The Aura and Death

The Aura and Death

The aura and death is a fascinating topic. When persons are nearing death, their auras change dramatically. As a mystic and healer with many years experience, I have probably had more opportunities than most to observe the auras of people with terminal illnesses, in the weeks, days, hours and minutes prior to their death.
The first auric symptoms of approaching death through illness are difficult to diagnose for what they actually are. The etheric aura just starts fading away, very gradually, as the dying person grows weaker, until it is almost undetectable. This also happens, though, during the natural course of many non-fatal illnesses. Please keep this in mind before you start telling people they are about to die.
For what its worth, with these poor tools I have of words, I will try and share what I have seen with some terminally ill people during the time leading up to their deaths. This provides a good general example as the timing of the end result, death, is usually fairly predictable.

aura and death

Aura and Death – Colors

The colours of the main aura begin to fade and change slowly during the few months prior to death. This continues until there is only a faint tint of colour left in it; giving it a washed-out look. The etheric aura (the thin band of pale-blue or creamy aura next to the skin) also fades rapidly during this time. It shrinks a little more each day and pales until it is almost undetectable. The natural bioenergetic recharging process slows as the energy body prepares itself for its approaching demise, and the transition of its essential animating spirit into another dimension of existence.

A couple of days before death, depending on the nature of the disease of course, the etheric aura undergoes a dramatic change and begins expanding. The primary and secondary and tertiary energy centers, of the energy body, seem to open wide at this point and start pumping vast amounts of refined spiritual energy into the energy body; flooding the aura.

This causes the aura to have a peculiar bright ethereal glow, but unfortunately one that can usually only be seen with clairvoyance (mind’s eye vision ability, i.e., the ability to see visions) and not with normal auric sight alone. This change can also be felt by a sensitive if they have experienced it before and know what to sense for.

The energies accompanying this ethereal glow usually have the effect of temporarily uplifting dying persons. It can also cause clairvoyance in varying degrees. While this variability seems affected by innate ability, they will often begin seeing into the next world, to see and hear spirits. This can be very confusing for them. Often they will hide the fact they can see and hear people they know are long dead; not wanting to appear crazy and upset their loved ones.

This ethereal expansion continues until it surpasses the original size of the main aura. The colour is a beautiful, very, very pale sky-blue, shot through with millions of white and silver sparks. It also develops a peculiar cool-tingly, fizzy feeling to it. A lot of energy can be sensed in this; but not the normal vitality type of energy.

Note: This does NOT mean that any person seen with a pale-blue aura, with or without sparks, is about to die; even if you happen to see this in your own aura during self-observation. There are several circumstances that can cause similar-looking temporary changes. For example, the human aura tends to expand and turn pale-blue in full sunlight; or be changed by the blue-sky above and behind the subject being observed. And keep in mind that background colours can also change auric colours. Spiritual upliftment, including mystical experience, can also have a similar temporarily effect. The colour of the aura during the death process is quite different from any normal pale-blue aura. It is also quite difficult to see this type of aura with a normal level of auric sight alone.

The surrounding atmosphere generated by the expanding ethereal aura often makes people feel uncomfortable. I think this may be because it can be difficult to relate on a personal level to what is happening, i.e., the death process; especially on a spiritual energy level. The heaviness in the atmosphere around a dying person can also cause some perplexing emotions to manifest within those exposed to it. People can become emotionally drained if exposed to this for even a short length of time.

In situations like this, understandably, there is also often a lot of fear and sadness permeating the atmosphere. But sensed at a higher level of perception there is also a profound emanation of love coming through dying persons; even though they may not feel this themselves. This atmosphere intensifies as the moment of death nears.

As a mystic, being in the presence of a dying person is truly humbling. The source power can be incredibly strong at times. You are, basically, standing in the shadow of a greater light being cast through a briefly opened doorway, flowing from a higher level of reality; from one of the spirit worlds or heavens. Unfortunately, for all intents and purposes this is an unseen light to mortal eyes.

