The Guiding Light

Beloved masters, so that you will know without a doubt what your ultimate mission on Earth is, allow me to state it for you in the simplest terms: you have always had access to pure Life/Light, the unconditional love energy of the Creator. Your task is to fill yourselves to overflowing with this wondrous elixir and then to radiate it out unto the world in the purest state of unconditional love possible – all else follows.

If you distort this life force energy through fear, guilt, anger/violence, excess or addictions, or even denial of your God-given creative abilities – you diminish your birthright. Like energy begets like experience. Denial, resisting an unwanted habit or judging others puts you in the middle of the energetic experience and makes you susceptible to the energies you are focusing on.

Many in the world have become protesters of life without seeking solutions – focusing on the negative, thereby cutting themselves off from their birthright to peace and harmony. LIKE VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES BEGETS OR DRAWS TO IT LIKE FREQUENCIES – from the highest to the lowest. That is why, repeatedly, we have asked you to focus on what is right about you and about others – to envision that you already have what it is you desire to manifest in your life, including good health, abundance, loving relationships, joy, more spiritual awareness – on and on, no matter what it is.

If you focus on the negative, your imperfections or the imperfections of those around you, that is what you are reinforcing and giving more energy to – it is the law of the universe. Your minds are wondrous tools of creation – extensions of the God Mind. Many of you played an important part in creating the perfection of planet Earth, and all of you have contributed, in a greater or lesser degree, to the quagmire of suffering, deprivation and oppression that now exists around the world – the third dimension as you know it.

Once more, allow me to give you a vision of how it was in the beginning and what you and the Earth are presently experiencing. Each of you answered the call from the far reaches of the universe and came before us, the Council of Light, in all your glory – your radiant bodies of Light which blazed forth your virtues, unique gifts and attributes – that which, through aeons of experience, made you valuable and important candidates for the planned mission on planet Earth. After each of you were chosen, you were given a particular assignment – an assignment that would be the main theme in all of your incarnations via your I AM Presence, a timeless divine blueprint (this has been discussed in detail before).

You were also given free will, so it has always been up to you whether you would take the high road or the fast lane, the middle path or the low road – but regardless of your decisions along the way or how long it takes, you are destined to return to stand before us as we anoint you as a returned prodigal child of God-warrior of Light – and we tell you, ‘Mission accomplished! Well done.’ For many more aeons of time, as you were building your coats of flesh, all of you along with the Earth radiated an aura of Light, beauty and balance – in harmony with the Creator and the laws of creation. And while you remained attuned to the higher planes we were there as well, interacting, supporting, monitoring, and yes, enjoying through you, the exquisite wonder and joy derived from being cocreators of this beautiful planet.

Recapture, if you can, how light, free and joyous you felt as you created and then merged and blended with your creations – enjoying the fruits of your labor. Envision yourselves moving easily amongst the dimensions – no limitations in your ability to create or to bask in the glow of the higher refined energies of creation. We would like to you to also remember how it was as you sank down into the quagmire and illusion of the fourth and then the third dimensions. We might liken it to sinking down into the lowest depths of the ocean where it is murky, without much light, and where everything around you is distorted. Your freedom of movement is greatly diminished, for it is difficult to navigate through the effluvia. That is the state in which all of you have existed for these many thousands of years. But remember that even in the throes of the deepest depths of illusion – in the most refracted state of creation – the guiding Light of the Creator has always sought you out, waiting for you to turn your eyes and heart upward and to listen to your soul song which has always gently urged you upward. The Earth and all inhabitants upon and within her are gradually rising up from the depths and as she does, the upward momentum grows so that soon all of you will burst free once more – out into the radiant Light of freedom, joy and beauty.

Does it sound like an impossible dream? Trust us when we say it is not a dream, but an actuality. But instead of water, you are moving through the lower vibrational energies which have kept you imprisoned for so long. As the Earth and you release the shackles that bind you and you ascend into the refined realms of creation, you are taking everyone with you who is willing to open their hearts enough to listen as their souls whisper the words of wisdom which will allow them to join you in the journey back into the Light.

Allow me to explain another drama that is presently being played out on Earth, and which is creating much distress and confusion amongst all of humanity. Many of you have the beliefs that as you integrate the higher frequencies of Light your health will improve and your bodily forms will become more youthful and full of vigor once again. We tell you that this is true and will happen – ultimately. Let us put some of your fears and frustrations to rest by explaining what is taking place at this time. We have explained that before you were allowed to incarnate in this life time, you agreed to take on those life tasks which were of major importance – those areas you needed to bring into balance and harmony in order to reclaim your mastery. In addition, you chose the parents or ancestral lineage that would encode your DNA with the strengths you would need, but also with the weaknesses or imperfections that you needed to address or overcome – whether it be a propensity for addictions, various weaknesses in the bodily structure, or the potential for dis-eases of various nature – even life-threatening ones. This was not a punishment, it was a choice, for you knew it was a grand opportunity to heal, once and for all, all the imperfections and distortions that you have created in the physical vessel down through the many ages.

