Dangers Of The Ouija Board

I need to discuss the dangers of the Ouija board because this seems to be a popular way that people get access to the spirit world. Often the people who use a Ouija board are very inexperienced in talking with non physical entities and also spiritually naïve and asleep which creates a problem I shall discuss below.

Halloween tends to come with an increase in interest to anything relating to the paranormal.  Basic questions are asked, are there ghosts and do they exist?  One of the easiest and quickest ways to communicate with the spirit or non physical world is through an Ouija board. It makes no difference if this is factory or home made. They are all equally dangerous and some people will say that no amount of psychic protection can protect you from the dangers associated with this type of communication.

dangers of the ouija board

Does the Ouija Board Work?

Yes it works. How?  Whether using a planchette or a glass, the participants are focusing their energies onto a very small space.  They are giving power and psychic energy to the tools the are using.  It is this energy and the implied open invitation for anyone to communicate that opens the doorway to the astral worlds.

The difficulty is once these astral doorways are opened you cannot always close them and the experience can last long after the game has ended.  This is particularly true of the type of person that resorts  to the Ouija board as they are often inexperienced. A planchette or glass is like a shining beacon of energy for the dwellers of the astral world. Unfortunately the entities they usually attract are the occupants of the lower astral world, this is the plane where entities reside who have departed from this world and have not transcended to higher realms. It’s also the area where negative entities or the “beasts” that are not of this world live.

Dangers Of The Ouija Board

If you are lucky a loved one or guide will come through, but this doesn’t happen for most people and if you are inexperienced you will have no way to verify this. It is also nearly impossible to tell the difference between someone of the light and someone pretending to be so.  This is because the Ouija board removes the safety features associated with communicating with non physical entities.  When a Medium or Clairvoyant communicates – besides being experienced – they do so through their own energy field this means they can feel and sense the link.

Even without psychic protection in place they will know immediately if the link is of the light or just pretending.  If they were using a glass or a planchette they would lose the closeness of the connection and their ability to be able sense the energy of the communicator. This is magnified when multiple people are using the Ouija board together as often happens, there is a muddling of energy and you don’t know what your friend is attracting.

By using the Ouija board you are inviting astral entities with an open invitation. It’s possible that these entities remain attached to your energy field and create all sorts of drama in your life. This is done by subtly creating fear, anger and dis-harmony in you, these entities feed from this.  The mere mention of the Ouija board with it’s history and rich associated imagery carries a negative energy and connotation that should keep you away if you understand how energy attracts similar energy.

Life & Energy Reflects And Attracts

Energetically you attract what or who you are. People who are new to spirituality / personal development are more likely to be stuck in the lower energy aspects of life and will therefore attract similar entities when accessing the astral world – this is also a problem for experienced mediums and clairvoyants. However they have the benefit of experience. Once you learn to integrate higher consciousness and how to move beyond the lower ego state – which can be done through the work of personal development – communicating with the non physical entities around you will become much safer. I would still stay away from the Ouija board.

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