The Doorway of Paradox

Germane: We wish to discuss the idea of polarity and paradox. The perspective we are going to give you tonight will be a key tool in all of your experiences for the rest of your life if you know how to use it.

We may have to use analogy to explain some concepts. In this reality that we all inhabit together (including us), the template is polarity.

Examples of this are black/white, yin/yang, male/female.

No matter how polarity manifests itself, you are going to find it everywhere in reality. The challenge for all of you (especially when you incarnate into a physical reality) is the challenge of learning to live with this polarity not as if you were a victim of it, but as a way to learn to uplift yourself into a greater level of consciousness. There are lots of issues on your world that are very emotionally charged such as gun control, abortion, and the death penalty. On your world, from the time you are able to hear speech, you are unconsciously (and sometimes even consciously) programmed to form opinions about things and to stick to those opinions. Often these opinions take on a life of their own within your consciousness. As they do, they create a wall around them so that you, from inside the opinion, cannot see the other point of view. The people on the other end have their own hard shells around their opinions as well, and when you meet, you clash.

This has been the nature of your reality for eons, as you can see with all the wars on your world. How can individuals feel strongly and passionately about something like gun control, which manifests the template of polarity, but at the same time see both sides so that instead of being on one end of the spectrum or the other, they can move to the center point?

The Center Point – The Point of Power

The center point is the point of power because from there you can see both sides. Now, you might want to lean toward one side or another. That is quite all right. But the first key is being able to see both sides and have compassion for individuals living on both sides. As soon as you can have compassion, you will be moving toward the center point, the balance point. The more compassion and love you feel for those individuals at the other end of the polarity, the more you actually come to center and to balance. Let us draw a line with the two polarities on each opposite end. As you move toward the center point between polarities, you are going to encounter a challenge that has confounded people for as long as people have been pondering the universe. This challenge you will find at the center point is called paradox. All of you know what a paradox is. Most of you have encountered your own paradoxes. But we would like to give you a new definition of the idea of paradox:

A paradox happens when you are at the center point, equally viewing both polarities.

If you experience paradox in your life, you have found a doorway to great truth, because it means you’ve hit that center point. Do you know what we mean by this? Individuals on your world who have engaged in a lot of intellectual discussion often miss the point of the value of paradox, because when a paradox is encountered, one who is ruled by the intellect will attempt to challenge the paradox intellectually, to tear it down, to fuel a certain polarity. So when one intellectually challenges a paradox, you leave the moment of that balance point, which is very heart-centered and compassionate, and go back into polarity. Your mass consciousness is like a snowball rolling down a hill right now. It is gathering a lot of momentum as it’s moving toward the doorway of the new millennium. Many of you are being faced with a feeling that you have to form an opinion about something, or else you are seeing people around you becoming very polarized and solidified in their opinions. When you see that, you may then perhaps feel a distance from these people. Are you experiencing that? It doesn’t mean that they are less spiritual than you, and it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you because you are not able to tolerate them any longer. It doesn’t mean anything other than you are coming closer to the center point of balance, much more able to view polarity outside yourself and more able to view people still stuck in those different issues, whatever the issue may be. If those people choose, you are therefore much more able to assist them. You will find greater peace of mind if you are able to maintain that center point and view the polarity around you from outside of it. If your friends and loved ones try to suck you into their drama or their polarity, you can still be infinitely compassionate, yet not join them in their drama.

At first this may sound like juggling too many balls or learning to ride a bicycle when you don’t know how, but soon you will realize that that state of detachment can be a profound sense of compassion. As you begin to become more familiar with this state, you will be able to hold that frequency or state of mind for longer and longer periods. Eventually this will rub off on those around you. The more individuals on your world who are able to hold that center point of compassion, the more you will experience a paradigm shift as a mass consciousness and as a species. You will then no longer allow polarity to dominate you. Instead, you can use polarity to help you experience the state of paradox, which is a doorway into a greater truth. Please do not feel that you have to allow your friends and loved ones to suck you into the different polarity structures. If you feel that pressure from someone, take some deep breaths and go into that center, that quiet space inside you, and find where compassion lives. Then see if you can generate compassion for the plight of the person who wants to suck you in. Find love for the person. Loving that person does not mean joining their drama, and this has been something that humans have been confused about for quite a long time. You can fully love without joining the drama.

Now we are going to give you a little exercise for your spare time. It is very easy. Perhaps it would be good to do at night before you go to sleep.

