Taking Control of your Destiny

Beloved masters of Light, it is time for you to take stock, or an inventory of sorts, to allow you to chart your progress, to examine any new concepts that may not serve your highest purpose or enhance your spiritual well being. Many of you have become too dependent on the knowledge, rituals, methodology or teachings of others.

Answer these questions from your heart/soul center, if you will:

Do you trust another’s channelled information as higher wisdom than your own; do you authenticate or validate all outside information within your own heart/soul center?

Do you constantly seek a new method, a new herb, a new elixir or gadget to accelerate your light frequencies or jump-start your spiritual awareness without your participation, a magic solution, in other words? Are you forgetting that allopathic medicine is an important modality of healing, along with taking responsibility for your wellness/ wholeness, along with all the wonderful homeopathic remedies and the plethora of mind/body techniques available?

There are times when you have reached a critical state within your physical being that drastic intervention must be initiated. You are still in a physical vessel, in a dense material world, and something that has taken years to manifest within your structure to the point it is life-threatening must be aggressively addressed and rectified. We stress most strongly discernment, but we see that you need to understand more comprehensively what discernment means.

Humanity has been in what might be called a “herd” state for thousands of years and so it is a conditioning that is hard to break. It is easier to follow the crowd and the popular beliefs or trends. It is more difficult to make your own decisions, and through trial and error, begin to trust your intuition even if it means taking radical measures that do not fit within the norm. It is easier to look outside yourself for a quick fix, whereby you do not have to participate or take responsibility for your actions. It is easier and more comfortable to blame someone else. Mastery is just that, becoming the master of your destiny, a master of your body/mind/soul. How quick you are to jump on the bandwagon of a new concept that promises miracles. Unfortunately, there are many within the spiritual community that are more than willing to profit from your gullibility/vulnerability. “By their works you shall know them,” but sometimes this realization comes after the fact, too late.

You must validate from within before you make your decisions. I do not wish to sound harsh or suggest that you are not making great progress, when in fact the opposite is true. You are making spectacular progress and momentous growth. But many of you are at a critical point in your transition process. You are being sped along the initiation path, and new knowledge is pouring forth each day. Even though you have many guidelines and theories out there to choose from, you still are a unique human/spiritual being whose path is different, whose tests are different, whose perception of reality is totally unique to you. Therefore, what works wonders for another, may do nothing for you.

What one affirms as a sure-fire method for healing; balancing; attunement or atonement may be totally wrong for you, even detrimental. Are you going to live by someone else’s values, or your own? Are you going to pattern your behavior and project your spiritual truth or be a clone for some one else? You are one of a kind, we tell you this time and time again. The Creator sent you forth with a most precious mission to accomplish, it is encoded within your soul as your divine blueprint. Are you going to follow your blueprint or someone else’s, thereby leaving yours unmanifested or incomplete?

You are your own physician, but your abilities and insights are still in their infancy. You are taking preventative measures by eating live foods that are as pure and unrefined as possible. You are paying attention and listening to your body and know that your thoughts as well as your actions have dramatic impact on your well-being. You are seeking balance in body/mind and Spirit, but you still are exposed to the stress of family and work place, or myriad responsibilities. You still must live where the air chokes and clogs your system, and often your water and food are filled with impurities.

Slowly these things are changing, but in the meantime, you must be realistic. You cannot retreat from your physical reality, you cannot walk away from or ignore your responsibilities. This is one of the most difficult facets of the ascension process. You have had a glimpse or a remembrance of the perfection from whence you came. More frequently you are able to tap into that wonderful sense of bliss and the sense of how it feels to be free of the confines of your constricting physical vessel. You are becoming more and more dissatisfied with your mundane life and the constant turmoil it brings. Even the anticipation and relief you used to derive from “recreational” activities no long seem to satisfy.

Many of you have a strong desire to walk away from your responsibilities, toss aside your job, your possessions, which have become more like shackles, or a prison. This is not the way of a master, dear ones. You move forward by gradually changing your perception and accepting your responsibilities. You focus on the good, the positive in any situation, in any person or circumstance.

You radiate love and harmony whether you are with a group of spiritual brothers and sisters who project unconditional love and joy, or whether you are in a situation where chaos, fear, rejection, jealousy, or power-struggles are present. It is easy to be a master sitting on the mountain top in the serenity of nature, but it is much more important to keep your sense of balance and harmony in the everyday situations of life. Those who cause you dis-comfort and dis-ease within are your best teachers. They mirror to you what is welling up from deep within to be healed.

As you change your perception and begin to radiate pure Christ love in all situations those around you will change, or gradually withdraw from your life. You will have learned the lessons they offered, therefore, they will no longer have an impact on your reality. The more you become in harmony with Spirit, the more harmonious your world becomes, regardless of the chaos that swirls around you. All that I have described is part of the mutating process, the ascension process which is in progress for your Earth and humanity. It is not a steady, forward motion process, but an insurgence of energy and new information, and then a time of assimilation, integration and manifestation.

Many of the sensations seem more pronounced at this time, and you may feel as though you have taken a great leap into the unknown during this past month, or taken a step backward into uncertainty and an intensified sense of vulnerability? By now, you should be somewhat accustomed to the ebb and flow of magnified, accelerated frequencies, but when you are pushed to the next level of awareness it sets off an alarm of varying degrees in your physical/mental/emotional bodies. As I explained to you in my last message there was a great surge of magnified energy showered down on Earth and humanity in the month of May. This radiant, crystalline substance of creation has penetrated to your very core and to the core of the Earth as well.

