Spiritual Journey

Some people are born and die never moving out of the cycle of pain and struggle. Never understanding that their life and their spiritual journey is their responsibility, their creation .. be it conscious or sub-conscious.

Be responsible for the choices you make as well as the ones you don’t make .. the if only’s.

You have the choice of escaping this cycle by using your insights .. if you don’t you will return to the experience .. again and again. It will be a lot harder to move the energy .. practice the insight .. then it will be to return to the old cycle .. change is painful .. and with change comes grief .. the letting go process.

If you want to be happy and stay happy then with each and every experience that comes into your life, choose to use them for your growth. If you choose to stay the victim then that is what you will be .. a victim.

The key to staying Spiritually Aware is by staying open to the situations and experiences that come up, making the conscious decision to search for the answers, because you know that is the only way you will be released from the pain, listening to those answers, those insights and putting them into practice .. even though you know they will use more energy than staying where you are.


Let’s look at some of the struggles that we experience in life .. people, family relationships, work, ourselves, morality, heavy traffic, health, our moods, trying to live up to ours and other standards and it goes on and on. When we are living our every day lives some of our struggles will not block the energy because we make decisions and move through them. All we need to do is acknowledge that we are struggling.


Then there will be the situation or experience that happens or something that keeps happening. You feel trapped in a never ending cycle, there doesn’t seem to be any answers and you’re going nowhere. This is the time when you have an opportunity to search or find a new way of looking at the situation.

Insight: Then you can see a light at the end of the tunnel. You can see that there is another way of dealing with the situation. Sometimes we revert back to the old pattern or we make the conscious choice to put into practice just what we have realised. This decision is what will shift the energy and we will grow.

Spiritual Awareness: Each of us will be following our Divine Plan just how much we enjoy the journey will depend on whether we use and practice the Insights that we gain along the way. Remember, with each and every struggle and experience we have the opportunity for Spiritual Awareness.

Some Spiritual Journeys

Birth .. Struggle .. Experience .. Struggle ……………Death

Birth .. Struggle .. Experience .. Struggle .. More Exp. .. Stagnating Experience .. Life Force Dissipated

Birth .. Struggle .. Experience .. Insight .. Experience .. Insight .. Spiritual Awareness .. Experience .. Planned Physical Death

Birth .. Struggle .. Insight .. Spiritual Awareness .. Struggle .. Experience .. Spiritual Awareness .. Struggle .. Insight .. Struggle .. Experience .. Insight .. Spiritual Awareness ……………..Death

When to search for a new way

Notice even slight shifts in your ability to concentrate.

Notice even slight changes in your enthusiasm.

Notice when you feel even slightly claustrophobic or trapped – physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

Notice if you are regularly exhibiting troubles behaviour (which is detrimental to yourself or others).

Notice to what degree you function on automatic – this is, mindlessly.

Notice how you respond when you stop for a moment’s reflection and ask yourself, “Who am I and why am I here”.

Spiritual Awareness – Energy changed if the Insight is practised

Insight – New way of looking at a situation Energy has the opportunity for growth

Experience – Painful experiences that never go away Energy is Blocked

Struggle – The Ups & downs of everyday life Energy Flows

Authors Details: ‘spiritual journey’ Glenys Fallon

Glenys Fallon practices Spiritual Psychology and Metaphysics. She has extensive experience in the area past lives / reincarnation.

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