The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram (Version 1)

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (Wiccan)

An explanatory note: The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is not a traditional Wiccan Ritual but it performs the same function as casting a circle and calling the quarters. As I have said elsewhere I am an Eclectic and I have found that in many instances I prefer the more formalized rituals to be found in the Western magickal tradition to Gardnerian rituals.

I. Perform the Qabalistic Cross
II. Inscribe the Circle
III. Inscribe the Pentagrams
IV. Invoke the Archangels of the Four Quarters
V. Perform the Qabalistic Cross Again

I. The Qabalistic Cross

With wand or finger of the right hand touch the forehead and intone Ateh. Then touch the solar plexis and intone Malkuth. Then the right shoulder, intone Vegeburah, then the left and intone Vegedullah. Finally cross your arms over your breast and intone Le Orlahm Amen.

II. Inscribe the Circle

Walk around the space that you intend to be encompassed by the ritual, with your wand, athame, or finger “drawing” a circle as you go, starting at the East and going clockwise until you return to the East. There is no set circumference, but all participants and ritual items that you intend to use should be within this circle.

III. Inscribe the Pentagrams

In each of the four quarters starting with the East you should now inscribe the banishing pentagram of Earth. (see the pentagrams section for the correct way to draw). As each pentagram is completed you should pause and charge the pentagram with the Divine Name associated with that Quarter. East–YHWH (pronounced Ya ho Wah). South– Adonai. West– EHIHE (pronounced ee hee ay) North–AGLA (pronounced ah glah). Return to the East.

IV. Invoke the Archangels of the Four Quarters

Standing facing East in the form of Osiris Slain (feet together, head raised to the sky, arms spread wide) Say:

Before me stands Raphael

Behind me stands Gabriel

On my right hand Michael

On my left hand Auriel

For about me shines the pentagram

And above me shines the six-rayed star

V. Repeat the Qabalistic Cross

Notes: The Lesser Banishing should be done at the beginning of a ritual to clear the area for magickal workings and then again after to discharge the magickal force raised during a ritual. This ritual can be done anywhere, and is useful on the astral to “get rid of” unwanted visitors (ie elementals or other etheric beings you run into on the astral).

The visualizations that go with the ritual are: Qabalistic Cross– a beam of energy entering your head and exiting your feet, and another crossing from hand to hand, your heart should be where the two beams cross and as they do a rose made out of light should bloom.

Circle–when you complete the circle a sheet of light should spring up.

Pentagrams– each pentagram should flare as you draw it and then become intense and solid as you charge it with the Divine Name.

Archangels–as you name each archangel you should visualize him standing just behind the pentagram and spreading his wings so that your circle is completely surrounded–Raphael is dressed all in gold and carries a sword–Gabriel is dressed in blue and carries a cup–Michael is dressed in red and carries a wand–Auriel is dressed in green and carries a pentacle.

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  1. I am MAZOHIR, author of a version of one of the versions of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, listed here. I now have an updated version of it, if you would like to post it. contact me at my email address.

    1. Hi Mazohir, yes, i would gladly post your updated version. If the update is minor we can leave the original article and just update it via the comments section. Regards Aymen


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