Initiation – The First Four Initiations

Initiation is the process of Ascension. This is the process of living and mastering ones self through the successes and failures of this and / or other lives. There is a natural evolutionary process for creation called Ascension. As eternal spiritual beings in this physical incarnation our role is too experience, learn and master this dimension with love. The process of ascension is a change in the focus of your consciousness. This change is your soul accelerating into higher consciousness.

The result, expanded consciousness and control over certain aspects of your self and life as we know it. The process is a voluntary choice on the road to perfection. That means you can take as long as you like.


Each stage or initiation signifies a certain point in the process of ascension. This is the process of enlightenment or atonement (at one ment) This process can also be described as the soul shining through the personality and making its presence felt. The mastering of your ‘lower self’ or negative ego by your ‘higher self’

Initiation begins with the balancing of your physical, mental and emotional bodies over a period of time. A balance that is usually achieved through experience of life. Once a tendency towards the spiritual world is stronger than that of the material world the process begins.

It is tension that draws us from one initiation to the next. Points of crisis in our lives are often the stimulants that force us to change and then master certain aspects of ourselves. This degree of mastery at certain points on ‘the path’ creates a polarisation and vacuum, which in turn helps to pull us along to the next stage.

The First Initiation

The First Initiation is the bringing in of higher consciousness to your heart. An awakening of Christ consciousness in the human heart which stimulates the heart chakra and awakens this centre in you. This initiation involves mastering your physical body. It is symbolised in western religion with the birth of Christ.

The Second Initiation

The second Initiation is that which signifies some control over your emotions or your astral body. The lead up to this Initiation is often a time of intense emotional upheaval where the potency of your emotions are felt at full force. At this stage you have the ability to see yourself and others as they ‘really’ are and you start to move in the direction of becoming what you really are. This Initiation is symbolised in western religion as the baptism of Christ.

The Third Initiation

The central focus of the third Initiation is the control over the thought process. This initiation is the merging of you and your soul so that the will of god can be achieved through you. the thought process must be made a conscious process of clear, positive and spiritual thoughts. During this process the lower self is greatly purified which in turn enhances your psychic faculties. Western religion has symbolised this initiation as the transfiguration of Christ.

The Fourth Initiation

During the fourth Initiation you and your soul are in direct contact with your monad(1). You learn to view life as a series of lessons and your perception comes from the point of view of your Higher Self and Monad. At this stage the ‘bridge of light’ that links your personality with your Monad has been consciously built. The crucifixion is the religious symbolism for this initiation.

1. Monad: The Monad is the spark of god within each person. In the beginning the Monads were the divine sparks of the Creator. Each Monad created twelve souls. Each soul then created twelve personalities or soul extensions. The soul extension is that which is able to be birthed into three dimensional existence.

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