The Future is Now – Archangel Michael

Beloved masters, please do not allow the dramatically changing weather patterns or the accelerating cataclysmic events which are occurring around the world to spiral you into fear – know that out of chaos, new creations emerge. We sense the anxiety and distress you are experiencing as your old belief structures crumble, and as things that you have always believed or relied upon fall away leaving you feeling vulnerable and uncertain. A new Earth is being birthed, just as you are emerging from the cocoon in which you have been imprisoned for so long. You are flexing your spiritual muscles and spreading your ‘ray-diant’ wings as you stretch and grow into your multidimensional bodies of Light.

There is a plethora of probable futures in which many of you are tapping into as you merge your minds with the cosmic stream of potential realities. You must decide which of these many possible realities you wish to manifest – that is why we have asked you to take time to think about your vision for the new millennium – to refine it, and then do everything within your power to bring forth your vision into the world of form. Remember the popular saying, ‘The universe will rearrange itself to fit your picture of reality.’ So if you hear someone predict that your city or hometown or country is in the pattern of destruction for the near future, or that there must be greater and greater cataclysms in order for the New Age to be birthed – please do not take it as your truth. You are much more powerful than you realize – especially when you join together in a unified effort to create the highest good for all. You are a creation of the God Mind and you are encoded and designed with a deep-seated desire to create.

During these most important times of evolution and transformation, each of you has been drawn (or will be drawn) to the place in which you can be of the most service. Either by serving those around you – sharing your unique talents and gifts, or because you have specific energies encoded within your divine blueprint that are critical to the evolution of that area. Or you may have Light packets or frequencies within your brain structure that will help to activate the crystalline energies that have lain dormant within the Earth for many thousands of years. These great structures are waiting for you and for those who are in harmony with you so that, once again, they may project their radiant Light out into the solar system and also receive the refined frequencies now being beamed down upon the Earth.

These frequencies will also circle the globe as the golden web of Light is reestablished – a critical factor in the reunification process. Much has been accomplished, but there is still much to be done and each of you is a key player. As you join together and allow yourselves to be the transformers for this energy, you will draw it through your physical vessels so that it can pick up your unique frequency patterns before the combined frequencies are transmitted deep within the Earth’s crystalline core. Know that within your physical vessels and with your loving intent, you hold the keys which will help to bring these magnificent Light structures to life once more. And in this way, you will render great service to humanity and the Earth for this important process will help to ease the stress and strain of releasing the constraints and imperfections as you move through the fourth dimension toward the freedom and harmony of the fifth dimension.

Many of you are healing the ancient wounds and memories of Atlantis and Lemuria – while many others are activating the wondrous memories and energies of some of the great Light centers of the past. Then you will all use these energies to help you create the perfection of the future. You are being called to take brave and bold action as you go forward on your assigned missions. Remember, beloveds, you agreed. The drama and great transformation that are taking place on Earth have never been experienced before in all creation. You will be seen as divine architects who have braved the unknown in the farthest outpost in your universe – assuming a cloak of flesh and submerging yourself in the quagmire of third-dimensional illusion. Now it is time to shrug off those shackles that bind you. Now is the time for you to reclaim your divine birthright and your heritage. Oh, beloveds, if only you knew how you are cherished and how we honor you.

If only you could remember yourselves as you were and are in the higher dimensions, you would not be anxious or sad – you would know that you have all the power, wisdom and the tools to recreate paradise on Earth, and when the task is finished how easily you will return to your home among the stars. We wish to give you assurance that we are waiting to welcome you with open arms and that there will be a grand celebration. As all the deep core negative patterns emerge from deep within your memory and DNA to be cleared and dissolved once and for all, we sense your frustration, your confusion and your fears of being punished, or of having done something wrong. Let me assure you, precious ones, this is happening because you are doing something RIGHT, not wrong. We will not minimize your pain, or your discomfort, however, we will give you encouragement and direction.

A purification process is underway on Earth and within every sentient Being. As you allow the cleansing energies of Light to infiltrate throughout your body, you will release and refine everything of lesser vibration. Can you accept the fleeting discomfort as an opportunity to release that which does not serve your highest good? Then please use all the means at hand to relieve the symptoms or condition, knowing that at its completion you will be ready to accept even greater infusions of Light? We have tried to assist you in understanding the Universal Laws of Creation and the Seven Rays of Beingness or the virtues and attributes of the Creator for your solar system. The prisms of the Seven Cosmic Rays are growing stronger as they are projected via magnified Solar Light into your bodies in order to empower you and bring you into wholeness. You are coming of age as you take on your spiritual responsibility and gain the wisdom of a master, but there is still much to be done and discernment is more important than ever. You are moving out of the harmonics of seven into the galactic harmonics of twelve – this is why it is so important that you bring your physical chakra system into balance as you access the ever-increasing strength and power of the higher rays’ vibrations. Anchor your feet firmly on Earth, beloveds, as you reach for the stars – if you do not, your physical vessel will not be able to withstand the magnified influx of cosmic energy, and you will not be able to serve yourself or anyone else.