Exercise to Generate Realizations about Dark and Light

Light a candle and lie in your bed. Watch the flame, and then watch the play of shadows on the wall. If there is any air circulation in your room, the shadows will be moving. Begin to open yourself to more subtle observations about darkness and light by using the candle flame, the candlelight, and the shadows it throws as physicalized examples of dark and light. See what you can learn. See what type of realizations you can generate just by watching the candlelight and the shadows it creates.

You can do it ten minutes if you want. The more you do it and the deeper you allow yourself to let go and just observe, the more insights you will have into yourself, into your own light, into your own shadows, and how shadows or darkness play out externally in your life as well as the light. There will be many, many layers of realization as you watch this. But more than at any other time, now it is important to not be threatened by polarity, to not feel as if you have to be victim to it, but to hold that center in whatever way you can. You can each find your own trick to do it, whether by watching the candle or finding compassion through the heart. Then you will be an infinite light for those around you who are also seeking that balance. This is a way each of you can be of service without having to know anything, without having to be a spiritual teacher, without having to study, but by simply being you. Very easy. Paradox is such a wonderful tool.

Question: What do you mean by it being a doorway into a greater truth? Does that mean integration of polarities?

You know, we have to be allowed to tease you sometimes. If we told you what was behind the door, maybe you wouldn’t want to go. [Laughs.] Intellectual paradox can lead to an energetic feeling of paradox, but there is a moment when you encounter the full depth of paradox that can actually be felt in your body if you are sensitive enough. It is very difficult to describe, especially since I do not have a body, but you will feel a shift, a sense of dual vision kick in when you experience profoundly the energy of paradox. In that moment when you have that dual vision, you literally create a doorway that can lead you to journeys outside the domination of polarity. Let us just say the doorway leads into realms in which polarity is not necessarily the dominant teaching theme. The individuals on your world who have worked the most with the doorway of paradox have been the Tibetan monks and other Eastern traditions, but primarily Tibetan. In the past, of course, monks have pondered perhaps their whole life on this doorway, but because energy is shifting on your world and individuals are moving through their lessons a lot more quickly, you do not have to ponder this doorway your whole life. You can actually experience it one little step at a time. The truth you encounter as you move through the doorway of paradox will be different for each of you. It may relate directly to your personal life: You may suddenly get a very clear vision about what to do in a certain situation. Or it may have nothing to do with your physical life. It may be a spiritual journey that leads to a greater enrichment of self. It will be different for each person, but once you sense that doorway of paradox and feel it – and you will feel it – the journey is unique for each of you. We cannot be more specific.

Question: I have an illustration. Ten years ago a client told me that she had dreamed that she went to Germany and saw a concentration camp, and there were flowers growing. She said, “What to you think that means?” It took me to an entirely different level, just pondering those two images at the same time.

Thank you. We will give you another example, which kind of expounds on that one. It is drawn from the channel’s own experience when she went to Hiroshima, Japan. At ground zero where the bomb had been dropped, there is something called Peace Park, a park devoted to global peace. When you go there, the symbols of peace will bring you to tears. In the middle of the park stands a ruined building – the only building that survived incineration. Beautiful paper cranes made by the schoolchildren all over the country are draped through the trees. There are flowers, people are meditating, and praying, and schoolchildren are singing. Then you walk perhaps 50 yards away and there is the Hiroshima Museum. When you go inside, there is a stone block with a human shadow on it that was once a wall of a building. The person was incinerated in the blast. The horror in this museum is beyond comprehension, but when you walk outside, the feeling of joy and peace is amazing. When you sit in that park you experience the doorway of paradox. Or when you sit in that concentration camp, feeling the horrors and admiring the flowers, you experience that doorway of paradox. Perhaps this will give you a tangible example so that you can look at the different situations in your life where paradox exists.

Question: When I’ve had experiences like that, it feels to me like a heart expansion.

Yes, because the only way you can move and expand into the universe is through the heart. So the doorway of paradox is a doorway through the heart, absolutely. Our orientation as entities is not physical, and this is why we enjoy these conversations with you so much. You can bring in the physical element, which helps to communicate more clearly what we are attempting to say. We appreciate it very much.

Question: Would the doorway of paradox not be similar to unconditional love?

Yes, that’s what it becomes. However, in your reality here, though many of you have had moments of unconditional love, you are often pulled away from it by polarity. It’s the nature of the reality. It has nothing to do necessarily with your inability as humans, but when you move through that doorway, yes, you will experience unconditional love. When you sit in Peace Park or in that concentration camp, your heart opens for all the people who have suffered there and you feel the beauty of the place. That is the essence of unconditional love. Very well put, thank you.

