The Great Pyramid

One of the things we really enjoy in the work we do is our conversation time with you. You can ask questions about Egypt, about the pyramid or about any of the experiences you’ve had. If you ask about a personal experience, we won’t go too much into detail, but we will give an answer that will be beneficial for all. So who will be brave and ask the first question?

I’d like some information about three-dimensional infusion and polarity.

Well, we will do our best to explain the dimensional infusion and polarity, but please remember one thing. These are very abstract subjects to put into linear language. Each time we attempt to describe this, we realize that we certainly have not perfected the way to explain it. So, let us first imagine that there is a Creator or a consciousness who is All. It never questions its existence; It simply is. However, at some point this consciousness wishes to learn more. This is the first polarity. It can be illustrated as follows: The All That Is suddenly says, “I want to know more.” This means that It recognizes that there is more that It does not know. So two ideas are then created, the known and the unknown. That is the first polarity. That sets the stage for the entire experience that your galactic family and yourselves have had.

The Paradox of Polarity and the Unknowns

All is based on the known and the unknown, and that original polarity causes one to have a type of polarized thinking. That polarity served as a blueprint to build the rest of your experiences. Here is the paradox. When there is no unknown, there will be no polarity. However, there will always be unknowns. Does that mean there will always be polarity? No. That is the paradox. But do not worry about deciphering that equation. Applying this idea of polarity to the dimensional equation, we can say the following. Once All That Is, separated itself into the known and the unknown, it then desired to explore the unknown. That desire allowed a fragmentation of itself into many seemingly separate pieces. All those individual pieces went their own ways to search out the unknown. They went their own ways to make the unknown the known. You can imagine that All That Is is a giant ball that is also a mirror. When you fragmented from the Source, it was as though that mirrored ball shattered into an infinite number of pieces. Each separate piece is a piece of the mirror, and each separate piece reflects the whole. Each of you reflects the whole just like a tiny piece of a mirror does. This is how, within chaos, you eventually remember the way back home. For now, that is the extent to which we will take that concept. Is it clear? That fragmentation is what we call the dimensional infusion. If you ponder the imagery we have given you, it will help you to understand the concept. The concept cannot be understood only with the intellect. You must call upon your multidimensional self in order to understand it on a very different level of consciousness.

I would like to know when the pyramid we are now in was constructed and how. I feel that I have a connection to this building.

It was constructed and reconstructed many times. Our estimation, and this is not exact, is that the first time this site was used to house a pyramidal structure was approximately 25,000 years ago. This time period would fall very early in the Atlantean civilization. The original pyramidal structure that was here was both similar to and different from this one. To tell the history of each renovation for 25,000 years would take 25,000 years, so we’re going to attempt to be as brief, yet concise, as possible. The first pyramid was not of the material you feel now. Imagine a pyramid with the top cut off; the top is very smooth, the sides are very smooth also, but there are stairs cut into the pyramid so that one can get to the top from the ground. That, of course, is very similar to some of the pyramids you see in the Yucatan. Now, these pyramids were originally used as landing sites for the ancient ETs. Some of the original ships that would land on these landing sites were like your old capsule spaceships, roughly pyramidal in shape, so when they would land on top of the flat surface, they would then create a complete pyramidal structure. That’s where the later idea of the capstone came from. While the ship would sit on the pyramidal structure, having completed the pyramid shape, it would be recharged. It would use the natural energy of the pyramid to charge itself up. There was a blue electrical charge that would occur when the ship separated itself from the pyramid. During very ancient times, there were many of these landing sights scattered throughout this area. Most of these original pyramids are now either lying in dust, having gone through a lot of Earth changes, or they have been dismantled. However, there are still several buried deep within the sand in the area that was once Sumeria. That would include Iraq and Iran. Perhaps at some point these will be unearthed, but that has not really been decided yet.

