Spiritual Meaning Of Numbers

In this article, we’ll discuss the spiritual meaning of numbers and learn how to determine the life lesson number based on the birth date. The life lesson number reflects what we’ve incarnated to learn, and affects everything from our personal preferences to our overall life paths. There is much more one can do with numerology, however, such as character analysis and more based on one’s birth name. The first thing to understand about the spiritual meaning of numbers and numerology is how to reduce numbers.

How To “Reduce” Numbers

Any number greater than nine is reduced to a single digit by adding its components together. Hence, the number 13 is 1 +3 =4. The number 237 is 2 + 3 + 7 = 12 = 3. As one advances in numerological knowledge, the original number lends specific flavor to the reduced number, hence a 14/5 has a different feeling than a 23/5, but for beginning purposes, we’ll work with the simple numbers 1 through 9.

Life Lesson Number

To determine your own life lesson, write down your birth date numbers with the month, day and year. For example, if you were born December 15, 1960, you would write 12 5 1960 Be sure to write the full number of the year of birth, in this case, “1960” versus simply “60.” This then becomes 12 + 15 + 16 (1 + 9 + 6 + 0). 12 + 15 + 16 = 43/7 The life lesson number is a 7. Another example: The birth date is June 5, 1955. We add 6 + 5 + 20 (1 + 9 + 5 + 5) to get 31/4. The life lesson number is a 4. Explore your own life lesson number and those of your loved ones, and you may be amazed by how closely the numbers reflect individual traits and tendencies. The spiritual meaning of the numbers are described below. If you are already learning your lessons well, then you will reflect the traits described. If you’re struggling with your lessons, then you will find those issues particularly challenging, and notice that they have come up repeatedly in your life and experiences.

Spiritual Meaning Of Numbers

Use The Spiritual Meaning Of Numbers

Life Lesson Number 1:

Life Lesson Number 1: The one is the number of the leader. If your life lesson is a 1, you have incarnated to learn how to be independent, creative and strong. Your challenge is to push forward like a pioneer into new worlds and original realms of thought and experience. There is tendency to be self-focused and overly driven, and above all impatient, and this must be balanced with the needs of others and realistic limitations. One’s are generally competitive and outgoing, and usually a step ahead of the crowd. You’re a natural inventor or innovator; your challenge is to have confidence in yourself and act to manifest your dreams. One’s often go into business for themselves, or move to the top of existing organizations or structures to lead.

Life Lesson Number 2:

Life Lesson Number 2: Two’s are nurturers, and make excellent support people. They say that behind every successful person is a good man or woman, and these are generally the two’s who get everything done. Two’s are usually not direct or confrontational, but more gentle and feminine. The two learns how to remain behind the scenes and do what must be done without need for acknowledgement or praise. The two rarely stands alone, but is at his or her best in a partnership or group endeavor. A challenge for two’s is to balance giving with personal needs, as they tend to be “too nice.” Cooperation is a key issue, and it comes naturally to most born of this vibration. Two’s are also innate diplomats and readily able to see everyone’s feelings and needs and ease hurt feelings. Two’s make excellent assistants, nurses, doctors, teachers and ministers.

Life Lesson Number 3:

Life Lesson Number 3: For the spiritual meaning of numbers this is the artist in the crowd. Regardless of your favored mode of expression, if your life lesson is a 3, you’re sure to possess a great deal of raw talent. Three’s have a burning desire for self-expression, and a great love of aesthetic pleasures. Beauty and comfort blossom under the attention of a three, and all are charmed by the three’s innate charisma and facility with language. There is a tendency to flit from this to that, though a three who possesses focus and discipline can become a master in any of the arts. This is an idea person, the one who thinks things up and then turns them over to two’s or four’s. Three’s love freedom, especially freedom of expression, and have a natural facility for creating, writing, teaching and motivational speaking. Sales is another good choice, as three’s are naturally charming and social.