Question: There’s a film called Baraka that was made to create this space in people. People don’t always see it that way, but it is just images. It begins with beautiful images of people praying, then it goes into the images of the concentration camps, tearing down the rain forests, things like that. It has a beautiful image of the Ganges where people are washing clothes and children are playing while a body is burning on a pyre. My brother is a friend of the person who created this movie, and that was his purpose.

Yes. It takes a keen eye and an open heart to fully commit emotionally to an experience such as that instead of judging it. If anyone in your world can fully commit to the emotions behind these most profound experiences on your planet, it will always lead to that space of unconditional love – always. But you have to fully commit to it emotionally instead of judging it, and that has been very difficult for humankind. Another fine example is the Dalai Lama and the other Tibetan priests and lamas who have watched their fellow priests murdered and tortured. They have not sought vengeance, but have simply watched with the utmost compassion. When you watch them, it is as if their very being embodies the doorway of paradox. They become the doorway, and any individuals who encounter them can have a choice then to walk through that doorway and experience that love. But it does take emotional commitment.

Question: There is a story about the end of WWII when the Americans were liberating a concentration camp. A commanding officer was liberating the camp. The medics were helping the survivors. He was so horrified by what he saw that he went to the commandant of the camp and struck him to the ground and beat him. Then he burst into tears, realizing the horror of what he had just done, what the commandant had done, and what he became himself.

When you boil it down, what everyone wants is love, whether it’s Hitler or the Dalai Lama. Everyone wants to be loved and to be free to give love. Often what causes pain is the wounds that have gone unhealed. People are too afraid to emotionally commit to others, but that emotional commitment can lead to freedom from the chains of the wounds. That individual, we are sure, experienced a great lesson. Each one of you in your daily life already has the skills to live in the same place, to embody the doorway of paradox within you. The challenge is not that you lack the skills. The challenge is retraining yourself so that this becomes the habitual way to live. Right now the habitual way to live is with polarity. Polarity will always exist because of the nature and template of this reality. The doorway of paradox is built on polarity, so it is an essential component. So we’re not talking about eliminating polarity, we are talking about using it like fusion to create an energy source that propels you into another level of reality. That’s the key to why you set up polarity to begin with: It is an energy source. All is energy, so you’re all fusing the atom, so to speak.

Question: City dwellers like a flash of excitement to get their attention, which is normally somewhat sedated by the lifestyle here in this valley [Phoenix area]. I can look 10 feet in any direction and see intact desert ecology, then see some gargantuan machine stripping the land. That’s pretty tangible, a stepping stone to the heavier issues being discussed here.

How we choose to see this will perhaps give our own paradoxical twist to it. You all want togetherness so much, to learn to live together, that you are forcing yourselves on each other in order to bring the lesson home. Perhaps we are Pollyanna-ish, but we stand by our interpretation!

Question: It sounds like a viable perspective to the ambitious real estate agent, actually! [Laughter.]

Well, we have not discovered ways to capitalize on paradox yet, but someone in your world eventually will! [More laughter.]

The Void and the Light: Two Equal Forces

Question: Can you talk a little bit about experiencing the door to be able to see the light?

