Stress Management – 7 Great Ways To Reduce Stress Immediately

Stress Management and the steps to reduce or eliminate it from your life. Here are 7 great ways to reduce stress immediately. (and one extra special method for stress management one at the end)

1. Breath slowly and deeply.

Often shallow fast breathing causes unnecessary stress. This is one of the easiest stress management techniques around.

2. Do less.

It easier than you think to eliminate all the useless things from your life. This frees up time and energy.

3. Take care of your body with exercise.

Go for a walk now. Play some tennis with your friend or just kick a ball with your kids. Exercise is one of the most healthy methods of reducing stress.

stress management

4. Take a break.

Time out from what you are doing has enormous benefits. A short break is refreshing and can give you a new perspective. Take 5 minutes now.

5. Learn to meditate.

This is a stress management marvel. It relaxes your body and mind.

6. Reduce noise.

Turn off the radio and television, even the noise from a computer has an impact. Sit in silence now.

7. Get distracted.

Distract yourself with something you love. Go to the movies or do the gardening.

8. I have saved the best, most effective and permanent stress management solution till last. It’s not what you think and it has a positive impact on many other area’s of your life. You can find out in one of my workshops or contact me for personal coaching.

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