There Are Pyramids Within Pyramids

So this pyramid that you are in now is a descendent, shall we say, of the very, very early pyramids that stood in this place. When the pyramid was first rebuilt after the great flood or after the destruction of Atlantis, that is the period of time when we enter more contemporary history, approximately 10,000 years ago. This pyramid would have been under the control of whoever was the ruling god at the time. It was built from the inside out, and from underground up. If you had the technological ability to dissect this totally, you would find the remnants of the more ancient pyramid that came before this one, so whenever a scientist tries to date the pyramids, he doesn’t get reliable results. For example, this chamber is much older than the stones on the outside of the pyramid. Now this king’s chamber that you’re in is made of granite. Granite has low-level radioactivity. Any time you have a substance that has low radiation like that, you’re not going to get an accurate dating. What you’re dealing with is a pyramid whose oldest portion, which hasn’t been discovered yet, is deep underneath and over 25,000 years old. The newest section has been dated at 4,000 years old at the very oldest. So this is one of the reasons why we cannot give you one date for the age of the pyramid, because it’s actually many pyramids. Now you also asked about how it was built. Well, many people on your planet have had visions about building the pyramids, and a lot of these visions differ from each other. We would say that just about all of the different ways you have envisioned were used at some point. One of the most common memories is that of levitating the stones and that was certainly done. An even more ancient way was simply that cosmic energy was taken and, using devices, solidified into matter. In more recent history, you have stories of slaves hauling the blocks. Mankind had dim memories of the pyramids that were built by the gods, and they would often attempt to build such pyramids because of those ancient memories. So some of the newer pyramids were built simply by physical labor because the ETs were no longer here with their technology. So you can see all stories have a basis in truth. The one you visualize is most likely the one you have the strongest connection to. Now it was asked of us, in a private session, where the connection lies between this group and ancient Egypt. Though many of you knew each other in different ancient Egyptian lives, this group has not been together during contemporary Egyptian history during the past 5,000 years. The last time your group was together as a whole was in the days of Sumeria. In those days, there were migrations from Sumeria down into the Nile Valley, and you were part of those migrations. Now, of course, when there is a migration, it is also a time of a lot of building. Many of you actually helped to construct, at one time or another, the pyramids you are asking about. Your connection to Egypt is much more ancient than the pharaohs you have been hearing about.

You mentioned that in ancient days people stayed here for three days and three nights. I would like to know who those people were and how they performed the initiations.

The people who took the initiations in the pyramids were people very much like you. They were seekers on the spiritual path. Most of them were associated with various priesthoods. They were both male and female. Throughout time, the specifics of the initiations changed. Some of them took place in the pyramids, but some of them were done in other sacred sites throughout Egypt. So as far as the specifics of the initiation, it really depended on the person and the time period, but the main purpose of the initiation was always for the person to face himself or herself. One way to do this is through sensory deprivation, for without distraction individuals must face themselves. It was believed at that time that to be a truly spiritual person, you had to be able to face the self. This means facing the inner demons. It means facing your own fear.

Initiations Elicited Their Greater Fears

Now when people took these initiations, there were several possibilities as to what could happen. One was that the initiation would be successfully completed after the time they spent in the pyramid. What constituted success was simply that you remained there during the initiation and when you came out you were alive and sane. That’s all you had to do. So some of those who were initiated emerged whole. Another possibility was that while the person was locked up in the darkness, the confrontation with the self was so intense they could not continue it, so he or she chose to leave the body, or die. Another possibility was that the experience was so intense the person would lose touch with reality and become crazy. Now a fourth option, which wasn’t available all the time, was that you could choose to leave part way through the initiation. That option was available only during certain time periods. At most times you were locked inside and there was no way to tell anybody that you wanted to get out. Now some of you may be thinking, “I could spend three days and three nights lying in a sarcophagus in the dark.” And today, most of you could. But we are talking about thousands of years ago, when the human consciousness was not as developed as it is now. Their consciousnesses were filled with mythology and superstition. Because of the superstition, mankind then held a lot more fear inside than you do now. Though many of you may find an initiation like this today uncomfortable or intense, it would not be as intense as it would have been several thousand years ago.