Well, first you have the void, which one could say would be darkness, but if you don’t have any light to contrast with the void, do you actually think anything is missing? We’re speaking in riddles here just to get your mind going a little. Now, if you lived in a reality of intense white light as profound as the void – its opposite – and there was nothing to cast a shadow, would you know what darkness was? These things we are talking about are some of the thoughts that might come to you as you do your candle exercise. You can see that darkness and light cannot be defined without each other. Ahh, a paradox! Through time many have come to think that darkness means bad and light means good, and that you must focus only on the light. Sasha has told a very poignant story in the past about her civilization. Every civilization, of course, has its own challenges. Right now yours is the integration of polarity and moving back into the heart. The challenge of Sasha’s civilization (a civilization from the Pleiades) was that they were so focused on the light that their own darkness had to manifest itself clearly so it could no longer be denied. They manifested this through a plague that nearly wiped them out. This was a great many thousands of years ago. They tried all the medicine and healing but they could not get rid of this plague. They had to look to their own spirit guides, to their shamans and holy people, who were finally able to get the answer: The plague was a manifestation of the darkness they had denied within themselves. Once they eventually learned to integrate the darkness, they learned a more healthy and balanced way of living. As we said, dark and light are both essential to existence in this reality, and your challenge is to learn to balance and use each of them. If you look at the void, it’s darkness, there is nothing there. It’s not an evil void, it is just a void. If you look at the light, it’s just light. They are both neutral in that sense. If you look at the type of batteries that run your radios, they have a positive end and a negative end that’s like the void and the light. Only by using the batteries with two electrical charges (positive and negative) can you create the energy necessary to turn on your radio. The same can be said for this reality. The universe is the same way. You need the void and you need the light. Ultimately, the void (from which all is born) has been characterized as female; the light has been characterized as male. This is neither positive nor negative, bad nor good. It is simply the void and light, male and female. If the void is characterized as female and is considered the darkness, you begin to see the profound power of the female, which all of you have inside of you. (Some say the void had to exist before the light, which puts a new twist on the metaphor of “man” creating “woman”.) We are not talking about female gender, but about female energy. Why has the female energy been so feared and hidden and so controlled? It is a tremendous source of power, neither bad nor good. But there are two equal forces. In your own psyche you all have those forces, and whether you are male or female you have a cycle in your psyche where you are more dominated by the light and another where you are more dominated by the void. When you are in the void, it is an introspective time and you may destroy old parts of yourself in order to make room for the new. When you are in the light, it is a time when you manifest, when you birth new aspects of self. This is a very natural cycle. Women (luckily or unluckily, it is your choice) manifest this often through the menstrual cycle. You may not think it is very good when you go into the moontime and become introspective and crabby, but one of the reasons it has become such an uncomfortable time for women in the 20th century is because the power of that time has been misunderstood and denied. Men also have this cycle within the psyche. Each man’s cycle is slightly different. Cultures such as the Mayans have taught about these cycles. In a general sense, some of the Mayan teachings say that the men’s cycle is 23 days. Men reading these words might want to take five minutes every day to go inward to see where you are in the cycle. Then you can start knowing and predicting your cycle so that when you are in the void you can use the energy for an introspective period. When you’re in the light cycle, you can use that for creating the things in your reality that you wish to create. Females, also. These are nature cycles, and by recognizing their existence within you, you can consciously use them for your benefit instead of feeling powerless.

Let’s move now toward the idea of darkness or evil. If you do not harness the energy of these cycles, or if you do not go into the void when it is your natural time to do so and view whatever archetypal battles might be playing out there or whatever issues may need to be addressed, or if you miss a cycle and then another cycle and still another, the demons (so to speak) get larger and larger and larger until they start to interfere with your psyche. You then start manifesting uncomfortable situations in your life that could have been taken care of in your psyche early on. Many native traditions on your planet have taught how to use these cycles and to confront the void during the appropriate time so that the void/darkness never has to be manifested in the physical. Many of you are now relearning this vital skill. Perhaps it is frustrating because you haven’t been taught the tools. Even though there are workshops and books that help you discover these tools, it takes tremendous energy to relearn them because you’ve spent 20, 30, 40, 50 years learning a different way. Often it seems like the unlearning takes longer than the learning. But, simply knowing this information about these dark and light cycles within the psyche will be of immense value to you. Now, open your imagination to how you can use the knowledge of these cycles for your greater good. If you meditate or even just daydream, it is possible that you can be told by your higher self the best way to deal with these cycles. However, it is essential that they are addressed. The byproduct of utilizing this natural energy current of your being is that you become more empowered. You are consciously using your energy. Whether it’s withdrawing and going within or manifesting outward, you are still consciously using it. This means that you know how to build and hold power. You can then be a more effective manifestor. We do not mean manifesting trivial things, but manifesting your life’s path with the clarity of the eyes of your soul. So it is an overview manifestation – not necessarily a manifestation of the ego desires, but of the greater vision of your soul here on Earth. This helps integrate those energies and actually takes you back to the center point of balance outside polarity through the doorway of paradox and into the heart.

Compassion – The Doorway to Integration

Question: Let’s say a situation arises. If you remain neutral with that situation, you are not going to pick up the frequency of judgment. Therefore you are going to be closer to who you really are.

Yes, and one of the keys to remaining neutral – because there is a difference between intellectual neutrality and emotional neutrality – is compassion. That will flip you from the mind into the heart. Not many of you have difficulty with compassion. All of you are compassionate; you each have a doorway. Maybe it’s with animals, the environment, racial issues or sexual issues, but each of you has your own doorway that flips you into compassion. You can use that doorway at first like training wheels on a bicycle to get you to compassion, then pretty soon you’ll be able to do it without the training wheels. Compassion is the key, because then you will be in neutrality and out of polarity. It’s simpler than it sounds; it’s just the training-wheel part that is a little bit frustrating at first.

