Star Wars – A Modern Paradigm

One of the most popular series of movies in the history of the movie industry has been the Star Wars series by George Lucas. One might ask what it is about these movies that has caught the imagination and spirit of so many moviegoers. The special effects are certainly wonderful however; there have been other movies with great special effects that have not been nearly as successful. So what else could be the reason?

Authors Details: Dr Joshua David Stone. (December 1953–August 2005) He was an influential Spiritual teacher, leader and forerunner. Dr Stone has a PhD. in transpersonal psychology and was a licensed marriage, family and child counselor in Los Angeles.

Spiritual Paradigm

In my opinion the true fascination and success of this series is the profound spiritual paradigm that pervades the story and the dialog. The story is really the journey of every disciple and initiate on Earth. In the movie this was portrayed by Luke Skywalker and his sister Leah. The movie told the story of his training in becoming a Jedi Knight. In real life every soul on Earth is going through a similar training to become a Self-realized being and/or Ascended Master. Luke trains with his teachers Obi Wan and Master Yoda. These were, of course, his Spiritual teachers.

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One of the main themes of all of the movies was the concept of “The Force.” It pervades all things and binds all things together. This, of course, is the GOD or Spiritual component of life. When Master Yoda told Luke not to get seduced by the dark side of “The Force” this was indeed a very true statement. It is a perfect metaphor for the way life really is. The dark side of “The Force” is, of course, the seduction of the negative ego, fear based, separative, lower self-aspect of life. Master Yoda also told Luke not to give into his anger and fear or it would take him on a path to his ultimate destruction. This is indeed a true statement for anger and fear are the two sides of the negative ego that must be transcended to fully realize GOD. This is again why Sai Baba has said, “GOD equals man minus ego.”

Spiritual Growth

The Star Wars movies are the story of Luke’s spiritual growth from discipleship, to becoming an initiate and then finally becoming a full-fledged Jedi Knight or Spiritual Master. We see how Obi Wan many times appeared to Luke from the spiritual world after he physically died. At the end of the third film, “Return of the Jedi” we saw Obi Wan, Master Yoda and Luke’s father Darth Vader appear again from the spiritual world in their light bodies. So the Star Wars movies show the battle between the forces of the negative ego and the forces of Spirit and the Jedi Knights and/or Ascended Masters.

The Emperor, Darth Vader for awhile, and in the newest film Darth Maul were all initiates of the negative ego side. The term “initiate” is being freely used here; however, it is not the same meaning as “initiate” of the inner plane Ascended Masters. In real life this indeed exists. There are beings on the side of the negative ego that have formed their own hierarchy for purposes opposed to GOD and the inner plane Ascended Masters. This movie is depicting this battle, so to speak. In our modern society we call this the battle of Armageddon. It is a battle that is going on within each person, a battle that is going on in our world and a battle that is going on, on the inner plane.

Master The following;

  • Every person who incarnates into this world must learn to master;
  • Their lower self and become their Higher Self.
  • Fear and become unconditional love.
  • Separative thinking and must learn oneness thinking and feeling.
  • Transcend the negative ego thought system and selfishness, and evolve their consciousness to think and feel only from the Melchizedek/Christ/Buddha consciousness.

To do this one must become right with self and right with GOD within Self first before one can be effective and successful in all outer endeavors.

In the Star Wars movie this was beautifully depicted when Luke had that experience of having to battle the image of Darth Vader in his own consciousness before he would be ready to fight the real Darth Vader. This is true in real life for every disciple and initiate on the Spiritual Path must master what is esoterically called “The Dweller on the Threshold.” “The Dweller on the Threshold” is the conglomeration of all the glamour, maya, illusion, and negative ego within ones being. In essence, everyone must win the battle of Armageddon within self first before one can help the world and other people to win this battle.

Han Solo is the more worldly third dimensional figure who is not as spiritually advanced as Luke was, however, even though he was more self-centered, in the end his spiritual nature came through as he came back to save Luke and joined the battle to fight the Empire. These types of selfless acts that put selfish desire and greed before such things touches a deep spiritual chord within people.

Another aspect of these films that touches a very deep spiritual chord is the bar scenes in the movies showing all the different types of extraterrestrial beings. These scenes are not only entertaining but they are also true in real life. Our material universe is filled with extraterrestrial life and not all extraterrestrial life looks like the beings on this planet. The higher parts of ourselves know this and relate to this movie because of the more full spectrum prism consciousness of the true nature of our galaxy and universe.

Adding to this there have actually been extraterrestrial battles for planets and sectors of our galaxy and our universe. Some of the Star Wars movies related very much to the actual Orion Wars that really did take place. Again, a higher part of us knows these facts. Many of us have had incarnations on other planets and in different types of bodies. Many of us have had contact with ETs on subtle and not so subtle levels in this lifetime. So the Star Wars movies are not only a perfect symbol for each person’s spiritual path, they are also a symbol and representation for our universal and galactic extraterrestrial heritage and brothers and sisters.

At the end of the movie “Return of the Jedi”, Luke has his final battle and confrontation with Darth Vader who used to be a Jedi Knight, however, was seduced by the negative ego side of “The Force.” This reminds me very much of the true story of Lucifer, who was an Archangel, however got seduced as well by the forces of the negative ego. In the story once Lucifer was turned he had a first lieutenant in the negative ego side by the name of Satan who was assigned to Earth. Satan, being an angel who was turned to the negative ego side.

This reminds me very much of the most recent film and the relationship between the Emperor and Darth Maul. Anyway, in the final battle scene Luke is fighting Darth Vader but part of him is hoping that Darth Vader will re-choose his allegiance to “The Force.” When Luke will not give into his anger and fear, and will not join the Emperor¹s allegiance as an apprentice, and destroy Vader, the Emperor steps in to kill Luke with his negative energy. Darth Vader, Luke’s Earthly father now has the great existential choice to keep his allegiance to the Emperor or save his son. In the film, his conflict is beautifully depicted however, in the end the forces of compassion and love win out as Darth Vader picks up the Emperor and throws him into the plasma core abyss.

This, of course, also touches a very deep core in all movie watchers for we each have a choice every moment of our lives whether to choose GOD or negative ego. No matter how much negative action we have taken in the past there is always the possibility and potential for redemption. This reminds me of the story of the Prodigal Son or Daughter who is always welcomed home by GOD. This whole theme of redemption and forgiveness also touches a very deep spiritual chord and truth within movie watchers.

The final culmination of this teaching is seen at the very end of the movie with Obi Wan, Master Yoda and even Darth Vader now in his light body joining the other Jedi Knights and inner plane Ascended Masters as they watch the celebration.

So my Beloved Readers, the Star Wars movies are, in truth, a modern day fairy tale that perfectly depicts the Spiritual Path of every soul on Earth and their material galactic and universal heritage. So in conclusion, strive to become, every moment of your life, a Jedi Knight. Take hold of your light saber, which is much like the sword of Lord Michael, and take a stand for GOD, unconditional love, service, and goodness. I close this chapter by saying,

“May The Force be with you always!”

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