The desires of the body, the impulses and habits that you have allowed to take hold, have created fragments of energy that bind you, and which grow stronger lifetime after lifetime through your habitual surrender to their power. And so many of you who are seeking spiritual awareness and who have devoted yourselves to fulfilling your life’s mission are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, developing dis-eases and life-threatening situations which have nothing to do with how you are living or thinking now. Remember, when you take on a task or a challenge, you are always given the tools with which to overcome them. In addition, as we have told you, you are mutating at such a rapid rate that it is causing distress within the physical vessel – especially those of you who are more advanced in age and whose bodies are in a weakened or compromised condition.

A new race of humanity is emerging – the young ones who have been born in the last 20 to 30 years will have a much easier time than those of you who are trying to transmute the imperfections and integrate the refined frequencies, for their DNA encodings and their brain structures are different from yours. They will adapt to the changes much easier than you for they were born with the ability to do so. Also, please know that many of you agreed to take on the assignment of being the pioneers/wayshowers of the new healing modalities of the future which are continually being introduced – not only as the healers using them, but also as the patients who have the courage and faith to try them – to show others that miracles are possible; that cures can be accomplished with the use of all the new tools of healing – not replacing, but in unison with the old allopathic methods. You are teaching people to no longer put the responsibility for their health in someone else’s hands; that you all must realize that each of you heals yourselves; that the physicians or practitioners are only the instruments of the healing process, for ultimately it is you who draws forth the vibrant healing energy of creation which facilitates your return to wholeness.

Also, please be aware that some of you have made the agreement at a soul level not to be healed, but to show others what it means to bravely and peacefully face the death process, as you gracefully move through the door to the next level of awareness with the assistance of your angelic guardians. We have asked you to look upon the dramatic situations taking place around the world in a new light – those who chose violence and destruction are showing you that it only brings chaos, pain and suffering. Children who are being abused and molested are being placed in the limelight and in everyone’s consciousness so that these abominations can be stopped – it has been going on for centuries and even accepted in some cultures, but no longer will these injustices be tolerated.

Also, remember that in those beautiful, delicate young bodies resides the Spirit of a grand master and they have chosen a mission of sacrifice in order to bring balance and harmony to a barbaric situation. Remember we have asked you to focus on the solution of a situation and not judge the participants, but shine the miraculous Light of transmutation on the negative energies and see all being brought into harmony once more.

In ages past, the children were cherished as unique facets of God, loved and shown by example, and at a very early age they were taught the laws of cause and effect. What can you personally do about these distressing situations? You start right where you are by first loving and respecting yourself, then as the example, teach your family and those within your influence what it means to take responsibility for your actions, living your integrity while setting boundaries, and projecting unconditional love. You focus on what is right with the world while radiating the pure love/Light of Spirit to the far reaches of the Earth. Add your loving energy to the many unified meditations around the world – but first and foremost walk your talk and fly your vision, for by your words and deeds you will be known.

I would also like to help you understand and clarify how the lower astral planes are being cleared and balanced as all is being drawn upward on the journey back toward perfection: Remember, all of you must traverse the pitfalls, glamours and illusion of the fourth dimension or the astral plane (and its many sub-planes), on your way to the wonder and beauty of the fifth dimension. This is the plane of the emotions and it is the where energies/emotions/desires of the mass-consciousness are stored – swirling, enticing and capturing those who are still caught up in their baser natures. The key word here is illusion and as you lift your consciousness and balance your auric field, you will no longer be influenced by these lower frequencies. The energies of the lower planes of the fourth dimension are being cleared and gradually drawn up into and balanced as they are incorporated into the higher fourth-dimensional frequencies. When we say the lower astral planes no longer exist – we mean they no longer exist as you have known or experienced them in the past. As each of you clear your auric field of the imbalanced energies and move through the distortions to the mid and higher levels of the fourth dimension, you help clear and balance the negative energies there. Gradually, all the imperfections that humanity has created down through the ages will be transmuted and brought back into balance – you will remember none of the failures, pain and suffering – only the successes, wonder and beauty of your earthly journey.

As you move back into unity consciousness and in harmony with your Higher Self, the astral body and the journey through the lower astral planes will seem like a dream – a figment of your imagination. In addition, you are helping the souls that are caught up in or who reside in the web of the lower fourth-dimensional illusion. Have we not told you, that as you awaken, balance and heal yourself, you are assisting everyone else to do so as well? You are healing the memories of the past and transforming the negative energies back into pure neutral cosmic Light substance. You have no idea of the service you are providing and how much you are assisting the Earth and humanity as you bring yourselves back into harmony and wholeness.

Also remember, you are not judged on how you make the journey – if you take a wrong turn, even something as drastic as taking your own life or that of another, there is nothing that can keep you from God’s grace. You will carry the imbalanced energies in your auric field until you have brought them back into harmony, whether through retribution, or through the loving grace of forgiveness – forgiving yourself and all those you have harmed. There are many ways to balance the ledger – know that it can be done through love and service, instead of by test and trial.

Authors Details: Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. The Authors Web Site


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