Spiritual Tests

One of the most important things to understand is that you are here on earth participating in “school” and everything that happens to you during your life is a series of spiritual tests. Planet Earth is a Spiritual School to teach Souls how to become Ascended Masters and/or God Realized Beings.” in other words how to evolve and allow higher consciousness to shine through.

Every single thing that happens to you in life is a lesson, challenge or a way that you can learn. It’s your opportunity to grow. Most people don’t realise, or perhaps they have forget that each and every moment of your life you are undergoing spiritual tests. Edgar Cayce said, “Thoughts are things.” The Course in Miracles states in the lesson book, “There are no neutral thoughts.”

Thoughts Come From…

What this means is that every thought that enters your mind from within or from the outside world is either of GOD or from your Ego. Every thought that you think stems from your connection to Christ Consciousness or your lower self.  Each thought you think stems from oneness or separation. Every thought you think stems from Love or fear. All day long, even when you think, sleep and dream, thoughts are coming to you from both your inside and outside world. Every single moment of your life – is a series of spiritual tests to think only GOD Thoughts – thoughts that come from higher consciousness.

spiritual tests


The same is true of every feeling and emotion you create because they come from thoughts. These are spiritual tests. Your feelings and emotions are heavily influenced by your attitude, perception, interpretation and belief system.  You create your reality by how you think. If you think with your “Christ” mind you will create only positive feelings and emotions. If you think with your Ego through fear, or through your lower self you will create negative feelings and emotions.

Monitor your thoughts and emotions – what feelings do they create. Is there any attack energy, anger, or criticism in them? Do they carry the tone of unconditional love and a lack of judgement? . The moments of your life are spiritual tests, look internally – this is how you do the work and become spiritual.

Actions Are Spiritual Tests

All of your actions, no matter how small are spiritual tests. Are your actions coming from and motivated by GOD and a higher consciousness or by your Ego and a fear based consciousness? Is your action adding to your spiritual path or taking you away from it? Are you wasting time or is your energy balanced and being put to good use, in creation and / or expression?

What about the way in which you are using your energy? Can you see where you are using it? Are you using it to help yourself and others around you or are you hurting yourself and others? Are you wasting energy or are you using your energy for a greater spiritual purpose, for Love, balance or perhaps healing? Are you stuck in victim consciousness based in fear or are your responses empowering and uplifting for yourself and those around you?

Spiritual Tests In Interactions

Interaction with other people are spiritual tests to see if you can remain in unconditional love, forgiveness, be without judgement, have patience, be of service and remain in control of your Ego. The same can be said of your interactions with animals, plants and our Earth – stay in harmony with GOD with his three lower kingdoms.


So what happens if you don’t always pass your spiritual tests? The answer is nothing in the sense that everything is forgiven and everything always remains in unconditional love.

Mistakes are positive not negative, and every mistake can be turned into a positive if you gain the golden nugget of wisdom from that mistake. GOD always forgives and therefore it is necessary for you to forgive yourself. Every moment of your life is an opportunity to realise GOD or NOT realise GOD. That means, when you think a negative thought you lose your connection momentarily with GOD on the mental plane. When you feel a negative emotion, you lose your connection on the emotional plane. When your behaviour is inappropriate you lose your physical plane connection momentarily.

Please understand that it is impossible to never make a mistake. Mistakes are positive and part of the learning process if you view them as such. It’s likely your spiritual path is five steps up and then down four, up three,  down two etc. It’s not a straight forward / up path. As you practise vigilance and gain experience you will make less mistakes and your spiritual progress will become faster. You don’t have to be perfect to evolve.

The Hardest Spiritual Tests

Often true spiritual tests don’t take place only when things are going well. True spiritual tests take place when emergencies, crisis and stress occurs. Anyone can pass spiritual tests living in a cave or not leaving your house. The true test of a Spiritual Master is to get involved with life and relationships with people of all kinds.

Can you stay out of your Ego or fear and remain in the Christ Consciousness when raising children or in a romantic relationship? What about with other family members, your extended family, your in-laws, employer, business partners etc? There are so many life situations were you can be tested. What happens to your feelings when you watch the news, when you are sick, going through a divorce, getting a parking ticket or when a loved one dies? How do you think, feel and act in these situations?

What about when you become a leader and in a position of power. How do you treat others – can you handle the power and what do you do with it? You are being tested continually so look to your higher self – your Christ consciousness for guidance.

Perfection Is The Ideal

It’s important to understand that perfection is an ideal and will be impossible to achieve. This is not required to pass your spiritual tests. Mistakes are to be learned from – to gain experience from. Just strive for the ideal but don’t judge yourself negatively if you fall short. Perfection is not required. You can achieve Ascension by balancing only 50 percent of your karma.

Be forewarned that your Ego and thought system is incredibly tricky, slippery, and seductive. It is going to take a 100 percent effort on your part and you are going to have to use an enormous amount of energy and be extremely vigilant and “true” to yourself to pass the spiritual tests that you are subjected to. All that is required of you is great Spiritual focus and dedication. This is your noble calling and the mission that you need to fulfil in your life irrespective of your other pursuits.

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