Spiritual Guidance 26 Life Principles

Here are 26 life principles that will give you spiritual guidance. Read them and absorb them they are deeper than you may realise at first glance.

1. Everything Is One:

Everything in the universe is part of one Great Spirit / Force / God / Higher Consciousness / Universe / blah blah you know what I mean. That means from a rock, plant, fish all the way to a human. This  spirit flows between you and I and all of us. It’s within you and it’s within everyone else. It’s the building block of everything. Since we are all part of the same whole, we should treat the rest of the whole as if it is part of us, i.e. with our blessing, compassion and love. We are all part of this great consciousness just like all the different leaves on a tree are still part of that one tree.

2. The Flow:

When I was initially looking for spiritual guidance it took a while to understand “the flow” and how to get “into” it. It’s a fantastic life principle to use. The universe is composed of energy and this energy flows through and between everything. That means within us and within everything else. I call it consciousness. When we have internal blocks, (usually emotional) the energy fails to flow correctly. This causes illness, lethargy and other symptoms. Things don’t to seem to work well or workout as well as we want – life becomes hard work because we are out of “the flow”. This energy can be directed consciously, we can see it, and feel it. How we feel on a day to day basis affects our energy levels. Negativity drains energy – being positive creates energy.

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3. We Are All Beings Of Both Spirit & Flesh:

You are spirit but also a creature of the flesh. You’re inhabiting both of these worlds simultaneously, even though you are often unaware of it. Don’t shun the physical for spirit or vice versa. This seems to be very popular in spiritual and religious circles. I say it’s wrong because both are equally important. You have to walk with one foot in each of these worlds and give them both attention. Neglecting either causes distress in the other.

4. No One Being Is Superior To Another:

No one being or creature is any better than another. We are all the same and we are all joined as one via consciousness. It’s just that we are all on different paths and have different levels of understanding, but that does not make any one of us better than another. Humans are not masters of nature, nor the animals and plants. They are our companions, and co-inhabitants of this planet. We are not superior to them, nor do we own them. We should treat them all with respect. Here is my advice in terms of spiritual guidance – That doesn’t mean we can’t eat plants and animals – it’s an individual choice.

5. You Create With Your Belief System:

How you perceive the universe is shaped by your beliefs. If you believe you need to hurry, then you will appear to have not enough time and everyone will appear to be going slow. It’s through your beliefs and positive thinking that you can create virtually anything. You need to believe in your ability and potential and you will succeed. You can use the power of visualisation combined with belief to bring anything into reality.

6. A Higher Purpose:

Everything that happens is for a reason and for the greater good. You have to learn to look at events in your life from a greater perspective than the short term or mundane. You must see events from the perspective of a higher consciousness. Look at what positives may eventually manifest from the short term events in front of you. This is like the cliche “is the glass half full or half empty”. You can look at events negatively, half empty and your reaction will be worse than looking at the “glass half full”. When you look at events positively your energy or vibration will be higher and your reaction will lead to a better result.

7. Your Intuition:

Inside you a voice speaks and guides you – if you allow it. It’s your intuition. You can decide to ignore it or you can listen to it. Once you are in tune with your intuition and you start to listen to it – you will be guided to your desired outcome. You will find that using this type of spiritual guidance you can achieve more than you thought possible. You will begin to realise that consciousness works through you – often in mysterious ways, but always to your benefit. Sometimes this is hard to see because it manifests itself in the long term. To enhance your intuitive ability requires you to clear the filter of your mind by creating stillness and removing emotional blocks.
(see my “Speed2Enlightenment” training at the end of this article)

8. There Is Only Now:

Right this moment your past only exists in your memory. Your future only exists as your expectation of it from the perspective you have now. Only NOW exists. It’s a precious moment and you would be wise to treat every single moment as special. Live your life to it’s fullest. Be in the  present and you will have presence. To master this you will need to live in the “now” by silencing your conscious mind. Focus totally on what you are doing now balanced with the awareness of your senses and intuition. In other words don’t be thinking about your upcoming lunch until you are eating it. This takes practice and if you are interested in training consider my Speed2Enlightenment training – link at the end of this article.

9. There Are No Limits:

The only limits you have are those that you place on yourself and what you have accepted from other people. That means you would be smart to avoid being pigeonholed and labelled by other people. This applies doubly if it’s someone you respect or look up to – be careful with “their” opinion. In turn don’t hold expectations of others. Let them be themselves – just as you should be yourself.

