The Constitution of Man

Man is the manifestation in physical matter of the spiritual Monad, a single spark of the one spirit. The final objective as far as man, the individual, is concerned, is that his physical life and activities should be brought under complete and conscious control of the soul, the reflection of the Monad, or the Christ within.

Through that control he must dominate circumstances, and make environment the instrument with which to manipulate matter. In this process he has to work in, with, and through energy or, as it is also known, electric force, which has to be applied and directed through three types of form, manifested as:

a. The mental body, the first aspect

b. The astral or emotional body, the second aspect

c. The physical body, the third aspect

The mental vibration holds the key to the situation, and by means of the will seeks to co-ordinate the functions of the physical body. In some respects it endeavours to link up the consciousness with the three forms, but it may also repulse and cause separation.


The astral vibration deals with the quality of the individual, determines his attractive or repulsive aspects, and also contains the psychic element. The dense physical level is where consciousness or spirit is reflected in the material form. The force holding the three forms together and allowing them to function as a coherent whole, is contained within the vital or etheric body which is controlled by the seven centres of energy; these centres are responsible for the vitalisation and co-ordination of the bodies, and they correlate these forms with the soul, the main centre of consciousness.

The correct way of representing the constitution of man would be in the descending order of Monad, triad, soul, personality. But as this exposition is primarily intended for the average man who is still mainly self-centered, it will perhaps be better understood if the personality is used as the point of reference, and if his path of unfoldment is indicated in rising order, the path of return to the Father’s home.

The principal items as set out below, will subsequently be considered in greater detail:

I. The Personality:

The physical plane man or lower self. The personality is a triple concept, composed of:

1. The physical body, containing the dual aspects of

(a) The etheric or vital body.
(b) The dense physical body.

2. The emotional or astral body.

3. The mental body, including the lower or concrete mind.

II. The Soul:

Also known as the ego, higher Self, inner ruler, the Christ within, or the son of mind. The soul is not a body. It is the linking or middle principle, representing the relation between spirit and matter; the link between God and His form; the Christ principle. The soul is that which provides consciousness, character and quality to all manifestations in form, and it is therefore also the inner guide of the personality.

The degree of progressive spiritual unfoldment in man is an indication of the extent to which the soul is asserting its influence, until eventually the lower self is fully controlled by the soul, and the doors are opened to the higher spiritual influences to the energies from the Monad, the Father. The highest aspect of the soul is represented by the higher or abstract mind, which simultaneously is the lowest aspect, and therefore the connecting link, between the soul and the spiritual triad.

III. The Spiritual Triad:

This is the triple reflection of the Monad, through which the Father functions at lower levels. It is expressed as:

1. Spiritual Will,

2. Intuition, Love-Wisdom, the Christ principle,

3. Higher or Abstract Mind.

The triad stands, on a higher level, in the same relationship to the Monad as the personality stands to the soul – the lower being the instrument through which the higher is functioning.

IV. The Monad:

or pure spirit, the Father in heaven, reflecting the triplicity of deity:

1. Divine Will or Power – The Father.

2. Love-Wisdom – The Son

3. Active Intelligence – The Holy Spirit.

Direct contact between the Monad (the triad) and personality is only effected when man is nearing the end of his journey of experience in the three lower worlds, and when the gap in consciousness between spirit and matter has been bridged by the `lighted way’. The personality then becomes a direct instrument of service under the direction of the Monad, by-passing the soul, which then becomes redundant and is absorbed within the Monad.

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