to this country now. As you know, there are many different life changes that will be going on this year and the years to follow. There will be many experiences that will be considered openings in consciousness. Many here upon this planet will be bringing forth the potential they have to offer. A new, beautiful consciousness is beginning to blossom here on this world.It is being started by individuals who are willing to make changes. They are willing to release the past. They are willing to drop whatever had come before so that they can have new growth experiences. They are opening to new understandings of themselves and who they really are.

Those of you who have been willing to be open to free yourself from the situations of the past are those that have great courage. Everyone will be asked to release what is not working for them in their lives. There may be many changes in relationships and careers. The energy formations that have been brought forth now are for the purpose of reenergizing and rebalancing who you are. The old structures that are not serving you will fall away. It is our hope that we may encourage you to let these old structures fall away. Let yourself grow. Many a tree has roots that have burst through the pavement and bricks that cover it. The tree must break through the old confines in order to continue growing. You must break through the old structures so that the new ways can come freely and easily into your heart and being. For so many, this is so difficult.

This is the greatest problem and the greatest fear: To release that which is comfortable, familiar and under your control. It is our hope that this discourse will help you find peace when you are faced with releasing aspects of your life. We wish to encourage you to embrace the unknown. For all upon this planet, during this year, will be asked to give up what is old and comfortable and take up something new and untried. It may be that you will be asked to embrace something that is beyond your present sphere of experience. We would wish to encourage you to go forward into this new energy formation. Do not feel that all must be understood. Do not expect that every detail of this change will be completed within your mind. Do not feel that you must understand everything that is happening. Do not feel that you must have control over it all. Existence is changing. Your are changing in ways you cannot yet know. Many energies are moving that are bringing a release of the old. If we may bring forth this one idea to share with you , to help you as you progress along your way, it is that release in necessary now.

Situations may arise that may call upon you to release that which you have worked your whole lifetime for. Realize this is only leading to your greater glory. To be open to letting go of a career, relationship, a child, a disease or anything else that is familiar and comforting. This may mean for some that they will be asked to give up their loneliness and despair. It is important to be willing to take steps away for what is comfortable into the unknown. When you are willing to do this, you are taking great steps for yourself and all of humanity. When these types of situations present themselves to you, we can only encourage you to be open and receptive to these new ways of being. You may have had these experiences within the last 6 months or you will be having such opportunities now or the immediate future. the purpose of it is to expand your consciousness. This is the reason that your place of living may change. Your employment or relationship may also change. Your interests are changing, It is happening because you are expanding your awareness. You are as a child who is wearing clothes that are getting too small for them. As the child grows, it must get new clothes that are better suited to it. The child may have their favorite shirt or shoes, but these must be released and different ones, in a larger size must be used. It is the next size, the next step in their growth process.

You may not see your spirit going through this growth change, but know that it also is changing. Your spirit is outgrowing what has become familiar and nurturing for you. Do not feel that you must hold on to every aspect of your life. Let go when the time of release comes forth. When events come to bring these changes to you, do not run away and hide. Allow yourself to expand to greater aspects of yourself. For in this life experience, you have chosen to have this challenge. The greatest challenge upon this planet is that everything seems so comfortable and controllable. This is important for you, at a certain point in your experience of this existence. But after a certain point, the concept of control must be released so that new growth may come forth. Know that you are outgrowing this world as it presently exists. Even though new products and services are being invented and introduced into your life, there is still much to release so that you can fully embrace the new. Often times, when you are releasing what must leave and embracing the new , expanded aspects of yourself, the process may go through a period delay. You may release the old job, yet you do now see the new one on the horizon. So we would only wish to encourage you not to doubt that something more beautiful is coming for you. Every change, everything that you are called upon to release will be replaced by something that is more wonderful for you. These new aspects that will come to you will be more in harmony with your true self and your divine nature. All that you release only brings you closer to all that you are. Everything that you are willing to give up will open the way for that which is much better for you. You may be called upon to relinquish much. You will receive much more then you had ever imagined as you open up yourself for expanded growth and awareness to come forth.

Your physical reality is a byproduct of your ability to think and conceptualize. As your ability to manifest becomes even greater, are you able to bring forth even greater aspects of you life existence. Yet, where is the room to place these more profound things within your life if you have not given up what is lesser then you are? Think of these changes coming toward you in this way. We can only encourage you to be open to this process so that more divine energy can come to your conscious awareness. The end result of this opening is that more beauty can flow through you. You must release what serves you at a less expanded state of existence. This last ideas is so important. When you had acquired or achieved many of the accomplishments that are presently part of your life, you were at a less expanded state of awareness. Now, as your perception of the All becomes greater, now as your ability to consciously connect with the spiritual Divine Mind becomes greater, are you able to bring greater beauty, understanding, peace and harmony into your life. So in order to bring this greatness into your life, must you release that which no longer serves you. You may feel that which brings you comfort, security and safety is what you need. Know that on the higher, more refined levels of yourself that vibrate at a higher frequency, you are willingly releasing many things from your life. Know that on these other levels of yourself, you have agreed to make this release. Yet the part of you that wakes up each day and goes to work and is faced with the question of what to make for dinner may not understand that you are expanding and that in leaving some things behind you are opening the door for greater beauty to come forth. These parts of yourself will bring forth resistance to these changes.

Know that there are ways to bring all the different facets of yourself into harmony and balance. We would wish to give to you this vision that will help bring this forth. These visions will give you the understanding that you need to bring forth these changes. See yourself standing on a beautiful mountain top. From out of the clouds comes a beautiful sphere of golden light. As the sphere gets closer, you see a being in it that looks like you standing in the middle of it. This sphere comes and rests beside you. You see yourself reaching out to the sphere. The being that is inside comes out of the sphere and blends with you. You see yourself taking on these new aspects of yourself that are emerging. It is then that you will feel certain aspects dropping away from you. You will feel certain aspects of your energy being released. You feel as thought beautiful garments, that no longer fit you, are falling off you and landing on the floor. These ideas and visions will help you to understand what is being experienced. It will help you to understand your true reason for coming here: to have greater experiences of expanding consciousness while in a physical form and being limited.

As the life experience you have taken on begins to expand, evolve and vibrate at a different frequency, so will you see many aspects , that do not serve you, dropping off. We wish you to know that this is apart of a natural process. It is part of a process that you have chosen to experience. All these changes are really in harmony with who you As the changes come before you, you are faced with a decision to accept or reject. Know that within your heart, you want to make these choices. This is the true circumstance around an situation where you experience release and change. The wonder of existence her, the many beautiful things that manifest, the great way in which creation forms daily upon this planet will begin to change. This is what the planet is doing. This will be brought forth in the physical changes of the planet. There will be many shifts in the land masses. New parts of the planet will emerge and other parts will go beneath the water. This releasing of the old and the opening of the new will happen on every level existence here. Being in harmony with yourself brings greater ease to these changes. As you walk the pathway of change, you are walking the pathway back to the Divine Godhead.

Authors Details: Abby Haydon.
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