Envision a powerful electrical current penetrating your chakra system and any atoms, cells or energy residing there that cannot harmonize to this current being forced out in a great surge. As it resonates throughout your physical vessel, your etheric web, your emotional body and your mental body it collects and carries with it the dark atoms or impacted energies that cannot harmonize to this higher frequency. Now envision your auric field and see the distortions this creates as this energy permeates, distorts and clouds your aura, manifesting a sense of being off balance, not in control, and possibly losing your connection to your guides, teachers and spirit helpers, temporarily. This is why you are feeling out of balance, spacey, partly in and partly out of your body. It is important to allow yourself a time of assimilation after you have experienced an initiation or have incorporated a new vibratory level. You may feel the need to retreat into solitude, or spend time out in nature and take a break from reading, seeking, even mediation in order to allow yourself time to integrate and become accustomed to your elevated sense of awareness. Many are speaking of the crystalline energy that is being activated within your earth, in the ley lines and grid system.

Many are being led to different areas of the earth to facilitate and activate these powerful energies. In the past, we have used the vision of a diamond/crystal pyramid in healing meditations and visualizations and others are bringing forth information of great activations of energy around the Earth. Allow me to give you some insight as to what is now occurring. Not only are you being infused with the transformingtransmuting higher rays and the refined SourceGodGoddess energy, but there is an internal activation process in progress within your earth as well. At the time your beautiful planet Earth was formed, there were magnificent, sentient crystal beings that came from a far distant universe. They agreed to make a supreme sacrifice and therefore were encoded with the Grand Blueprintdesign for the Earth’s evolution and ultimate ascension. They were then installed deep within the Earth in strategic grid points. They resonated frequencies and information from the cosmos to Earth and back again, and also stored vast amounts information and energy within their beings.

At the final sinking of the great civilization called Atlantis whereby the Earth sank into density and was cut off from the higher realms by the Ring-Pass-Not, many of these great crystals were shut down and vacated. You are familiar with those that remained active: Egypt, the great pyramids; the Atlantic Ocean around Bimini; Tibet; Lake Titicaca, Peru; Palenque; JerusalemMt Sinai; and the Grand Tetons to name a few. Now some of these energy centers ( which were also portals) have become so dense and clogged with negativity that they have become the focus of much of the conflict on your earth, particularly in Africa, Egypt and the Mid-east. Others have remained radiating, energy centers that have drawn thousand of light warriors to their force-fields so that their internal blueprint could be activated. And those who were led by spirit, at times through an inner call that could not be denied, went forth to these sacred vortices in order to assist in the healing and cleansing of these crystalline structures so that once again they could radiate purely and powerful the messages of the Elohim and the angelic realms, as well as radiate healing vibrations throughout the core and surface of the Earth.

So you see, you are experiencing accelerated frequencies from the cosmos, and you are also being affected by the changing patterns from within the Earth as she begins to attune to and resonates to her perfect blueprint. As you know, healing begins from within and radiates outward, gaining power and influence as wholeness is incorporated and maintained. I explained some time ago about the beautiful crystal pyramids that are being formed in the etheric and asked you to begin to visualize these and use them in your meditations in order to more quickly manifest them in the physical. I now ask, if you are willing, that you begin to bring forth from your Divine I AM Presence, a diamond crystal pyramid filled with millions of smaller crystalline pyramids. Envision these being incorporated throughout your being, filling the vacancies left by the dark atoms you are constantly releasing. See them migrating to the areas that are creating symptoms of distress and dis-ease. Place them in all your chakras, glands and organs. See millions of them flowing through your blood stream and filling your body down to the deepest cellular level with pure crystalline light. These beautiful, powerful crystals carry the codes of your lineage, your heritage, your destiny. They carry the power, the will, the joy, all the attributes that you seek to incorporate.

You can envision them energized with transforming energies of the five higher rays, or what ever ray level you are presently incorporating. These crystal pyramids will create a great impetus for your growth as well as for the transformation of the Earth. All over the world and especially in the western hemisphere these great crystalline energies are being reactivated and revved up. These will enhance and accelerate the healing and ascension of your Earth, as well as humanity, with ease and grace. You must have a burning desire to find your truth, beloved ones and then you must live that truth with every fiber of your being. You must insist on justice; justice for yourself and all humanity and know that it starts with you. You must live in a spirit of cooperation, not competition, assisting other, validating their talents and truth, while allowing others to assist you and give you validation and credence.

A sense of personal responsibility will be the cornerstone of the new prototype communities, where all will contribute and all will benefit, serving the common good. “THY WILL BE DONE FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL” should become your creed and motto. Your spiritual strength and wisdom is being tested, my beloved warriors. You are at a crossroads: will you be a leader, or a follower? Will you be satisfied with a glimpse of the new age, or insist on basking in the full radiance of paradise? We have no doubt as to what your answer will be.

I surround and enfold you in a crystalline aura of love and protection. I AM with you always, I AM Archangel Michael.

Authors Details: Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. The Authors Web Site


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