A sensitive can feel the presence of the source in this light. It is a tangible, almost touchable energy that permeates the mystical heart center. This can make it swell and thrum with a gentle and powerful rhythm unlike any other; with a kind of spiritual energy resonance.

During the few moments before death, the ethereal-cum-mystical aura surges dramatically, flooding the room for a moment with a profound cool stillness. At this moment, it can feel like time itself has stopped. This is when the unseen light is at its strongest and the doorway into the spirit world is at its widest. Phenomena will sometimes be seen at this time, often visible to the naked eye. I have my suspicions that a dying person’s Kundalini raises to its highest level at this time.

The time distortion comes from the rooms exposure to an abstract spiritual reality of a higher dimensional existence than the normal physical dimension we live in. The higher the dimensional level, the less the passing of time is apparent. On the highest level, time ceases and there is only The Eternal Now. Time stands utterly still.

Moment Of Death

At the moment of death the released spirit of the deceased person will fly swiftly out of his or her body, sometimes helped by loved ones that are waiting. The spirit’s old physical body is now biologically deceased. The unseen ethereal aura then contracts rapidly, imploding and fading away to nothing in a matter of a few seconds.
This whole process is like an etheric-cum-auric bioenergetic explosion, followed by an implosion that sucks all the available energy in the room away with it; often including heat energy.

At the moment of death, as a doorway cracks open into a higher reality and the spirit is drawn through it, all free energy can be drawn into it, including the emotional energy being vented by mourners. This can create an unnaturally cold feeling around any newly deceased person.
After death, the atmosphere in the room carries a shocked kind of feeling — that’s the only way to really describe it. This is caused by the terrific forces that were work during the death process. You can feel this hanging in the atmosphere wherever there has been a recent death; especially if you are a sensitive. Depending on the nature of the death in question, this atmosphere generally fades away over a few days. But in an area where there has been a violent or massive loss of life, this shocked feeling can persist for months or even years.

The discarded physical body is now left with only a very weak ethereal glow around it; swiftly fading to nothing. This is barely detectable even with the strongest level of auric sight. This is residual etheric matter and not living aura. This fades away very quickly and nothing more will be seen of the living aura around the corpse. You will see only a pale outline, such as you can see around any inanimate object.

The living aura dies with the departure of its essential animating spirit. I have seen a lot of strange and wonderful things around people when they have died, but never have I seen a living aura around a human corpse.

The human aura is not to be mistaken as just a mere reflection of what goes on within the living body. It is an integral part of the bioenergetic system binding the essential animating spirit in physical matter, i.e., in its physical body. It is not insubstantial like a rainbow or a projected image. It is only ever present in a living being. It has depth and texture, it has warm and cool areas, and parts of it tingle and pulse — to the hands of a sensitive that is. There is a unique look and feel to any human aura. It is a living thing that can be keenly felt by the hands of sensitives and healers, as well as seen and sensed in other ways.

The human energy system and its aura, and all the wonderfully complex life processes going on within and around it, enable the essential animating spirit to manifest through it into the physical dimension. The spirit animates the physical body through this wonderful bioenergetic process. When it is a spirits time to leave its physical body, this all closes down. It is no longer needed when the spirit goes home again, back to its natural timeless state.
The living aura is still very mysterious, for all the little we know about it. And its existence cannot simply be explained away. It may not fit in with our present level of scientific understanding, but that does not mean it does not exist or is any less real. Aura is strictly a living thing.

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62 Responses to “The Aura and Death”

  1. RL Michael

    Really enjoyed this reading. Very indepth. Thank you. I am a sensitive and having just experienced an encounter with a person who was walking and talking yesturday and gone today. I could not see his aura, however could feel it and it was just as you described. A strange sense, a different kind of energy that really messed with my emotions. I have only known this person for apprx 3 weeks, however this “feeling” caused me to go out of my way to stay clear of him. I did not understand it. Usually I am a very caring and friendly person but this feeling caused me to become confused and distant even from those I am comfortable with. It took alot of energy from me to be anywhere near this person. It just felt as though he were sucking the very life from me. It has been greatly upsetting.