10. Response Not Reaction:

A reaction is an automated and conditioned or reflex response. When you are tickled, your reaction is to laugh. When something upsets you you might react with anger. You can reach a state where you do not react in or to a situation – you respond with wisdom, love and consciousness. Reaction is unconscious – response is conscious. Don’t let past experiences affect and influence today’s action. There are certain times that require you to act and there is always a time to be still. By living in the present moment and having control of your conscious mind you can master responding over reaction. It’s also possible to remove the stored emotion that links your past experience to your current triggers. At the risk of sounding boring – once again refer to my “Speed2Enlightenment” training.

11. Be Positive:

When you have negative thoughts you attract negative people and events that facilitate less than idea future circumstances and drain your energy. Positive thoughts attract the opposite. People and opportunity that is idea and lifts your energy. You must – and I stress this – look at your thoughts and the events which happen to you in a positive light.

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12. Your Posture & Breathing:

Is this a surprise inclusion into an article about spiritual guidance and life principles? It’s very important because energy flows through you body, as it flows through all other things. If your posture is “bad” then your energy can not flow through cleanly. This causes blockages and they manifest as pain or illness. You breathe in energy from the world around you and your breathing should be deep and full. You need to breath deep into the bottom of your belly – not shallow into your chest. This enables you to maximise your energy and relax you. If you are stressed, angry or afraid your breathing changes and becomes shallow and fast. You can change your life just by consciously controlling your breathing and keeping it deep and slow. You release this stress, anger and fear giving you a platform to respond rather than to react to situations.

13. Balance:

Just like the universe we should exist in a state of balance. You can do anything you wish but consider moderation instead of excess. If you venture into the realm of excess what you do can become addictive and tilt toward the negative which in turn drains your energy. When you look for the balance point between everything you do or have in our world of duality things usually turn out for the best.

14. Intent & Action:

Intent is the driver behind your action and as such it is of utmost importance. Often your intent is hidden from you – you act with subconscious intent. Consequently unless your intent is followed with action then your intent melts to nothing. You might intend to get fit and then spend your evening in front of the television with a pizza. This is intention without action. This weakens you over time. If you intend to do something then you must do it. Often talking out loud your intent dissipates the energy behind it and weakens your ability to act. Action can turn your knowledge into experience and wisdom.

15. Freedom of Choice:

It’s not contradictory but with even when you are looking for spiritual guidance and life principles you have free will, and can choose to do anything you wish. There’s actually no situation where you don’t have choice. It might appear that you don’t but you always have options. Find the courage and strength to take them because they are in you. You just need to find the conviction for the reasons behind your decisions.

16. Take Responsibility:

Your actions create a reaction – it is a law of nature. You need to be aware of your actions and take responsibility for them and sometimes for the consequences of those same actions. It’s no good impulsively doing something and then saying you didn’t mean to do it. If you didn’t mean to do it, you would not have done it. If you have an untrained mind you may have acted with partial awareness not fully realising your intent – but you are still responsible. By taking responsibility for your actions you can take back your power and freedom to choose. You have to accept that no one will live your life for you. Sometimes your actions will cause others discomfort. Remember two things; you are not responsible for the feelings and interpretations that are generated inside others.  When this discomfort is in you, it’s one way of helping you grow and pinpoint where change is required.

17. Change Is Inevitable:

Change is continuous and is always happening around you. Even if you think you can’t change – by default as the world experiences change you are now different so change is inevitable. You can’t perceive change but can see it’s end result. Change is not a bad thing and you shouldn’t fear it. Through change you grow and move forward.

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18. Take One Step At A Time:

When you set any goal it becomes easier if you break it down into a number of small steps. Many small successes will lead to a big success. If you aim for the big success straight off, you may fail. Remember that a journey towards any destination – your choice or not, starts with a single step followed by a second and a third – as many as required until you reach your destination. Reward and praise yourself for your successes even when they are small. This acknowledgement increases your power and will to succeed. It strengthens your self belief.

19. Judgement:

Contrary to popular opinion and what actually happens – you have no right to judge another person for their words, thoughts or actions. They have the freedom to do as they please and act as they wish, just like you do. They also bear the responsibility of their own choice of words, thoughts and actions. You are in no position to judge anyone because you are imperfect. Judgement is easy and automatic when you are functioning unconsciously through the filter of your mind.

You would have experienced this yourself as I have. I’m a big guy with a military hair cut. When I arrive on a very loud, matte black Harley Davidson wearing a leather jacket, black sun glasses and skull cap helmet I make a very different impression than when I am wearing a tailor made suit. Either way, no one ever says “I bet that guy runs spiritual workshops.”  Judgement colours your perception of people and changes how you act towards them, how you interact with them and therefore the relationship and results you get with them. By having no preconceptions of other people, you can interact better with them – perhaps make a new friend.

