Tantra – An Introduction to this spiritual path

“Tantra or the cult of ecstasy is a spiritual path based on the mystical experience of the game rather than on rigid dogmas. In Tantra, the act of love becomes sacred, a cult and an act of worship and devotion. It is a gift of life.

Tantric art, tantric writings and rituals glorify the erotic act. Tantra proclaims life in its entirety and teaches the practitioner to discover the spark of divinity inside of us. The Tantric practitioner uses his or her senses, mind and soul in order to reach the peaks of mystical ecstasy.” (Kamala Devi)

During the past years there has been a lot written and discussed on Tantra. However, only few know it is an oriental spiritual system whose main purpose is to unify the opposites at all levels.

In Tantra, man and woman are seen as expressions or mirrors of the macorcosmic energies represented by Shiva, or the masculine principle, and Shakti, the feminine principle, under any form these may appear.

Balanced union between the two opposites poles feminine, Yin and masculine, Yang will finally lead to the eliberation of the human being from the endless cycle of births and rebirths and more than that, to God.

The man and the woman have a huge potential, practically they have potentially inside themselves all the possibilities and all the experiences of the world. When they are re-united, these experiences are revealed in a new vision and cosmic harmony that lies at the basis of the whole creation.

Tantra may re-unify an ancient scindation in the inner structure of the people, between sexuality and spirituality, which is very common in the Western tradition. One cannot meet the perfect harmony between sexuality and spirituality elsewhere than in Tantra.

It is a spiritual path that integrates the erotic act as a sacred act, which brings the devoted practitioner closer and closer to God.

In order to facilitate such a union on all levels, Tantra uses a great variety of principles, techniques and rituals. We will introduce you to the most representative and significant ideas that lie at the foundation of Tantra.

Tantra does not contradict the Christian religion, and it can offer the modern stressed and overloaded person an easy manner to improve one’s life, to be happier, to be at peace with one’s own self and with the people around, and also very important to experience the erotic act deeper, longer and more intense.

It is necessary that some taboos concerning sex be demystified because they are the cause of so many inhibitions that keep us from enjoying our exploration of it.

Many of us are unconsciously slaves to erroneous attitudes towards sex. Without the attempt of transforming them, there are very little chances to remould our erotic life.

Intercourse does not mean procreation.

Many people consider that the erotic function of the human being is procreation, and not pleasure and even spiritual evolution. This makes some people to sink in guilt every time they have a fulfilling erotic experience.

Think about yourselves, how many times you made love up to now. A 43-year-old man told us that he made love approximately 3.000 times. For procreation, it would have been sufficient once. Then what did he do the rest of 2.999 times and to what purpose?

The role of Tantra is to “fill” up these empty, missing spots, teaching you how to move from procreation to ecstasy.

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