The Aura

The Aura

The Aura is a electromagnetic energy field that co-exists within different planes of reality. In a physical sense it is an irradiation of light that can be perceived clairvoyantly approximately two inches around the physical shell. There is also an etheric aura which can be perceived as a different quality light, usually pale grey to white. This is approximately two and a half feet around the body form or shell.

The Aura

You also have an astral aura that can be perceived up to twenty seven and a half feet to the left, to the right, above and below. The aura therefore is electromagnetic energy that has the capacity to receive, transmit and to store information. This is does most efficiently, both in the negative and positive way within the formation of third dimensional reality to that which is termed flesh, bones and nerve endings. It does the same thing in the etheric levels, the astral levels and the mental levels.

The aura is generated by electrical pulses, that come from the main centres within the essence that the personality is using, in relation to the various levels of form that are required to collect, store and to transmit data. Since in the process of evolution as form develops down here on the planet, we move through the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.

We tend to build up the auric emanations and the storage of energy through direct experience that we receive in each of these first three planes. Therefore the lifeform of those who adhere to reincarnation and manifest in this way will reflect where they have been and where they are going.

The the more evolved person manifesting within a physical body, will have a much lighter degree of frequency surrounding his space and his aura, because of the practicality of experience of living in matter over many lifetimes, bearing in mind that the average soul has eight million four hundred thousand lifetimes to play with and therefore the emanations of the aura will reflect the degree of experience or not as the case may be, not only in the physical evolution of body form or shell, but also on the inner planes where the manifestation of light normally is considerably greater. To the trained eye, in a psychic sense or spiritual sense, the person perceiving the aura can read from that aura a tremendous amount of data about the physical wellness or un-wellness of the person.


Since the aura is made up of so many millions of frequencies, and these can be described as something akin to cobwebs running parallel to each other, millions and millions of them, each of these cobwebs vibrating, at a certain harmony. The collected and individual experience that the incoming soul, wearing the various levels of matter will collect, can be perceived within these cobwebs as the holding mechanisms that the aura will therefore indicate.

Kirlian Photography

Since 1948 Aura’s in our particular civilization have been photographed through the use of Kirlian photography, but of course over many thousands of years, aura’s have been acknowledged by most of the psychic of the ages. Every living thing, be it a stone, a leaf, a planet or a solar system, has its own aura, since everything is in the process of evolving and moving from where it was to where it needs to go in the process of absorbing, transmitting and receiving information.

The the aura’s of those who have undertaken a degree of training to build up the necessary electromagnetic energy, can be most useful in broadcasting new frequencies that are required especially in this day and age, as our level of reality changes from the Piscean into the Aquarian frequencies that the planet is now demanding. Therefore the age of irradiation has come, where beings of great light, beings of great worth, whose auric emanations are considerably brighter than us, can step down a frequency, transmit energy through the auric emanations of the masses as well as of the individual, and in this way, that which is termed the unspoken word is therefore shared.

Aura Planet Earth

The auric emanations of the planet allows us to become telepathic. The auric emanations of the planet allow sound to manifest and to flow and so it is that a combination of lifeforms down here that make the planet what it is, be it the atoms, the cells, the minerals, the plants or animals, can receive the auric emanations from the cosmos absorb to a degree that which is necessary through the collective and individual experience, through the aura. This can then be shared with the various lifeforms that co-exist around about us.

In a physical sense, any lifeform coming within two metres of you can be touched by your evolutionary frequency, as your aura inter-mingles. Those who are more developed, their auric emanations can sometimes be felt 50 or 60 miles away, and this is the case of course with those who are loosely termed avatars or perfect masters. But in a general sense, the average person aurically at the moment has especially in a European sense, an aura that is dissipated. That is weak, that isn’t absorbing energy very usefully, whose earthing is suspect and so most Europeans carry a very negative energy charge, mainly because of the electromagnetic energy in a physical sense around about them, their way of life, and because of course they have lost touch not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well.

But Auras in this day and age are of course far larger than they were a hundred years ago, so most peoples internal auric spaces through the chakra systems are being stimulated in a way that hither to was impossible previously.

As this stimulation increases, so it is the general shape of the aura will alter, and so it is the capacity to handle and hold energy will greatly increase, whether the individual consciously acknowledges that or not, since the races as a whole be they mineral, plant, animal or human, have no choice now, since the planet in its own auric sense, is moving its frequency from the solar plexus up into the heart center.

And so it is that all lifeform that co-exist within the planet at this time, has to move their auric emanations also up to the heart center. For those who seek to resist this, dis-corporation will take place and they will be forced to drop their bodies and find a different plane of existence to work out the necessary frequencies so that they then can possibly, in some time in the greater or lesser future, come back into reincarnation within this planet proper. So the time has come for everybody to acknowledge that the auras need to be cleansed, need to be earthed and they need to bring in the irradiation of these light-beings who are waiting to link hearts and minds with us, to celebrate the coming of the new day.

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