20. Integrity:

Integrity is all about how you act when no one is looking. You have to live to your own standards no one can give you your standards. In turn don’t judge others by your standards. Other people have their own reasons and perspective for doing things their way. This is about you living in alignment with your highest vision despite any urges to the contrary.

21. Express Your Doubts:

If you express your doubts, fears, and worries you take a huge step toward removing them. By looking at them and seeing them for what they are, you can conquer them and rid yourself of them forever. When you refuse to confront them they gain power over you. Hidden and buried, your doubts become even more deeply rooted. See them for what they are and release them.

22. Your Ongoing Journey For Spiritual Guidance:

You journey of exploration through your life never stops. Remember it’s not the destination that’s the reward. Your journey to the destination and the millions of moments and experiences along the way – is the goal itself. This journey, is where you end up finding your own spiritual guidance and life principles.

23. Failure:

It is very rare for you to fail it’s more likely that you stopped trying.  When you stop trying, you are exercising your free will, it’s a choice that you can make at any time. Success often comes when you keep going until you reach your goal – which sounds obvious yet so many people give up as soon as a challenge is encountered. You will find that most ‘overnight successes’ have been working hard for that success over a long period of time. The “ten year overnight success” would be the correct expression to use.

Don’t fear or worry over failure – everything you do, whether you perceive it as a success or failure is a valuable lesson for you to learn. When you view your “failures” this way you will no longer feel bad and the only true failure is no being willing to learn the lesson your mistakes teach you.

24. Your Mind:

When you look objectively at your mind you’ll see that lots of thoughts drift through it, many of these you will be unaware of. These thoughts, lets say, sad, angry or fearful, may drift up through your mind and change how you feel for no apparent reason. You must take control of your mind through tools such as meditation. You can let these unwanted or negative thoughts go and you can stay relaxed and centred by focusing on breathing deep and evenly.

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25. Emotions:

In terms of spiritual guidance and life principles emotions are probably incredibly important and not very well understood. They come and go and as a result of your thinking process and they are distinctly different to your feelings. You feel your emotions. When you are unable to process your thoughts emotions are generated and they can be powerful waves of energy that move you to action – often in unwanted ways.

When you feel a negative emotions you will also feel your body tense. If you don’t fully feel the emotion then the energy associated with it is stored in your body. This triggers further negative emotion on future events that appear to be unrelated. If you don’t or cannot release this stored energy it creates disease in your physical body, lowers your vibration and traps you in a cycle of never ending triggers. Once again at the risk of sounding boring – the release of this emotion is what I teach in my “Speed2Enlightenment” training. This method of healing is one of the most powerful you can experience.

26. Play:

Last but not least when it comes to spiritual guidance and life principals  I would recommend you view the world through the eyes of your “child self”.  When you were a child you spent your time at play with a natural curiosity and positive outlook of the world. You had fun and you enjoyed what you did taking on tasks with energy. Then you grew up – what happened? Playing is one of our greatest sources of pleasure. It takes shape in many forms – from sport and games to laughing and joking with friends. Playing increases your energy and makes you more positive. In turn it makes the people around you more positive lifting the spirits of all involved. There is a time to be serious, but you might there many more times to play. Don’t forget this lesson.

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2 Responses to “Spiritual Guidance 26 Life Principles”

  1. Here is much, so I just choose one of the things you have here.
    “Express Your doubts”.

    If we had been living in a world – “aiming on perfection”, then this would have
    some value.
    But we are not.

    People who Express their doubts – will very often – get the attention .. they
    have been longing for.
    So (short): If they see that there is a risk for .. that – that attention may disappear,
    they might start to invent stories – just to keep it.

    We are living in a world – to day – were those who have Power – subjugate
    other People, to keep their Power — so too many People ends up With a
    great lack of self confidence.
    Include that .. in your advices.

    This is not ment negatively – as I think you are doing a very good job, as a
    Greetings Aage.

  2. Hi Aage,

    You are correct in what you say but i think you may be reading it differently to what I intended.

    You can express a doubt to yourself – it doesn’t have to be to another person. When you hold your doubts inside and don’t acknowledge them – you will still know them and experience them subconsciously.

    The expression of the doubt (to yourself or to another) releases some of the pent up energy held in the doubt. In my workshops i take this several steps further to remove the doubt – but the technique is still built on expression of the doubt. It’s very powerful.


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