You depend on the Earth to support and sustain you, now it is time for you to assist your mother planet – your are inexorably joined together until you and the Earth spiral into the next level of illumination. As with every great change, the pendulum of popular belief or the mass consciousness, swings widely before it settles down to a sensible norm. There are many teachings and claims being circulated – many to empower and assist you, and many to frighten you and take away your power. Also there are many products being touted to speed up your enlightenment and ‘do the work for you.’ There are many legitimate tools and products which will help you on your path, but remember, beloveds, you must do the inner work – you must tread the path to en-Lighten-ment – no one else can do that for you. Your year is quickly coming to a close, as is the millennium – it is a time of celebration, not of fear or uncertainty. Your fears are unfounded for they are based on old third-dimensional illusions – if you have taken to heart the truths that we have given you, you have nothing to fear. It is a time of harvesting and of thanksgiving for many, while others in the world are suffering from deprivation.

We ask those of you who live in the lands of plenty to take an inventory as to what you must have to live comfortably. It is time to decide what is truly important in your lives. Must you have more, bigger and better gadgets and material goods to be happy and live in comfort? We think not. Your world is changing rapidly and, yes, we will tell you that as these next few years of your time pass, your priorities will change dramatically. We are not asking you to give up your possessions, but we are asking you to become aware that happiness, joy and satisfaction begin internally. As you allow your soul/spirit to take dominion within, you will no longer look outside yourselves for validation or happiness.

Will you also make this a time of forgiving? It is time to return to harmony – harmony among races, religions, cultures, as well is within the family, with friends and in the work place. Will you make a pledge to begin to see through eyes filtered with love and to hear with ears tempered by compassion and to radiate the love of Spirit through your heart? Oh, what a difference this would make, beloveds. Unity and harmony are the words to focus on during these swiftly – changing times. If everyone would take the words in this paragraph to heart and practice them, how quickly your world would transform for the better. It is you who suffer when you hold anger or judgment in your heart for you are restricting the flow of Christ Light to yourself. Love and appreciate the people around you for their uniqueness and diverse natures. If you see them as unlikable or unlovable, radiate love and compassion to the Spark of the Divine within them. Even if they are in fear and denial, know that they are seeking love and happiness in their own way and in their own time, they will step onto the path of divine love and harmony. If you teach by example, combined with your loving thoughts and deeds, you will assist in the transformation of many dear earthbound souls.

There is another issue which has been addressed before, but it needs to be refreshed in your mind. Know that you can be of great assistance to the many dear souls who are going through the physical death process. Include them in your daily prayers and add your loving energy to the column of white love/Light which extends up from the Earth into the higher dimensions. Then see all these dear souls moving upward into this column and being bathed in the blessed, purifying radiance of the Violet Flame. See the angels of mercy surrounding them and helping them in their release from the magnetic pull of the physical realm. The three lower astral planes no longer exist and so these beloved ones move quickly through the third and fourth dimensions into the Light. We know that you mourn your loved ones and those who are taken from you, and we are here to comfort you in your time of bereavement. But we wish you to know that they are rejoicing – they will be prepared to return to Earth with a greater awareness to assist in the evolutionary process, or they will assume duties in the realms of Light and serve from the inner dimensions. The veils between the dimensions are thinning and your telepathic skills are awakening – they will be waiting to interact with you when the time is right.

Know that wherever you live, you can help in the activation of the crystalline energies within the Earth. Join together whenever and as often as possible. We have given this meditation before, but now it is more important than ever that you participate in the awakening of the Earth and humanity:

Ask our Father/Mother God and all the great Beings of Light to join you. Breathe deeply as you see your pranic tube of Light being illuminated by a shaft of Golden White Light from the Creator Source and penetrating deep within the heart core of the Earth. Breath deeply and rhythmically of the Prana of Life and feel a vortex of energy build within your body. Sense a force begin to build, a whirlwind of Divine Power. Center your consciousness in your heart and feel the love for all Creation begin to permeate your Being down to the center of the Earth as you build this vortex of Cosmic energy within. See this whirlwind filled with the magic Violet Flame and a blazing shaft of magenta, centered with electric blue and a luminous white center – you are now a pillar of Light radiating the pure essence of the cosmic life force. Move your consciousness to your third eye and then, as we have taught you, move your focus to the center of your brain – you will ignite the keys and codes you carry within which are your gift and contribution to the master plan. Radiate a shaft of Light from your solar plexus and your third eye, seeing them with your inner vision forming a V until they come together before you, approximately three feet above the Earth. Watch with your mind’s eye as these energies ignite and spread around the globe, connecting with those of your spiritual brothers and sisters. See this column of Light expanding as it surrounds and enfolds the area you are in and then radiates out further and further each time you focus on it. Hold the vision and focus until you hear within your heart center: ‘It is done. It is done.’

My brave warriors, do not become discouraged – it is always the darkest before the dawn. You are making dramatic progress. The shadows and dark corners of the Earth and in the minds of humanity will not be able to resist the radiance of Christ Light much longer. Hold steadfastly to your vision. Have courage and encourage others as you march boldly into the Light of the future world. We stand beside you and enfold you in an aura of God’s love. I AM Archangel Michael.

Authors Details: Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. The Authors Web Site


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