Tarot – Intuitive Tool

Tarot Intuitive Tool

According to some different Tarot schools, this can be understood as an instrument of self-help, self-knowledge or divination.

It’s not rare to find those who defend it from one perspective, while others see or feel opposing views. For me, this is not relevant, maybe not even correct. I consider Tarot all these. Which must be clear in the reader’s and querent’s minds as they use it in that moment and for their own personal reasons. A Code of Ethics must guide the individual activity of Tarot reading.
As a self-help tool, the reader uses Tarot for her/himself in order to go inside, know and guide some decision or direction. And can do the same with a querent.

Used as a self-knowledge instrument, Tarot has, in my opinion, its most important position. This is so for both the person who uses it personally, as well for those around her/him. Carl Yung (1875-1961) a psychoanalyst from Switzerland, dedicated himself with much attention to Tarot in this field. Although, it is not imperative to be a psychoanalyst to work with the Tarot and translate it (even though I believe a taratologist must have skills in “help relationships”). Using this approach, each card is understood as a pictogram that is written, a mirror that reflects not only a personal image but a universal one – something Yung called “collective unconscious.” It is my belief and practice that this is the richest way to read Tarot; thus, there is great potential to help ourselves and other people.

Maybe it is as a divination tool for which Tarot is best known. I believe this approach is as worthy as any of the others above. However, I do strongly believe the truest worth comes in how Tarot is translated by the “Tarotologist.”

I mirror and reflect on the words of Anthony Louis (Tarot Plain and Simple. 2003, p.1-2): “Tarot is one instrument that awakens our intuitive faculties and puts us in contact with our innermost self. It’s a metaphoric system that leads us to self discovery. Tarot links to our daily life and can help us to see more clearly the realities in our life.”

In its essence Tarot is our portal to meditation, reflection, problem analyzing, decision clarification, self-understanding, spiritual growth and divination. So, Tarot allows us to reach a spiritual dimension in the Universe that would not be accessible in another way.

Authors Details: Ana Santos, C.P.T.R. (Certification in the Canadian Tarot Network). Email

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