Spiritual Guides

Spiritual guides are an intelligence, a method of allowing individuals, (who are caught up in the soap opera of their earthy existence), an understanding and an informational stream that will not only allow them to survive, but to follow the pathway that could be described as the quickest way home.

Spiritual guides come in many shapes and forms, from the physical guide who might be your parents, to the intuitive guide who might be working ethericaly, astrally or mentally, or even on a soul level. The guide’s function is to learn by the interrelation of experience with the individual whom they have chosen to guide. A guide, therefore, (choosing to manifest more mentally and astrally), might take several lifetimes to guide an individual through the various lessons that need to be learnt in Matter during the process of evolution and during the process that the contractual pattern has brought, usually by ties of love.

Spiritual Guides


Since there are millions of sub-planes and planes on the inner planes, it therefore follows that there are many different types of guides, some very evolved and some not so. Simply because an individual doesn’t wear a physical overcoat it doesn’t always mean that they are evolved, even though they might maintain that they are.

Since the astral levels are now opening up in their completeness for those currently down here in humanity, it follows that there is a whole input of new energy, and therefore to have a guide in your place on the inner planes is now very important. Not everybody, when they physically incarnate, follows procedures, and therefore a few will have no guides, putting them at a considerable disadvantage. Guides are normally bound to follow the ethical pathway, karmically speaking, since they always follow the larger picture, rather than the smaller one of the individual reincarnation that the personality is at that time experiencing. You need to bear in mind that the average soul physically coming through the human family will have approximately 8 million four hundred thousand lifetimes to play with and therefore you I will be able to do something over and over again until you get it right.

Guide Training

Guides also have to be trained, they don’t suddenly manifest the experiences that are possibly necessary to guide the individual. Therefore more experienced guides will take under their wings less experienced guides and so you have on the inner planes what you have on the outer, that is apprenticeships. As the individual physically down here evolves and has a capacity to handle and hold more energy, so they will attract more evolved guides that will allow them to participate in a richer ritual that life then brings. In a planetary sense, this is the spiritual hierarchy in his many forms, and since time is on one level an illusion, (particularly as you leave the third dimension), it therefore follows that you have a spiritual hierarchy of the past, the future and the present, and the spiritual hierarchy of other solar systems as well as our own.

Allow It To Happen

It is now time to physically acknowledge the need for guidance, to work constructively through right procedure, to get in touch with your guides so that you may experience the understanding, love, joy and the protection that they can bring, as they then (in their own way) also learn from the experiences. This then allows their evolution to be fulfilled and their contract with you or the group in which they work to be regarded.

Occasionally spiritual guides work on a short term basis with the individual, as a speciality guide in relation to a particular type of problem that is manifesting at the time. Therefore individuals do not always have just the one guide in their life, but occasionally and particularly these days, as more promotion is achieved, there is a higher turnover of guides. Therefore it is important as you work with your guide that they be given the respect which they will give you, and it should be kept in mind that for a guide that has evolved to work in physical matter, (side by side with those that they have a link with), requires a great deal of discipline since when they come down into matter it is quite a painful business for them. It isn’t pleasant for them to maintain their awareness in the slow frequency used by those in physical body. Therefore spiritual guides at this time are more than willing to move closer into your space to manifest “astrally” and to work telepathically with group energy and the individuals karmic programme because of the love they have for you, and the planet in which you live.


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