Tarot Reading – How to read the tarot quickly and easily

Here are the basics on how to do a Tarot reading. You’ve bought yourself a tarot deck and are eager to use it. You shuffle and you lay out your favourite spread – the Celtic Cross. (celtic cross spread)

The problem is that you look at the book that came with your deck and it lists dozens of meanings for each card. Which meaning do you choose for your Tarot reading?

Major Arcana

What can you do? How do you even start your Tarot reading? First of all put the book down. Separate the Major Arcana (the 22 picture cards) from the Minor Arcana and try the following method…

Divination can be easy when you relax and know what to do.

Shuffle the Major Arcana and focus your mind on the backs of the cards. This helps to relax and to clear your mind. Deal out the cards in rows of three across. Place the odd card to the side. It represents the outcome.

Look at the cards – each in turn. Their symbols activate the intuitive part of your brain. What do you think they mean? What comes to mind before your logic kicks in – your first impression.

Identify patterns that stand out to you. Do you see any shapes that seem to repeat themselves? Are there similarities or opposites in the pictures that seem to jump out at you? Try to find a group of cards that tells you a story. What is that story? Use the guide below to help identify connections.

Patterns may occur left to right or more haphazardly. Patterns are individual to you. The first one you see identifies the major issue. For example: If Sun (could mean money) is beside Magician (could signify job) beside the Tower (often read as chaos), this person’s main issue is financial because of job chaos. Read the pattern like a sentence . Subsequent patterns illustrate other issues you or the person you’re reading for may have. Remember this is subjective and takes practice.

Some people say you shouldn’t do your own Tarot reading. It’s difficult to be objective about yourself. This depends on your clarity and level of self development. Sometimes if you stand apart from yourself – perhaps even pretend you are reading someone else’s cards, you may get a better result.

tarot reading

When Tarot reading for another person, don’t directly ask what’s on their mind. You need to learn to pick up on it yourself. Additionally, their current idea of the problem is probably not the true problem at all. People are often not clear on their own problems and dram’s. Current issues are often the result of past events and will provide insights that lead to the resolution of the current situation.

Here Is A Quick Guide

The Fool:

Meaning: You

Phrase: Look before you leap.

The Magician

Meaning: Employment

Phrase: You’re expected or able to pull a rabbit out of your hat.

The High Priestess

Meaning Hidden knowledge

Phrase You know more than you’re letting on.

The Empress


Phrase Be fruitful and multiply.

The Emperor

Meaning: Will

Phrase: Intent follows action.

The Hierophant

Meaning: College, Marriage

Phrase: Take things to a higher level.

The Lovers

Meaning: Love or choice

Phrase: There is always choice.

The Chariot

Meaning A car, moving quickly

Phrase: Take control.


Meaning: Physical health

Phrase: Tame the beast within.

The Hermit

Meaning: Introspection

Phrase: Lay low.

The Wheel of Fortune

Meaning: Unexpected events

Phrase: For better or worse, its happening fast.


Meaning Rationality

Phrase Fairness rules.

The Hanged Man

Meaning: Plans are suspended. The sacrifice may be too great.

Phrase: When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot & swing.


Meaning Death of a person, situation, issue

Phrase Every end is a beginning.


Meaning: Emotions

Phrase: Keep things flowing smoothly.

The Devil

Meaning: Abuse of people or substances, sex

Phrase: You’re controlled only as much as you allow yourself to be.

The Tower

Meaning: The chaos that comes before enlightenment

Phrase: Everything has blown up because you’ve let it build up. Learn something from it so it won’t happen again

The Star

Meaning Hope

Phrase Careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

The Moon

Meaning Secrets

Phrase You’re in the dark about something.

The Sun

Meaning: Money

Phrase: You reap what you sow.


Meaning: Fate

Phrase: You get what you deserve.

The World

Meaning: Communication

Phrase: Talk about things.

Next, practice by making your own guide. Draw a Major card each day. Consider the figures and their environment. Write down the card & your impressions. At the end of the day, compare what you wrote down with what happened and record connections. When you’ve done this with each card, you’ll have your own interpretation of the Major Arcana.

The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana represent human experience:

Cups: Love; emotions

Swords: Conflict; mentality

Wands: Health; creativity

Pentacles: Money; business

To understand the Minor Arcana, lay out each suit in order. You must use a deck with pictures in the Minor Arcana. If you love the Major Arcana of one deck but the Minor look like playing cards, get 2 decks and combine them. Write down what you think the story of each suit is. Use your interpretation of them as a guide.

Deck books are useful for interpreting court cards. Consult the meanings listed there and keep in mind the fact that they often represent real people. Assign the characteristics of the card to people in the situation at hand for more insight.

Use the Minor Arcana to elaborate on situations you’ve already identified. If you want to know more about a job issue, lay some Minor cards on top of the Magician and the surrounding pattern cards. Continue to do this for any situation you want more information about.

Practice frequently on yourself and friends. The key to this method is to learn to trust your intuition. You’ll be amazed how quickly your Tarot reading skills develop.

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