    1. I have been glad to come across this website because I am a sensitive too and I haven’t been able to be in the same room as my mom because of this uncomfortable feeling. She is having back surgery this week but over the past few months I haven’t been able to be around her. Her aura gives out a sickly vibe and then I feel confused uncomfortable and I got a headache. I had to leave the room as I could feel this energy. Is it a death aura or cancer aura? Has anyone experienced this before?

  2. I am glad to have stumbled across your article. My mother passed away, at home, two months ago, Much of what you wrote about regarding a dying person’s aura I experienced. Especially about the distortion of time and then how quickly the “glow” disappears. There was a very odd, sudden and unnatural “grayness” for awhile after my mom died. I do not know a thing about aura’s or sensitives. I just know what I experienced and it was truly a rare and wonderful experience. A very profound and real experience.

  3. After reading your article, it helped. My husband passed away on Christmas morning 2011 at 12:05 am right after I had just given him pain medication for metastatic cancer. He was sitting on the sofa, he looked up at me and said “I see purple and yellow, I love you, and I am going”. I asked him where he was going and noticed that his eyes closed and his head dropped. I had no idea he had just passed away, the doctors had told us he has a couple months, I was in shock, I lifted him to the floor and did CPR but he was gone. He passed away at home, with me and watching the movie “Die Hard” with Bruce Willis. I was so happy to be with him at that moment and to hear his last words, it was beautiful. I saw a glow but at the time thought it was from the TV, I had no idea about arua’s until I was telling the chaplin for Hospice about how he passed and she said was telling me how wonderful it was to experience and for him to tell me what he was seeing in his final moments. It was a truly wonderful experience and I think of it often and know that he is with me. He was my husband, my best friend and my lover and my soul mate, we were married 25 wonderful years. I miss him.

  4. I can’t think of a better way anyone could of tried to put this entire experience into words. It was just what i had been looking for. Im 26, and have a very rare form of chronic-acute pancreatitis which is caused by birth defects. My entire life i have seen, felt and even had some rare pleasures of conversations with spirits. As well as having visions, my mentor as of the last 3-4months has been having a hard time being around me at all. I knew it had to do with me and something that he had felt or seen. Only as of a couple days ago did he feel it was the appropriate time to tell me what he had seen, he said in all his years (and he’s 65) he has only seen someones aura turn a distinct shade of gray and within a years time

  5. My mother passed away of cancer on November 25th of this year her passing was Alful and painful. An experience I’ll never forget.

    I was sitting in her living room with the hospital bed in front of me trying to rest, as it had been a long four days. When I noticed a blue color all around my mums face and shoulders.I was curious. So I went to her trying to figure out where it was coming from it seemed to be coming from right out of her. I felt goosebumps all over me and a tingling sencesation that I will never forget.I touched my mums face and neck talking to her all the time and a feeling of total peace washed over me.

    I knew my mum was dying and at that moment of watching the blue and what I call sparkles of whites and cream colors it was going to be very soon as I watched it felt like time stood still, her breathing suddenly changed and her nurse and myself knew we woke the rest of the family called my two sisters to come. We all sang I am sailing by rod Stewart,and all five of her children and husband placed our hands on Mums body so she knew we were with her when the last breath left her body.

    I know she was there with us a true mother to the end. I don’t know what I saw or witnessed,but it was beautiful. And when I told my family about it they were intrigued. My sister found your website and told me that I had probley witnessed mums sprit leaving her body could this be what I saw I don’t know. But it has brought me some peace. It has only been 3 weeks since my mum died but I can’t get what I saw out of my mind I want to know more about what I witnessed. I will keep reading up and learning more.

