The Crowley Concept Of Nuit & Hadit


In Egyptian mythology, Nuit was the sky goddess, in contrast to most other mythologies, where the Sky Father is nearly always male. Nuit is a daughter of Shu and Tefnut. She was one of the Ennead. The sun god Ra entered her mouth after the sun set in the evening and was reborn from her vulva the next morning. She also swallowed and rebirthed the stars.

She was a goddess of death, and her image is on the inside of most sarcophagi. The pharaoh entered her body after death and was later resurrected.

In art, Nuit is depicted as a woman wearing no clothes, covered with stars and supported by Shu; opposite her (the sky), is her husband, Seb (the Earth). With Seb, she was the mother of Osiris, Horus, Isis, Set, and Nephthys.

Alternatives: Nu, Nut

Hadit, “the great god, the lord of the sky,” is depicted on the Stele of Revealing in the form of the winged disk of the Sun.

Hadit is the principal speaker of the second chapter of the Book of the Law, where he identifies himself as the point in the center of the circle, the axle of the wheel, the cube in the circle, “the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star,” and the worshipper’s own self. Hadit has been interpreted as the inner spirit of man, the Holy Ghost, the sperm in which the DNA of man is carried, the Elixir Vitae. When juxtaposed with Nuit in Liber Legis Hadit represents each unique point-experience. These point-experiences in aggregate comprise the sum of all possible experience, Nuit.


Nuit is the main speaker in the first chapter of the Book of the Law and the feminine compliment to the deity Hadit. Nuit is the infinitely vast circle whose circumference is unmeasurable and whose center is everywhere. Hadit is the infinitely small point within the core of every single thing. The union of the two is yet another glyph of the Great Work.

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  1. Can I ask? Do u know if these characters and story’s that came out in Crowley’s “book of the law” are written anywhere in Egypt too? Or in any Egyptian texts?

    1. Luke Frederick

      Of Course. That is the source. He did not make these up. Nuit is Nut and Hadit is Heru Pa Khard. But it really doesn’t stop there. This concept is in all religions and spiritual systems all over the world. You just have to study. Hadit is also the Ismailian HADD,or Limit, which is the Lord of the Self. Ever aspiring to the limit beyond itself. So this relates to Heru as the aspiration of the self. It is much more to this. It will blow your mind!!!!!


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