The Life Changing Benefits Reported from Out of Body Experiences Pt 2

The Life Changing Benefits Reported from Out of Body Experiences

(…Continued From The Life Changing Benefits Reported from Out of Body Experiences Pt 1)

1. Developed a greater awareness of reality – According to an in-depth survey conducted by Stuart Twemlow, M.D., Glen Cabbard, M.D., and Fowler Jones, Ed.D., eighty-six percent of their three hundred thirty-nine out-of-body participants reported a greater awareness of reality. In the same survey, seventy-eight percent believed they received a lasting benefit.

2. Personal verification of our immortality – A powerful, life-changing event experienced by millions every year. Without a doubt, out-of-body experiences provide firsthand, verifiable evidence of our ability to exist independent of our physical body.

3. Accelerated personal development – The recognition and experience that we are more than physical beings opens entire new levels of personal development. I strongly believe that self-initiated and controlled out-of-body experiences are the cutting edge of accelerated personal development. Once we consciously access and control our nonphysical self, we can unlock the unlimited knowledge of our subconscious mind and harness our ability to explore the universe. The entire subject of human potential is dramatically expanded beyond all current concepts and comprehension.

4. A decreased fear of death – When we experience ourselves consciously separated and independent of our physical body, our fear of death is noticeably reduced. Fear of death is fear of the unknown. Once you separate from your body, you absolutely know that you continue. I have found that the more out-of-body experiences we have, the less fear and anxiety of death is present.

5. Increased psychic abilities – Precognition, telepathy, premonitions, prophecy, the ability to see auras and many other psychic abilities are often reported to be enhanced by out-of-body experiences. The reason for this is currently unknown but many believe it’s simply a natural result of us becoming more open and in tune with our internal energy systems.

6. An increased desire for answers – Once we recognize that answers are available; many people begin a personal spiritual quest to solve the mysteries they have held since childhood.

7. Realizations concerning death – Out-of-body experiences provide evidence that the process of dying may not be a painful or scary experience but rather a wondrous, spiritual adventure.

8. Accelerated human evolution – True evolution of our species is not the biological change around us but the evolution of consciousness. As our world becomes progressively more complex, there is an inner need to discover the unseen reason behind the rapid physical changes we perceive around us. This need to know the answers to the many mysteries that surround us will take our species into the next level of human evolution. When we look back at human evolution, we see a noticeable transition from physical labor-based societies agricultural) to increasingly intellectual-based (technology) societies. Eventually our species will be ready for the next major step of evolution – the recognition and experience of our spiritual self and the exploration of the nonphysical dimensions.

9. Spontaneous healing – There are numerous reports of individuals healing themselves and others when out-of-body. Often this healing is initiated by a focused thought directed to a specific area of the body.

10. More expansive self-concept – Instead of viewing ourselves as a physical being possessing a soul, many recognize themselves as soul (consciousness) temporarily possessing a biological body.

11. Increased spirituality – Many report profound insights into their spiritual nature with a stronger connection to their spiritual essence. According to the phenomenology study conducted by Dr. Stuart Twemlow, fifty-five percent of the participants referred to their out-of-body experience as a spiritual experience. In addition, many report a deeper connection to their essence and profound insights into their spiritual nature. A definite sense of being connected to something far greater than themselves. Whether we call it spirit or the universal mind of God, there are consistent reports of a powerful inner connection.

12. Recognizing and experiencing past-life influences – The work of Dr. Weiss and other respected physicians and hypnotherapist have provided convincing evidence that past-life influences are an important element of our current psychological makeup. These subconscious memories can be effectively accessed and explored through personal out-of-body experiences.

13. Accelerated psychological change – Out-of-body experiences help us to break free from old mental ruts and habits. On many occasions, individuals have told me that the shock of experiencing themselves independent of their physical body has given them a more enlightened perspective of their current existence. This expansive vision of themselves has been instrumental in awakening new levels of personal growth and understanding.