    1. Mischelle McCallum

      Hi Karen
      I saw a similar blue shading around my mother the day before she passed,it is still very fresh in my mind as it was only four weeks ago.I was sitting next to mum holding her hand and I could see a blue shaded haze around her whole head.I asked my daughter and niece to come to my side of the bed to see if they could see what i was seeing so clearly as i was very closely looking at Mum a mist started flowing from her mouth and I could not believe my eyes.I told a very close friend of mine who is a nurse,she said I witnessed mum actually leaving her body and all of her pain will be gone and now we just wait for her body to shut down.She explained that this is the process and working in palliative care she had seen this on many occasions.I was shocked but pleased that whilst mums physical body was still with us and breathing mum had actually left.I felt comfort in witnessing her leaving.

    2. Richard Connelly

      My father died on November 29th of 1995. I also too experienced seeing a blue, almost slightly neon aura that started from the top of his head and went down into his arms and hands just before he died. After reading of others who had this experience, I now know that I wasn’t seeing things. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have been experiencing something similar about my husband for at least a year. He’s sick with a very aggressive multiple myeoloma stage III, is a cancer of plasma cells in the bone marrow. He received a stem cell transplant but now a year later was back in hospital because cancer is now 99% and transplant didn’t work. I have seen this aura that people talk about especially the 2 times he was the sickest and few days before his hospital admission. Oncologist is giving him more chemo and trying different drugs to see how he responds. Until I found this website, thought I was going crazy after having seen these visions of white bright light mostly right behind his head.

      1. Paula Curtis

        Hi Atman Fares

        A wonderful miracle has happened. Yesterday, I saw quite clearly, my lovely dads aura.. he is on the final stages of Vascular dementia, it was bright white energy with a sky-blue energy around his head Chakra .. all of a sudden the energy flowed upwards. I am great-full that was dad xx is still with us .

        Can you please tell me what this means in spiritual rites ..

        Love & light

        Paula ??

  7. My father was a wonderful, truly good man and we were very close. Right after he passed, the family went in to see his body in the hospital. I saw a peaceful, warm golden color surrounding his body. This gave me a comforting feeling at this difficult time. No one else in the family saw this light around him…..only me.
    When leaving the hospital, I felt a sudden cool, quick breeze going past me. My first thought was “I love you too, Dad”. I truly felt he was letting me know that all was well.
    Is it common to see an “aura” around a deceased person? It was really beautiful and I felt blessed to see him in that warm light.
    Thank you.

    1. That’s a beautiful experience. You are lucky. Some people have the ability to see aura’s all the time. Others are blessed to see an aura at certain times.

  8. Karen Woods

    My son witnessed the traumatic death of his 23 year old little brother. As they were crossing their street, on foot, Bradley was struck in a hit and run accident. When Austin knelt down at his brothers lifeless, badly injured body, he felt a sensation pass through his own body and immediately knew his brother’s spirit had left this realm. He said it felt like a swift breeze pass through him.

  9. See auras around people, animals, plants, things, pretty much all the time for many decades. Recently one of my dogs passed and instead of seeing a lovely aura, instead I saw a sparkly light emanating about 6-12″ from the body. I asked the veterinarian to check and the heart and breathing had stopped, but there was a lot of light, but not the same light as an aura which seems so much more ‘solid’. Was that a portal to the next dimension that was shining?


    I really enjoyed the reading and I must thank the author for giving such a great thing.

  11. I saw the aura of a co-worker who died 2 hours later that morning. I had no idea what I’d seen, or if I really saw it. So I said nothing to anyone. A week later, another co-worker suddenly exclaimed “I saw his aura!” that day. I shared my experience, we saw the exact same thing. A white layer outlining his entire being, then gray, then a vast blackness encompassed him. What this all means, or why only we two saw it- I can’t explain. I’ve no reason to lie about this.

  12. Minutes before my husband passed I saw a beautiful pink aura around my husband head and shoulders. I got the feeling his mother was there to take him and he was at peace. I know he is at peace, he suffered for 5 years with head and neck cancer.

  13. Nancy Vaquera

    I don’t know much about auras, I have been with my fathers as he passed from pancreatic cancer. We prayed that whom ever would like to be with him at his passing would be at his bedside. Two days before he passed, he came out of his sedated time. Looked at his sister Mary and said what do I do now, have to wait two more days. Two days later while he was slowly passing, I was praying to God, and wondering if my dad would be ok. My dad opened his eyes, smiled at me, and took his last breathe. I saw a white light surrounding him, slowly disappear.

