Spiritual Relationships

Spiritual relationships are one of the best but also toughest paths to Self-realisation. In fact all relationships are spiritual, you cannot separate yourself from being spiritual even if you live in darkness. You could say that Yogis who fast, remain celibate, take vows of poverty and live in caves have selected a difficult path. I would argue that that is easy. It’s easy  compared to pursing a spiritual path while having holding a job or business, raising a family, maintaining your home and all of the other modern day responsibilities. Let me put it another way – it’s easy to have no anger when you are alone and meditating in an isolated cave – but much harder when in a relationship where your buttons are vulnerable to being pushed.

spiritual relationships

Soul Mates

Your soul mate is likely to be able to push your buttons the best – they are most likely the one to drive you crazy at times. Conversely they are also able to synchronise and flow effortlessly and peacefully with you. Both scenarios are true at different times depending on the agendas of the individual Souls involved. If I need to improve my patience and understanding, what better way than living with my wife and children.

The whole issue of spiritual relationships becomes interesting when we remember we each individual eternal Souls. The relationships we have are not coincidental and they are extremely important. I’d like you stop and think of the thousands of people you have encountered in your lifetime. Why are you attracted to one person and not another? Why do you form close and lasting relationships with some people and not others?

Relationships Are Learning

Relationships and attractions are designed to teach you. In your spiritual journey relationship issues are to be solved. They are the issues you need to solve. Don’t allow yourself to be held back. Don’t live your life in the “Hell” of an earthly existence and lower quality life because you have unresolved relationship issues.

If you are a serious spiritual seekers you’ll make having optimal relationships a priority. Love is the key to many things, some say life. Relationships provide a life long workshop for giving and receiving love. If persistent problems plague your relationships, consider that there are soul or karma aspects to solve in addition to the usual relationship considerations.

When looking beyond your current existence and into the realm of past or parallel lives, remember you were not who you are now. Roles may have been reversed or quite different in past incarnations to what they are in this lifetime..

Soul mate Or Not?

Families are full of soulmates and the starting point for spiritual relationships. Your argumentative and rebellious son may have been your strict mother in an earlier life. Look beyond the usual dynamics of realtionships. Discern patterns that need to be addressed. Past life meditations and regressions under hypnosis can assist you in healing relationship problems. They teach you to let go of the near past by showing you the path to let go of any past life conflicts.

One way to you can use to see if you’re relating to a soul mate rather than any ordinary relationship is to recall the first time you met in this life. Often when you review your first meeting with a loved one, time will have seemed to stand still even though your mind may have been racing trying to comprehend the various energies and feelings. You would have felt happy inside as your eyes met and you held a longer than normal gaze. There is often a comfortable feeling during first meetings in spiritual relationships.


As you progress toward greater personal growth and heightened consciousness. Remember that’s the goal. Your spiritual relationships might encounter a new type of stress or challenge. One person in the couple or group might be actively involved on the path to spiritual enlightenment while the others couldn’t care less. Your relationship may suffer if this gulf widens and your interests remain different. If you are the one changing it’s not uncommon to be overzealous in this or self-actualising phase. Your partner may be content with the status quo. People hear the spiritual call at different times, different ways. The call might be misinterpreted as a marital problem, mental illness, or mid life crisis.

Appreciate Others

When you are in a loving relationship, both people need an appreciation for individual differences and needs. If problems surface, nourish your relationship, communicate often, and have patience. However if nothing works and mutual efforts don’t improve a chronically unhappy or unrewarding relationship, then it’s time to move on. Life is for loving, to many people have wasted their lives “sticking it out.”

A major key to having a healthy spiritual relationship is to see the Divinity in each other. If you have a relationships based solely on the lower Chakra energy of physical attraction, dependency and money, then it’s an ending waiting to happen. Spiritual relationships are a perfect opportunity to see the Divine in everyone.

What’s Next?

Even if it’s just for a moment, make a habit of looking deeply into the eyes of everyone you meet. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a spiritual relationship in everyone.

If you are working on yourself then as you grow and move toward enlightenment and higher awareness you will realise love is inside and all around you. It doesn’t come from another person and it cannot be lost because you are a being of Love. Once you see this – spiritual relationship or not, alone or in company you are always enjoying an internal state of love.

When a relationship does end, remember there is more than just one “true love” – there are two? three? actually there are many. It’s through relationships that you learn to express and receive love, to forgive, to help and to serve.  I have come to believe that you actually pick your family and other soul mates for each lifetime before birth. You chose to live out the patterns and experiences that will afford you the most growth. This is done with the souls that will most effectively manifest and deliver these situations in your life. Often these are souls you have met and interacted with in many ways in other lifetimes. If you can accept this then remember that if you picked these people and experiences, then love and appreciate one another.

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