Question: I’m a little confused about compassion being the center point. I was thinking about love and hate or positive and negative. Compassion is sort of (in my mind, anyway) a negative to love’s positive and a positive to hate’s negative. It almost feels like compassion is another end of polarity itself, to each of the ideas at the other ends of the spectrum.

You cannot experience two polarities simultaneously except through their integration, which is different than experiencing them as two separate ideas. This means that you have to have a third element to take you out of polarity. Let’s say that the third element exists up here and forms a triangle between the polarities of love and fear. This third element has to have enough of a connection with both polarities to be able to be the doorway. That means it would have to have love in it, but it would also have to have room for fear, and the potential to use both of those energies as fuel to create the third element. You said you see the connection to compassion and love. But compassion also has a profound connection to fear. When you’re walking through Peace Park in Hiroshima or in a concentration camp, even though there might be lots and lots of different emotions that come up, there is also a profound fear. Whether it’s a fear that you could be a victim, or that the world is going to hell in a handbasket, whatever it is, you will find fear among the other emotions. So this third element has to be an evolution of both of those emotions. Besides compassion, there can be other emotional evolutions of polarity, but we are focusing on compassion here because it has to do with the heart, and that is where we want to focus our energy. The idea of compassion is an evolution. If you take love and fear, or even love and hate, and evolve them like an equation, you will get compassion. Compassion is not just an extension of love, it’s an extension of other emotions combined together to create a new level of being. We’re having a challenge talking about this because we’re attempting to talk with words and intellect about something that has to do with the heart. Once you experience it, you will understand much better than when we communicate it with words.

Simultaneous Love/Fear Transmutes Polarity

Question: I do understand it better with my soul than I do with my head.

So play with it a little bit more in your own musings and meditations, and if you’re really brave you might want to say to your higher self, your guides, “Give me a situation where I can experience this.” If you are brave! [Laughs.] Here is a true example. There was a woman who was attacked with the intent of bodily harm. Obviously this created a huge amount of fear in the woman, but somehow when she was attacked (this woman was very psychically open), she knew the pain of the attacker. He had been beaten as a child, or molested, or whatever. And she loved him. In that moment she gave him love, which is the opposite polarity of fear. As she was experiencing fear, she suddenly shifted – bang! – into love, which brought both emotions together into compassion. In that moment the burglar gave her back her purse and wept like a baby (this is a true story). He apologized for almost hurting her (at that point he hadn’t beaten her) and left. That’s an example of starting in one polarity, moving rapidly into the next and then moving into the heart through compassion, whereupon the entire reality shifts. This is a tangible example that can get your mind and heart going a little bit. You can play with it, feel the emotional nuances of this experience, and it will lead you into deeper and deeper understanding. Over the years we’ve heard many stories from many of you about similar experiences, maybe not as dramatic, but where you experienced something emotionally, shifted to the other mode, and moved into the heart whereupon the entire situation changed. This is going to be happening more and more. The difference is that you can consciously shift it if you want. Each time you are experiencing an undesirable situation (maybe you’ve hit a deadlock with a friend), try to go into love or compassion. Put yourself in that person’s shoes, feel what they’re feeling. That will take you back to that center point of paradox and open the door. When you get there, the reality will shift. As long as you have sincerely done that, the reality will shift. As you become more adept at this, you will quickly begin to see how effective it is.

Question: How close is compassion to forgiveness?

It depends upon the situation.

Question: I’m thinking of a concentration camp where families had to witness their loved ones being mutilated. The only way they could get rid of the hatred and bitterness that enveloped their minds was through absolute forgiveness of the other person. They often met the person later and experienced that.

Forgiveness can indeed be a byproduct of compassion. You will find that it comes afterward, although sometimes it may feel simultaneous. In certain situations there may not be anyone to forgive, but in situations such as that, when you get to that point, forgiveness is natural. Sometimes a therapist might tell you that you have to forgive a person. Well, you can’t forgive someone like you cook soup. There is no recipe. First you have to make the emotional commitment to go into compassion or into the heart, and then everything unravels from there. It’s not something one can control from the head, but something one commits to through the heart.

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Lyssa Royal is an internationally known channel and author. Germane considers himself to be a non physical group consciousness associated with the Orion Light – a future integrated version of the galactic family of which we on Earth are a part. He chose the name “Germane” because of it’s english definition: “Coming from the same source, or significantly relevant to.” There is no connection to St. Germain.
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