  14. Dear Aymen,

    I lost my husband 2 weeks ago. He had some medical issues, but most of all, he was depressed. He took his life, which left me shattered. I’m constantly worrying n praying for his soul.

  15. Hello thank you I found this interesting someone close to me died by suicide 30 years ago and well before they died they were tortured through mental illness and were grey and just before they died a day before they had a golden glow and looked at peace

  16. Debbie Bell

    I haven’t actually seen a persons aura before but shortly after my father passed I was awoken early hours in the morning to a very bright warm light that filled my house and was going bright then dimming and going bright and dimming a few times until it faded and disappeared completely. I haven’t seen this before then until this morning My 7 yr old son had described seeing the exact same thing through the night? We woke this morning to news of my father in laws death. Could this be the time they both died or maybe a visitation saying goodbye? As both times I was living in a different town as them when they passed, hoping someone could kindly shed some light as to what may have happened on both occasions please

  17. The morning before my dad passed away my 3 year old was with poppy and having treats and snuggles but as the day went on we went swimming and came back and Poppy asked if she wanted some ice cream which she wouldn’t turn down normally but she said that’s OK poppy no thanks we have some at our cabin and we said no we don’t you sure and she said I am sure and went to our cabin next door, a couple of hours later my dad had a massive heart attack and passed away. My pastor said that my 3 year old probably noticed that his aura around him was changing, is this possible?

  18. I have never really seen an Aura except on the night just before my brother died from in an accident. When I saw him he was glowing a multiple of colors almost pinkish. It was amazing and other people saw it also. We only spoke about it after.

  19. I am curious, a day before my sister in law died, her husband and I where standing on each side of her bed. She opened her eyes wide and commented on how there was a beautiful turquoise light around her husbands head, and then when looking at me, she stated there was the most beautiful white light around me. Do these colors mean anything toward either one of us?

  20. I am 37 now and from the time I was 12 I have been told that my aura is of someone who’s dead and that I should not be here or that I’m going to die soon , I’ve been approached by several people even off the street who can see auras and have said this I even had a girlfriend leave me because she could not deal with the feelings of being in my presence. I’ve done all the practices to be able to see my aura myself today to see my aura and it appears to be clear with sparkly things in it as you say and I have no explanation for this sometimes it has a pale blue. I look forward to your analysis of this.

  21. Jon

    I experienced something similar about 8 hrs before my cat passed on. . There was a connection from another dimension being built up to my cat to the middle of her back. It was was very brilliant white and somewhat sparky with some orange sparks round the outside of it near where the other dimension was.

    This connection and especially my cat was bathed in a golden translucent light that was very peaceful. Where the connection went into her back, her back seemed to pulse open in an oval shape.

  22. Verna newton

    I came across this its just so insightful.
    I watched my husband pass 12 years ago.
    My family was with me ,Right after he took his last breaths he turned a beautiful golden color like he was glowing…….a beautiful suntan color……Before that he was a gray color…….
    Truly a beautiful sight………I had never seen anyone die…….I didn’t expect that. I wish I had know about this color phonomonal change……..I do hope people look for it or know to look for it……simply beautiful……..

  23. I recently saw a light blue big beautiful aura around a 3 month old child who died in the hospital. Wanted to see what it means.

  24. Thank you for this informative article and reader comments.

    In broad daylight once, I witnessed the sparkly star-like lights around a bird fountain with some small butterflies at the entrance at the old Yagoona Nursing Home in Sydney, now closed. It lasted for maybe 12 seconds, as I walked-up the path. The birdbath was in a shaded area, and not direct sunlight. I don’ know if anyone passed that day, but one of the people who helped tender and grow the garden had been a patient there, but had passed-on some time before.

