The Emergence of the World Teacher

A New Historical Perspective

From very ancient times a body of spiritual teaching known as the Ageless Wisdom, or esoteric philosophy, has been passed from generation to generation, usually by word of mouth, from teacher to pupil. It has been the wellspring for the arts and sciences of countless civilizations, as well as the common foundation of all the world’s religions.

According to the Ageless Wisdom teachings, humanity has advanced primarily through the influence of a succession of enlightened teachers who inspire us at the beginning of every new cosmic cycle or age. The wisdom and spiritual power of these teachers have been so far above the norm that followers have built religions around them to spread their teachings. We know some of these teachers as Krishna, Confucius, Zoroaster, the Buddha, the Christ, and Mohammed.

The scriptures of every major religion promise further revelations with the return of a great spiritual teacher. Today, while Christians hope for the return of Christ, Jews await the Messiah, Muslims look for the Imam Mahdi or Messiah, Hindus expect Krishna, and Buddhists anticipate the Fifth (Maitreya) Buddha.

Students of the Ageless Wisdom teachings know all these as different names for the same individual – the World Teacher – Maitreya.

Today, at the dawn of the Aquarian age, Maitreya has come to inspire humanity to create a civilization characterized by brotherhood, justice, and right relationship – based upon a more equitable sharing of the world’s resources.

Maitreya’s Emergence: A Chronology 1875:

The Ageless Wisdom teachings were first made available to the general public by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who received her information directly from the Masters of Wisdom – perfected, omniscient men who have attained their high spiritual status after lifetimes of human experience.

In her seminal works on the Ageless Wisdom, The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled, Blavatsky revealed that the Masters, together forming the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, have guided humanity from behind the scenes of everyday life for countless millennia. Periodically, at times of great human crisis, they send one of their own into the world to show humanity the way forward. Blavatsky established the Theosophical Society to introduce this new perspective on history and human evolution.

Between 1919 and 1949, Alice A. Bailey wrote a series of books dictated telepathically to her by a Master known as ‘the Tibetan’. Within the vast body of information given about the world and its future, the Tibetan revealed that the inevitability of the World Teacher’s return had been established, and that he would come at the middle or the close of this [the 20th] century.

January, 1959:

British artist Benjamin Creme was first contacted telepathically by one of the Masters of Wisdom, and three months later by Maitreya himself, who offered Creme the task of making known publicly his return.

Maitreya explained: “I myself am coming, sooner than anyone thinks possible. It will be in about 20 years, and you will have a role to play in my coming if you accept it.” Consenting to the unknown challenge, Creme began an arduous period of training designed to prepare him for the work that would ensue.

Since 1974, Creme has been the key individual speaking out on this subject, through worldwide public lectures and hundreds of interviews on radio and television, as well as through the print media. His information has been compiled into eight books and translated into numerous languages by groups responding to his message.

In July, 1977, according to Creme, Maitreya emerged from his center in the Himalayas, and traveled by plane from Pakistan to London, his ‘point of focus’ in the modern world – thus fulfilling the biblical prophecy that he would “come in the clouds”. Returning to humanity “like a thief in the night”, Maitreya established himself in London’s Indian-Pakistani community, where he soon became a spokesman for the underprivileged, voicing his concern with modern problems – political, economic, and social.

May, 1982: At an internationally-covered press conference in Los Angeles, Creme revealed where Maitreya was to be found. Creme challenged the world’s media to mount a symbolic search for Maitreya in London’s Asian community. This search, Creme said, would demonstrate humanity’s willingness to invite Maitreya forward and so allow him to reveal himself without violating human free will. The media did not respond to Creme’s invitation. One day after the press conference, the Falkland Islands War broke out, and no major news bureau followed through on Creme’s information.

August, 1987: Creme announced: “In the coming three or four months, Maitreya will be working intensively to bring about a breakthrough in international relations in the world.” Less than a month later, political meetings between the Americans and Soviets led to the armaments agreement no one had thought possible.