Life Lesson Number 4:

Life Lesson Number 4: This is the builder and organizer. Four’s are hard working and practical, and determined to erect a solid foundation for the future. Discipline is natural, and four’s tend to be conservative and reliable. This is also a very physical number, and material security is high on the list of priorities. Four’s tend to be good with money, as they are careful spenders and planners. There is a tendency to be overly conservative, serious or close-minded; a challenge for four’s is to learn how to balance careful planning with living for today. Four’s come to learn how persistence eventually pays off. They tend to work hard when younger, but then reap great rewards for their efforts later in life. Four’s are natural managers, as they have an innate ability to keep the big picture in focus and work toward long-term goals.

Life Lesson Number 5:

Life Lesson Number 5: The five comes to explore and experiment. Five’s crave freedom, and are generally infused with a great deal of wanderlust. They’re naturally adventurous, and reluctant to settle down or commit. They like to know they can change their minds or their directions on a whim. Travel is a natural love, and anything that keeps change moving through their lives is likely to be attractive. Adventure beckons; favorite sports may be white water rafting or mountain climbing. While fives generally have apt intellects, they also tend to lack the discipline for anything that fails to capture their fancies, for they shun monotony. They’re ever learning, however, and a major goal of an individual with this life lesson is to further his or her knowledge base. Books and classes naturally appeal. Fives are very social, and are skillful in any career that deals with the public. Sales are a good choice of career, as fives are charming and persuasive. Fives may end up working in several different careers in their insatiable quest for novelty or change.

Life Lesson Number 6:

Life Lesson Number 6: Your goal is to develop a sense of responsibility for your family and community. Commitment and compassion are key words of the six, and there is a great focus here on domestic devotion and the needs of others. The six must learn how to put aside the desires of the ego and remain true to commitments. Six is a keen judge of what is fair, and a natural as a sympathetic ear or shoulder to cry on. They are (the six) are here to learn how to serve others; this number is generally associated with Christ consciousness. Sixes make natural teachers, ministers, nurses, medical researchers, lawyers, veterinarians and social workers.

Life Lesson Number 7:

Life Lesson Number 7: For the spiritual meaning of numbers this is the number of the seeker, the one who goes in search of answers to life’s most puzzling questions. Sevens are often hard to understand from the outside and tend to be eccentric, or to see the world differently from others. They have keen but restless minds, are natural philosophers, thinkers and meditators. Sevens tend to be interested in spiritual matters, the occult and all that is mysterious. Because of their keen intellects, science and research may also beckon. They are generally adept with mathematics, or at least at deciphering mysteries. They are most comfortable when alone; social situations or loud people unnerve them. They make great private investigators, researchers, scientists or analysts.

Life Lesson Number 8:

Life Lesson Number 8: If this is your life lesson, you’re here to use your considerable personal power to achieve high aims. This is the number of ambition and achievement. Your goal is to learn how to work and how to manifest abundance. You’re also good at helping others to realize their potential. You lead by example, and learn this lifetime above all how to achieve success. You’re a natural authoritarian, and must learn how to use money or material goods to further your aims. A challenge for you is learning how to create material abundance without losing sight of what is really lasting or important. You have great pride and strong ambition. Honor, dignity and reputation are important to you, and you’re generally competitive. Eights are natural celebrities or politicians, athletes or business giants.

Life Lesson Number 9:

Life Lesson Number 9: This is the number of the idealist. Nines love humanity and carry a clear vision of how things should be. Nine is the number of patience and understanding, and has a very Buddhist aura due to the peace and wisdom of its vibration. If you’re a 9, you see things as from above, and are therefore designed to show others the way through your own example. You are highly connected to Spirit, and often serve as the hand of Spirit in the lives of others. You may be a healer or a psychic, an educator or in some medical profession. Communication comes easily to you, and you make a natural politician, although you are more driven by your ideals than a quest for power. Nines often suffer from depression or disappointment as they try to reconcile how they know things should be with how they really are. Perhaps your greatest challenge is remaining optimistic when the rest of the world seems so off course.

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