  25. Elsa Lopes

    I came to this article searching in google. My my is 84 and she is tired of life. She has been sick. Nothing serious but tiring. Someone told me that her aura is fading away and that she will have a short time of life. She does not want to be at my home. My father passed away 34 years ago and I have no siblings. She lives alone I really would like to be present when she crooses over. Is this possible? Her aura lossing brightness and she only has some weeks to live?

  26. Hi Elsa, it’s very comforting for them to sit with a loved one when they are passing. I’m not sure of your question? Yes, assuming she wants that – you can be with her when she crosses over.

  27. Elsa Lopes

    Dear Aymen my question is, someone told me this Tuesday that her aura is loosing bright and that she will be dying in the next two weeks. It is possible to calculate this by looking to the brightness of her aura?

  28. Not that I am aware of – an expert in reading the human aura may be able to “estimate” this? – as it appears they have already done. Remember that the future is not set in stone and the ultimate control – will to live – rests with your mother.

  29. Bharti Sharma

    I want to gain more knowledge about aura.. thank you for this article…

  30. I am dying of cancer and have always been very sensitive with some clairvoyance and other gifts. I really enjoyed this article!!

    The past few days I have been seeing little Sparks of light in front of me and shadows and I know the time is coming soon.

    I really enjoyed the article and also reading people’s comments. I wonder what my own aura looks like.

    I am at peace with what’s to come but wish there was someone here with me. I keep busy by talking to my angels 🙂

    1. Yvette Dislins

      I am amazed by Marie’s message. I too am departing and I don’t fear it but peacefully await my time. I was scared but now I feel at peace and at one again. The interesting thing is I too,have many sparkles of light passing in front of me and I feel my departed relatives and departed friends by me, comforting me. I am so happy to have found this site. Thank you so much, everyone especially the author.

      My partner, who is suffering mental health, is not coping being around me at all. He is a sensitive soul but he can not accept. I know my fate is in my hands, sort of speak but I also believe that when your time is up, it is up. At first, two weeks ago, when I was given the diagnosis, I freaked at the thought of only having maximum 6 months but as the days went on, it made me laugh that the number quoted was my slight hope to grab on to life. But this is amazing.

      I am allowed to enjoy my departure and I have requested it to be with my children, my mother and my Tom. In peace without pain and do you know, I think I will get it too. Thank you for allowing me to find this website as it allowed to stop thinking I was losing my mind.

      Thank you xx

  31. Deni Rukin

    I wonder if anybody may be able to explain something to me. Last year a very dear friend passed away very unexpectedly a week before he was due to marry. The day and time of his passing I saw a cluster of bright white ‘sparkles’ moving about in my bedroom. It only lasted a few moments and at the time I had no idea what it was and was only informed of his passing later that day. This morning I have just had a similar vision and am almost waiting for news that someone close to me has passed. I have never seen this before. Only these two occasions. Is it coincidence or something more?

    1. Only you can decide if this is coincidence or more because this is a very personal experience. I personally don’t believe that there is coincidence – in particular around this subject. Many people, including myself have experienced similar events around death.

  32. Hello, my husband passed away as I was holding his face in my hands. I felt the room go still, kissed him, then closed his eyes. As I stood in the room waiting for the nurses to come confirm his death, I felt the ground rumble under my feet, an electric shock went through my chest, not like anxiety but more numbing and almost breathtaking. It was like everything froze for a moment and I could only hear my breath. Then the voices in the room (there were 7 people in the room) went from complete silence to a muffled sound, almost as though they were talking from behind a wall in another room. I spoke to him silently under my breath, telling him it was okay, to go, be with his mother now, and I was going to be alright. The energy didn’t change much after that. I carried that numbness with me and still feel it from time to time but I wonder, why did the floor move? Why did I feel all of this but never felt him leave? I never feel any energy of “him” anymore, just that numbness and emptiness. Is how I felt tied into him passing, or am I just in shock? He had cancer, and it was very difficult the years following his death, he wasn’t himself at all before he passed. Any answers?

    1. I’m sorry for your loss – they are difficult questions to answer without more information. Its not unusual for people to have this type of experience – feeling the energy of others.