In my case I experienced a fever for one week. My throat was particularly affected. After several weeks it was completely gone. In my case, was it an adjustment or a cold?

It certainly wasn’t a common cold. It was a combination of cleansing and energy reduction. It is a very common experience to manifest a cold when one comes to a place like this. The first time the channel came, she got the fever when she was on the plane on the way to Cairo. Your body starts heating itself up in preparation for the cleansing. The fever can be a sign of the energy acceleration as well. Now the cold is also a very important symbol. Throughout time, over many lifetimes, many of you have held your emotions deep inside of yourself. Any time you stopped yourself from loving, you felt guilty or you judged yourself, and you held that energy in the heart area. Of course, the heart area is also the lung area, so when you are manifesting a cold in your lungs, your throat and your sinuses, you are cleansing the lungs of all that old emotion that’s been stuffed there. The manifestation of diarrhea is a very similar example, for you have also stored emotions in the intestines. When you come here, there is a natural release of those stored emotions. Also, it’s very, very common for women to begin their monthly cycle when they travel to power spots. This is a natural thing that is telling you that you are connecting with the Earth. In ancient days, women among the Native Americans, for example, would go to power spots deliberately, knowing it would be their cleansing time. The body responds naturally. Men go through a similar cleansing, although it’s not as noticeable. Perhaps they are the lucky ones, yes?

When I was toning, I experienced a lot of heaving in the chest area. I would like you to tell me what that experience was.

When you do toning, it is as if the whole body, inside and out, is getting infused with strong vibrations. The tones themselves cause your body’s energy frequency to change, and in a place such as the Great Pyramid it is accelerated even more. Whenever your energy frequency is accelerated, the boundaries between dimensions lessen and your sensory perceptions begin to be magnified. That means that you hear beyond what you normally hear, you see beyond what you normally see. Some people even smell or feel things beyond what they normally experience. When you are toning here in the pyramid and you achieve a higher consciousness, you are coming much closer to your natural state of existence. So you were experiencing an acceleration, thus the heat, an opening of your sensory perceptions beyond what you normally experience and a disintegration of boundaries between dimensions. These experiences can be repeated. Any time you do toning, you can repeat this experience. Your experience here in the Great Pyramid will allow you to call in this energy for magnification any time you do toning. It can be a wonderful clearing experience for you any time during your daily life. Those of you who made tape recordings of the toning – when you play those recordings, your body, like a crystal, will begin resonating to the tones. Very powerful.

Was there a connection between Mu and Egypt?

Oh, yes. There were pyramids in Mu. Now we want to clarify for you that we perceive Mu and Lemuria as the same place. Some people do not. The most ancient pyramids and civilizations on your planet were found in Lemuria. The pyramids in Lemuria were very similar to the ones we described as having been here forever as landing platforms. The ruins of those structures are deep under the Pacific Ocean. It is very unlikely that they will be discovered. They might not even be recognized if they were discovered. Now during the times of both Lemuria and Atlantis, there were priests or oracles who could see the end of those civilizations coming. These priests or oracles made a commitment to carry the memory of these ancient civilizations into the future. There is a series of deep underground caverns that connect the various power spots in the world. Throughout time, priests would travel these caverns to various areas on your planet to make sure that knowledge continued. The Atlanteans planted knowledge in Egypt, Sumeria, Greece and other areas. The Lemurians planted information in the areas that are now southeast Asia, South America, Mexico and the western United States, as well as other places. Some of you here are the very people who helped to preserve this information and carried it from place to place. To some degree what you’re doing now is continuing your work. You are still committed to the preservation of knowledge. For that, we commend you and thank you.

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Lyssa Royal is an internationally known channel and author. Germane considers himself to be a non physical group consciousness associated with the Orion Light – a future integrated version of the galactic family of which we on Earth are a part. He chose the name “Germane” because of it’s english definition: “Coming from the same source, or significantly relevant to.” There is no connection to St. Germain.
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