14. Obtaining personal answers – Each of us has questions relating to our existence – What are we? What is our purpose? Do we continue? What is the earning of life? These questions and many more can only be answered through personal experience. Out-of-body exploration provides a powerful method for all of us to obtain the answers we seek. Why settle for beliefs when the answers are available?

15. Encountering a being of light, an angel, or nonphysical resident of some kind – Many people report face-to-face meetings with some form of nonphysical inhabitant. Dr. Stuart Twemlow reports that thirty-seven percent of his study groups were aware of the presence of a nonphysical being while thirty percent reported the presence of guides or helpers.

16. An increased respect for life – A pronounced aversion to violence and killing seems to appear. For example, the idea of hunting and killing an animal becomes repugnant. I believe this is due to the personal knowledge obtained concerning our spiritual interconnectiveness.

17. Increased self-respect, self-responsibility and inner dependence – Many recognize, often for the first time, that they are the creative center of their physical existence. They often experience the vast potential and power of their inner, nonphysical self and tap into their creative essence. Many people have told me that they realize more than ever that they are completely responsible for all their actions, both thoughts and deeds.

18. A reduction in hostility, violence and crime – Those that experience themselves as more than just their bodies often realize the self-destructiveness of stealing or harming another person. This is due to their personal recognition that they truly do continue independent of the physical body. Since they now absolutely know they continue after death, they now realize and comprehend that their personal responsibility also continues.

19. Increased knowledge and wisdom – Only experience creates wisdom and out-of-body experiences have the unique ability to provide knowledge and wisdom far beyond the limits of our physical perceptions.

20. A profound sense of knowing instead of believing – Personal knowledge is powerful and life-changing especially when compared to beliefs. Out-of-body experiences provide firsthand, verifiable knowledge of our immortality and our spiritual identity. This profound knowledge cannot be adequately explained – it must be experienced.

21. An inner calmness – A feeling of peace that comes from knowing instead of hoping or believing that we truly are immortal.

22. An increased zest for living – There is a certain excitement inherent in out-of-body exploration that is difficult to describe – an exhilaration that reaches deep into the very core of our being. The realization hits us that we are much greater than our current physical body, personality or ego. When we separate from our physical body and actively explore our surroundings, we know deep down that we have become the ultimate explorers. Every day becomes an adventure, an exciting journey of discovery. The excitement we feel is unmistakable, the inner knowing that we are blazing a path far ahead of our time.

23. Increased intelligence, memory recall and enhanced imagination – Many people report that their out-of-body experiences have somehow enhanced their awareness and intelligence. Some believe that out-of-body experiences may stimulate areas of the brain previously untapped during normal physical life. From a biological point of view, this could be due to a stimulus of the right temporal lobe or the pineal gland. The medical reason for this is unknown but according to extensive research conducted by Dr. Penfield, a Canadian neurosurgeon, when the right temporal lobe is stimulated by a mild electrical charge, patients consistently reported out-of-body experiences. In addition, there is substantial evidence that the right temporal lobe is mysteriously activated during death and near-death experiences. There is research that supports the existence of a connection between the biological brain and our nonphysical energy system. If this is so, then maybe there are interactions both electrical and chemical that we are still unaware of. This entire subject requires additional research.

24. A sense of adventure – Every day and night is an opportunity to experience a new adventure. The author, Tom Robbins, may have said it best “Our great human adventure is the evolution of consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul and light up the brain.”

The many benefits of out-of-body experiences are a reality that each of us can experience. All we need is an open mind and the proper guidance to access our unlimited personal potential. Our natural ability to experience our spiritual nature and explore the unseen areas of the universe is available, but it is up to us to take the step from being a curious observer to being an active explorer of consciousness. I believe this step is a critical turning point in our life and our personal evolution. The decision to explore beyond the limits of our physical body can provide an effective method to obtain the answers and insights so many of us seek.

This journey of consciousness from the physical to the spiritual is a reality we cannot escape – our only real decision is when we are going to begin.

Authors Details: William Buhlman is the author of the best selling book, Adventures Beyond the Body and The Secret of the Soul. His books are currently available in eight languages. To learn more about this important subject visit the author’s website at


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