  33. many years ago I visited an old lady ,she was stood in the middle of the room,the whole room was full of green fog up to about 3 or 4 feet high it did not flow out through the doorways,I knew she could not see it,it was a dirty green similar to the colour of a one pound note but grubby.I am a christian now and dont feel I can ask anyone at church.My question is what is the difference in the white mist i see coming out of myself when i fall asleep and the sparkling white mist i saw round my brother after his heart operation when he was eight,and the dirty green mist? thankyou.

    1. Hi Susan, that’s a difficult question to answer without a lot more information. The mist you see around your brother can be “energy” or a spiritual part manifestation of some type. The mist you see when you are falling asleep is most likely connected to you being awake in the astral realm. The green mist you saw around the old lady – could be energy or some type of spirit manifesting – or something totally different depending on what your state of consciousness was at the time.

  34. What does it mean when there is a slight but very clear smile on the face of the deceased person. And the face is glowing even after the life has left the person hours ago.

    1. It’s hard to know the exact meaning because we would need to look into the mind of that person. It seems that this person has had a peaceful death perhaps envisioning something pleasant / spiritual / comforting in their last moments.

  35. This life is pure hell. The dead and dying are lucky to get out of this hellhole, full of insanity, slavery, inequity, injustice, poverty, cruelty and everything else. Be happy to die, it is excellent. Unfortunately, I came back to this nuthouse…I wish I stayed there with my aunt.

  36. My father passed away last week in the ICU after battling multiple organ failure and finally an out of control infection. My mom, brother and sister in law were surrounding him as he was beginning to struggle to breath. I held his right hand in a handshake position and squeezed firmly, hoping he could somehow know I was there. As he took his last breath and seemed to end, I felt what I could only describe as a discharge of electricity and a quick flicker of light. Enough so that I stepped back and mumbled, “I felt something”. I have been online desperately trying to find someone who has experienced this so that I don’t begin to doubt what I experienced was only imagined.

  37. What a helpful article! I have been looking for an answer to my experience for more than two years. My father was a beautiful and strong soul, never letting on how much pain he was truly in. Unfortunately because if his strength, he was diagnosed much too late for effective treatment. Three days before his death, he was taken to the hospital, and sitting in the emergency room waiting for the tests they wanted to run my dad just felt electric to me! I asked my siblings if they felt it, almost like the feeling of static electricity around his body, when my hands were within 6 inches of his body they would tingle and get bright red. I rationalized it as anxiety and possibly the start of a panic attack on my part…and that could be…but this is a nice second explanation to think about!

  38. I was with my dad the Monday just gone. I have been looking for similar comments online to see if what I experienced when he died was imagined or real. I feel that he was trying to communicate to me telepathically at the end as he couldn’t move or talk, only rapidly breathe.

    He had Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s disease. I think he was trying to communicate that he felt frightened. The most profound part of being with him as he died was the changes right before death. He had the Cheyne-Stokes breathes, was wider eyed and was looking at us with more awareness, which was unusual for a man who had previously seemed unconscious. His whole face had some kind of energetic phenomenon occurring, but I’m unsure what I witnessed.

    It wasn’t a physical thing and not everyone saw it, but to me looked like a chrysalis was cracking with lots of movement , maybe like bubbling? I can’t atop thinking about it. After reading all these comments, I think maybe it was all his energy gathered in his head before leaving through the top and I saw the energy.

    Since he’s passed we think some part of him has visited two of our family members too, one of them me. I felt a head to toe chill, with little winds round me and a change in consciousness, a peaceful feeling accompanied it & a heightened overall perceptual sensitivity. The chill was the main sensation, it was so strong!

  39. A dear, close friend passed. He had cancer and loss the ability to walk. A few days later I wanted to connect to what I call my higher self to help me deal with his death by closing my eyes and calling in my mind for spirit to come. Suddenly in my mind I heard an excited ‘call, my name, as this friend appeared and I felt a flood of emotion coming to me. He was looking directly into my eyes. He was ecstatic, smiling and he stood. His light hair was glowing gold light and a gold glow surrounded his head. I had the impression he was waiting for me to make sure I was alright. He spoke but I could not understand him then he began to walk away but kept looking back to me. He seemed reluctant to leave.

