The kingdom of God

Kingdom Of God

The Kingdom of God on Earth already exists within the hearts of numerous men and women, but will not be publicly recognized till there exists a preponderance of spiritual men in the world. Eventually their influence, and the force they transmit, will be felt in all the kingdoms of nature. In this New Era man will then obtain dominion over all forms, and with the power to transmit the spiritual energies of love and the will- to-good, the whole physical plane will become transformed, setting in that symbolic period known as the ‘Millennium’.

So far the spiritual kingdom has mainly had its seat in the inner subjective worlds – on the hierarchical plane of the Masters and of the Perfected Men and Angels. However, every soul-infused human being on Earth is also a junior member of the Kingdom of Souls, and is therefore serving to anchor this Kingdom more firmly in the worlds of human endeavour. There have always been outposts of God’s Kingdom among men, those who served to link the Hierarchy with the physical worlds, and who have served as channels for the flow of loving understanding, goodwill and service, and who have been responsible for the spiritual evolution of man. These have been the men, present in every country, who were infused with the Christ-consciousness, no matter by what name this consciousness was known.

These soul-infused men are at present constituting a vital ‘bridge of souls’ between the heavenly realm and the world of human beings. This bridge is already firmly established, and is daily being extended and strengthened by new recruits. The result is that although the human kingdom still dominates all fields of human thought and activity, the Kingdom of God has already established a firm foothold on Earth, and is growing progressively as a result of the spiritual forces which are steadily flowing across the Bridge of Souls. Each new soul incorporated into this exalted Kingdom, will increase its power and effect, because each soul represents an additional channel for transmitting spiritual energy from the higher to the lower planes.

The Kingdom of God on Earth must therefore be regarded as an established fact, and it is only its public recognition that is still lacking. This recognition will be withheld till it can be protected against the narrow claims of individual churches, religions or organizations, who will profess that admittance may only be gained through their specifically prescribed rules and regulations and separative approach. Humanity will, however, come to the realization that the Kingdom of God is neither of Christian nor Buddhist origin, nor is it related to any other specific church, religion or organization, but is constituted of that integrated group of soul-infused individuals who are consistently radiating love, and are solely motivated by the will-to- good.

The New Group of World Servers, that loosely constituted group of spiritual men on Earth, may be regarded as the symbolic outpost of the Fifth Kingdom. They are the forerunners of the Hierarchy which is now slowly being externalized, and are serving to prepare the way for the reappearance amongst men of the Master of all Masters. The vanguard of these liberated souls is already with mankind; unobtrusively and largely unknown, they are persistently exerting their influence by slowly guiding the human race towards its joyful destiny. It should be realized that in this higher kingdom there only exist spiritual relationships, and man is only assessed by the content of his heart. All material criteria fall away, and it matters not whether a man, according to human standards is rich or poor, high or low on the ladder of status, or whether his skin is yellow, black or white. No, all men and women are considered children of the One Father, and therefore all are brothers; all of them are on their way towards the Kingdom of God, but many of them have not yet become aware of their Destination; they are still temporarily blinded by the dense astral miasma by which they are surrounded, and as yet are only conscious of physical and emotional desire, with all their energies focused on selfishly satisfying these demands.

There are thus many stages of development, and the only meaningful difference between individuals is the extent to which they are still wrapped in darkness, or otherwise the degree of Light that has penetrated their minds, leading to various degrees of consciousness. On the other hand, part of the responsibility of those fortunate ones who have found the Light, and who have entered the Realm of Souls, is to focus the Light they have received back into the regions of darkness in which they themselves have been cloistered for aeons, and thus to illumine the way for those who must still follow in their tracks. It is through the concerted and sustained efforts of all those who are spiritually inclined, of all men and women whose hearts are guided by love and goodwill, that mankind as a whole will be uplifted. In this respect each disciple will make his own contribution, each according to the Light he has received, according to the qualities and aptitudes with which he has been endowed, and each according to his particular circumstances as determined by time and place.

People must be brought to the realization that the Kingdom of God will only be found by recognizing its presence; that this Kingdom must not be sought for in outer appearance, but that it will primarily be found by recognizing the Christ within the heart. Therefore do not hesitate to express the energies of Love and Goodwill with which you are inspired – they will provide the opportunities for which to live, to work and to serve, and for fulfilling your dreams and aspirations, thus contributing your share to make this a better world for all and for the final manifestation of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Reprinted with the kind permission of Share International Magazine.

Authors Details:Aart Jurriaanse

Aart Jurriaanse, South African author, has written a number of compilations from the books of Alice A. Bailey.


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