Teachings On Meditation – Part 3

(…Continued from Teachings on Meditation 2)

In the last instruction, I started you on the first part of the new meditation. The completed meditation involves the process of relating heart and head and then – by an act of the will – linking up both with the quiescent point within the solar plexus – that point of which nothing has as yet been taught (though the necessity for such a point was obvious in the work of transferring energy) but which is of vital significance in all preparation for initiation.

That is as far as I took you in the last meditation but to it must be added the individual meditation which will aid in group integration and in the unfoldment of the individual disciple.

You will have noted, I am sure, that in the meditation assigned for daily use, I did not carry it forward to where the will is exerted and the energy in the head is driven to the quiescent center in the solar plexus. You will have noted also that at the time of the Full Moon and in group formation, plus direct contact with myself, you were permitted together to link heart, head and solar plexus. Once a month and then only through the protective magnetic field of the group life can you complete the meditation.

The Full Moon work will remain as already assigned for the remainder of the year, but we will complete the meditation and I will now outline for you Stage II in the group meditation. The first half should now be so familiar to you that it will be automatic in its doing and should take only a [120] few minutes to complete. It is in the nature of a preface to the one I am now seeking to assign. It should leave each of you (if carrying it forward to a right conclusion) with the consciousness and heart energy focused in the head. The activity of the true spiritual man has not been aroused, and when it is, the effect on the downflow of energy from the head center will be threefold:

The awakened point in the solar plexus will become extremely active and – if the work is correctly done – it will make that point also exceedingly magnetic, gathering all the energies of all the centers below the diaphragm (except the one at the base of the spine), and this involves the sacral center and other little focal points of energy, up into the solar plexus. There they must be held steady until such time as the man is ready to deal with them occultly.

The unawakened or quiescent point of light in the solar plexus comes slowly to life and to a state of new vibratory activity. Its magnetic field steadily increases and widens, until it contacts the periphery of the magnetic field surrounding the heart center.
When the two above stages are completed, then comes a lengthy process of transference. The solar plexus is the clearing house between the lower energies and the higher. This process is in itself dual:

The two points within the solar plexus field of activity become definitely related to each other, and the lower sacral and material energies are transferred into the hitherto quiescent point of light, now awakened and intensifying in quality and potency.

The concentrated energies in the new center within the periphery of the solar plexus are then lifted by an act of the will into the heart center and from thence to the head.

In this triple transference of the lower energies to the solar plexus, to the heart and finally to the head, we have a pictorial and symbolic presentation within the life experience of the disciple of the interrelation and eventual transference of energy from the personality (symbolized by the solar plexus) to the soul (symbolized by the heart center) and from the soul to the Monad (symbolized by the head center). These correspondences are of value as they are an argument for the factual nature of the process and they also enable the aspirant to grasp somewhat the nature of the undertaking to which he is committed. Certain aspects of relationship, therefore, emerge into the consciousness of the disciple and at this point in his training the following four relations are of major ‘importance:

The relation of the energies, found below the diaphragm and corresponding to the personality life (motivated by desire), and the higher energies found above the diaphragm and motivated by the soul. These are as yet in the case of the average aspirant, practically entirely quiescent and only become a realized activity as the soul establishes increasing control over the disciple.

The relation between the two points within the solar plexus itself. These are symbolic also of the personality-soul relationship. One point is awakened, as to the lower life of man; the other point is awakening, as in the case of the aspirant, or is totally awakened as is the case of the pledged disciple, prior to the second initiation.

The relation between the solar plexus and the heart. This is of great importance and serves to clarify the mind of the aspirant because it is symbolic again of the immediate present problem of the personality and the soul.

The relation between the ajna center (between the eyebrows) and the thousand-petalled lotus. When these two centers are correctly related to each other, then the man can take the third initiation at which time the potency of the Monad can begin to make its presence felt, linking heart and head and solar plexus.

There is an intermediate stage in which the heart and the ajna center become aligned and related. This stage is omitted from the enumeration given above owing to the fact that it is of a sevenfold nature and the method of transition and of transference is dependent upon the ray quality. One new item of information comes naturally here. The throat center is not included in these relationships between centers above the diaphragm as it is to them what the sacral center is to the solar plexus – a point of pure creative activity, set in motion by the interplay of the other centers but particularly is the throat center energized and actuated eventually by the sacral center itself. It is an effect or result of relation more than anything else.

Three other items of interest might here be mentioned. First, the throat center is brought into real activity by the direct action of the soul, via the head center, in conjunction with the raising of the energy of the sacral center simultaneously. This is analogous to the fact that the solar plexus is brought into real constructive usefulness by the direct action of the soul, via the heart center. That is why people who work creatively usually have first ray personalities at the time that the throat center becomes dynamically active for the first time. Secondly, the solar plexus center is awakened by the inflow of energy of a dual nature – the energies of the heart and the head, working synchronously. This is a correspondence to the dual energy which constitutes the essential nature of the soul – atma-buddhi, or spiritual will and spiritual love. The third soul energy, manas or mental energy is related more directly to the throat center. Thirdly, it might be stated that the awakening of the center at the base of the spine is the result of an act of the will directed from the head and resulting in the elevation of all the energies to the head, just as the solar plexus was awakened and energy was carried to the heart – also by an act of the will. The energy of the solar plexus, that great clearing house for personality energy, must be carried always to the heart.

Here I would again caution you and call attention to my earlier statement that all stimulation of the solar plexus and all focus upon that center carries with it definite danger, and [123] disciples are enjoined to exercise wise control over the emotional nature. A decentralized attitude as regards personality reactions and a steadily deepening love of humanity will safeguard disciples at this stage – the stage of seeking to fit themselves for the first or the second initiation.

We will now continue with the second phase of the meditation. It was carried to the point wherein you were asked to say as a soul the great Mantram of Unification.
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Authors Details: Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul
From The Book ‘Discipleship in the New Age – Volume II’

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