  40. Sharon Morris

    Sadly my dad passed away a few days ago, he had been diagnosed with Bowel cancer 8 months previously.
    His passing was very peaceful surrounded by his wife and three daughters.
    That night when I got into bed the room was what I can only describe as hectic array of colour brightest blue, pinky purple and neon yellow, it was the strangest occurrence, could you help me understand what it could have been please
    Many thanks Sharon

  41. Alexander Predel

    I have seen a spirit pass from a young, virile army soldier that died from a freak motorcycle accident in front of my house when i was 22 years old. It was on a weeknight around 12:30am, during warm August in Louisiana. I was in college, living at home; my USAF high ranking officer father was on exercises on the military base, in which we were housed in. Being Deputy Commander, we had very nice and somewhat secluded housing; we lived at the end of a T intersection with a stop sign , the speed limit was posted at 20mph. I had gone to sleep around 11:30 because I had an early class at university the next morning. I was jarred awake by a loud crash and my mother, came in to my room, terrified, seconds later to have me check on what happened; she was a night owl, both very sober: I opened the front door and a helmeted, well protected figure was sprawled, approximately 12 feet, somewhat adjacent from the entry, due to a four foot high brick wall that shielded the entryway from the road. The motorcycle lay on its side fifteen feet toward the road, with just a broken headlight and blinker, but the rider was morning unintelligibly. As I ran to him, my mother retreated to call for help and assured the guy everything was going to be ok and someone would be there soon to help. He died, shortly thereafter, practically in my arms; I did not move him, but I did try to comfort him with touch. Arduous, pained and constricted breathing slowly faded to a last audible, drawn out gasp; almost as if a steam engine was in its final revolution. He had been thrown head first into the corner of the wall; there was no visible wound or blood, but he had succumbed to his injuries. I saw ‚smoke‘ come from the area right under his full face shield helmet and assumed it was gasses the body emits after death; never been around death before then. Well the grayish colored smoke seemed to collect itself at the Head of the body; I had my back to the door and there was a street lantern directly behind and up from his head, from my perspective. The smoke seemed to collect itself, stopped, as if to look back and slowly swirled up and away from the lantern with an almost audible whoosh. I experienced this event alone and I might not have registered anything that happened, for i was in shock and repressed the significance of the event for decades.

    My life has been the most unusual with much adversity, but still significant events, from the time I was born. I had two visions in my life and I followed the call and as, seemingly predicted, His Holiness the Dalai Lama walked straight up to me and hugs me and high fives me on the way to the stage and back; speaking to a 3000 people audience. I became friends that Tibetan that invited His Holiness; he claimed one day that I had a white aura, this is how i made it here…he would not tell me the significance, but seemed very surprised the day he said that. You had said, people feel or sense things; this was definitely visual and i felt that cold, but i thought it was just the event. Thank you for allowing me to post here…I am not sure how this will resonate.

  42. Hi
    I woke from an odd dream this morning. I don’t know anything about Chakra or Auras but in my dream I was lying down in an office and a man came in and asked me if I knew anything about them. I said I heard of them but I don’t know much. He said he sees an aura and that im going home soon. He said it twice and at that point I understood he meant I would die soon. I found it so real and odd and don’t know what to think if it all. I was scared and felt as though I had to instantly prepare and knew I would be leaving my daughter prematurely. If you can let me know if that is anything to

    1. Death in dreams often means a new beginning or a new start. Read your dream as symbolic – unless you have strong reason to believe it’s prophetic?

  43. I had a good friend of mine visit, he wasn’t well and didn’t look too good. While he was talking to me I kept getting distracted by this yellowy/golden light around his head. I tried to not make it obvious that i was looking at something.It is hard to describe, a glimmery, yellow gold colour.
    I didn’t know what I was seeing at the time and wondered if it was his aura. He passed away 3 days later. It wasn’t until then that I looked into the halo glow I saw.


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