April, 1988: An associate of Maitreya began regular communication with two London-based journalists, relaying Maitreya’s forecasts of world events, which he makes from his knowledge of the Law of Cause and Effect. Between 1988 and 1993, this information was distributed to the world’s media and published monthly in Share International magazine. Maitreya predicted dramatic and unexpected international events weeks, months, or years before they happened. These events included: the rapprochement between the United States and Soviet Union; the growing power of ‘the people’s voice’, demonstrating most dramatically in Eastern Europe; the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union; the release of Nelson Mandela and the ending of apartheid in South Africa; the resignation of Margaret Thatcher (a prediction made at the height of her political popularity); the defeat of George Bush in the 1992 US presidential election; the peace initiatives in the Middle East and Northern Ireland; earthquakes in Armenia in 1988, and in California and China in 1989; the new worldwide focus on the environment. Yet to come is an international stock market collapse, which will force governments to re-order their priorities in favor of providing all their citizens with the basic necessities of life.

June, 1988: Maitreya’s associate stated: “The signs of Maitreya’s presence in the world will continue to increase … he is going to flood the world with such happenings that the mind can never comprehend it.” Within months, ‘crosses of light’ were discovered in the windows of homes near Los Angeles, and later in Canada, France, England, Japan, New Zealand and the Philippines. This phenomenon was accompanied by an increase in other inexplicable events, such as weeping statues of the Virgin Mary, apparitions of Mary and Jesus, crop circles, ‘angelic’ encounters, and vanishing hitchhikers. As the signs continued to manifest worldwide, media coverage increased.

June 11, 1988: Maitreya suddenly appeared ‘out of the blue’ at a Christian prayer meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. Thousands attending instantly recognized him as the Christ. He spoke to them in their own language and many reported being cured of major illnesses. The Kenya Times reported that, afterwards, a man saw Maitreya take a few steps and then simply disappear. The Times photographed Maitreya, and the story was picked up and reported by international news organizations.

1991-present: As in Kenya in 1988, Maitreya continues to appear miraculously throughout the world, mainly at meetings of orthodox religious groups. Prior to his appearance in different locales, he potentizes water in the area with healing energy. In Mexico, Germany, and India the healing waters have been discovered, and millions of people have been drawn to the sites. Many claim they have been cured of illnesses such as AIDS, cancer, arthritis, and glaucoma after drinking the water. In August 1993, the American television program “CBS Up-to-the-Minute” aired a week-long series on the healing waters in Tlacote, Mexico. The reporter cited laboratory results which found the water to be “lighter than normal water”. She herself claimed that using the water cured an eye infection in less than one-third the time her doctor had predicted it would take. Other inexplicable events continue to make the headlines, including the 1995 worldwide phenomenon of Hindu religious icons reported to be ‘drinking’ milk offered by worshippers and skeptics alike. Among Muslims, sacred messages formed in perfect Arabic script have been found in and on garden vegetables both in the Middle East and the UK.

Day of Declaration

Maitreya is expected to make his first major public appearance via an American television network. This will lead to the ‘Day of Declaration’, when he will speak to all of humanity inwardly, in their own language and, at the same time, hundreds of thousands of healings will take place. Those who have television will also see his face – broadcast by an international satellite hook-up set in place by the world’s media. In this way, people everywhere will come to know the World Teacher is among us.


Maitreya’s first priority is to inspire us to feed the 24,000 people per day – three-quarters of whom are children – who die from hunger in a world with a 10% per capita surplus. Establishing proper housing, medical care and education as basic human rights are next on his list. And, at the same time, his presence will lead to a new respect for the natural world and a host of creative solutions to the environmental crisis.


Maitreya has not come to start a new religion. He is a teacher, guide and counselor for all humanity — regardless of religious affiliation. He will show us how to apply the principle of love in all our relationships — whether they are in the economic, political, educational, cultural or social spheres. He will lead us to the recognition of our true spiritual heritage as ‘sparks of God’. Out of this greater awareness and creative power will come a new livingness, harmony and joy. We will learn the principle of sharing and a profound understanding of the oneness of all life.

Reprinted with the kind permission of Share International Magazine – April 2000.

Authors Details: Share International Magazine.


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